Splash Of Colour- Red

Lovely Emma over at Emma With A Touch Of Sparkle started this great challenge. I joined as I love colours and love wearing them. However I'm not comfortable with all colours so will be a good challenge to try some colours that I might not use as much.

It was an easy start for me though as it is Red this time and it just happens that red is one of the colours I like the best. It's my signature colour, the colour I always find myself most attractive in, always get me feel on top of the world and the colour with most meaning to me since it was both my parents favourite colour and I got married in red. Emotions! Red is passion, danger and also beauty. I love the feeling red gives me. It's like a boost of self esteem. If you don't normally wear red try it! I did not think it would suit me since I'm red in my face, but I never get more compliments than when I wear red so don't be scared to try it.

Here is my outfit of the day- in the name of red!!!

I'm wearing 
Dress from Koko(old, but never worn it before)
Cardigan from Primark(new)
Tights from Tesco
Shoes from Marisota (HERE)
Handbag (don't remember where from)
Bangles from Evans (HERE)

What does red mean to you?

xxx Mookie


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