Yours at Lakeside- my experiences.

When we went to the Lakeside on Saturday we couldn’t go there without visiting Evans and Yours. I had called both companies and to let them know that we were coming and ask if it was ok if we came and tried clothes on and took photos for our blogs and both companies were very happy to have us and said they looked forward to it. 

I will be posting about the Evans experience tomorrow, but today I write about Yours. 

I had been visiting a Yours shop once before and knew that it was a quite small shop filled with lovely and colourful clothing for plus size ladies. We were greated by the manager and she was a lovely smiley woman that said she was happy to have us there and she said that we could try on what we wanted and take photos and if we needed any help just ask her.

We quickly found things we liked so we picked them with us and went to the fitting rooms to try them on. I had chosen four different dresses and jumpers to try on and before I show you the photos I can tell that I went home with two of them.

I first tried on a jumper that I fell in love with straight away due to the colours. It is pink, white and mint green and that is one of my favourite colour combinations. It sends me straight back to my childhood when I wanted a room that was pink, mint green and white. I ended up with a pink and white room, but my dad thought that a mint green floor or ceiling would be a bit too much. I guess it is needless to say that I bought this jumper. I'm actually wearing it right now when I'm writing this.
Photo from Leah.
It’s a lovely jumper soft and comfy. And spot on trend with its pastels.

The next thing I tried on was an animal printed maxi dress. Actually three of us tried this on. The dress was lovely, but not for me. It’s one of those drape at the waist dresses and I did not find this flattering on me. I loved the print and that is what dragged me to this dress.

Abi, Charlie and me in the same dress.
Then I tried on a red little beauty that I really liked and I thought it looked really nice on me. It's a longline top and it even has pockets so it was a definite choice to try on. I didn't buy this one as I had to choose two items to buy, but I will definitely come back for this one next payday.

Leah's photo

Thanks for the photo Leah
The last thing I tried on was this lovely purple dress. 

Leah's photo
I really loved this dress. It had to come with me home. I loved the colour and the print. I have become more and more fond of purple lately and this fits the bill perfectly. This dress will be a great dress for work in the spring and summer. It's a go to item if you feel like you don't have anything else to wear. 

When we came to the till to pay we were kindly handed a free tote bag from Yours each to put our shopping in which was a lovely gesture of them.

We had a lovely time with the friendly and smiley staff at Yours at Lakeside, so if you have the chance, make sure that you stop by. 


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