My Day As A Plus Size Fashion Model- Curvissa Plus Port Event

Saturday, one week ago I was so lucky that I had been invited to the Curvissa Plus Port Event in London in collaboration with Curve Project London. We had to come to the event with no make up and to say it the least I felt like an albino. My eyebrows and eyelashes are so fair that they are hardly visible without make up. I met up with most of the plus size bloggers before hand as I was waiting for Leah to come. I had promised to wait for her at the train station. 
Scary Albino Me!!
We were the first ones to arrive and we were met by lovely Sarah who gave us a love purple garland  and a lovely drink. I even took a photo of it with my phone and you can also see my albino face!! :)

After waiting around with the other blogger babes and competition winners 

I was in the first group to do catwalk training and in my group were Becky, Leah and two beautiful girls from Greece that had won a competition to come. I had been looking forward to everything, but all of a sudden I got a bit scared. We had Les Child as our choreographer and he was a funny man. Very friendly, but strict too. But I felt at ease, so I relaxed quickly. He said to me when it was my first turn. “You have modelled before so show us how to do it” I said “I haven’t done this kind of modelling before”, but I did quite well first time. The only thing was Les said to me to use my arms more. We rehearsed and rehearsed and we were told “chin up” the whole time. We first trained doing solo catwalk and then in a line with the other in the group. Les said to me, “Anne-Lise you are in the middle so work it”.  It was hard work, but good fun. 

Catwalk training

Catwalk training for one of the groups

After the catwalk training we went into the styling room and was met by two lovely and helpful girls from the Curve Project London team. In the styling room there were lots of colourful clothes from the new range from Curvissa. I looked through the clothes and soon saw some leggings that was very me in cute pastel colours, but I couldn’t find anything in my size to team it with. Started to panic a bit, but then Becky came to my rescue. She found me this lovely black dress with zips on. I tried it on and it fitted me perfectly. I already had black footless tights on and one of the girl stylists helped me find shoes and found these lovely shoes. Patent kind of a marble print ballerina shoes. They were perfect match for my dress.

Dress <3

After we had changed we had to wait around for the other girls to finish with hair and make up, but that gave us a good chance to catch up with the other girls. Cause some of the best about events is to socialise with other bloggers and the lovely people from the companies that host the events. Time flew away and before we knew it it was lunch time so we had to wait to be even more beautified than we already were.

We ate lunch out in the sunshine as it was a lovely warm day. And we were very well catered for all day. With drinks, fresh fruit, lunch, candy, crisps, coke and even prosecco towards the end of the day, so how could we complain??? It was a good laugh sitting out in the sun. I managed to catch up with Sally which was lovely. 

Hollie was "sitting on me" due to funny shape sofas. I'm laughing and Leah is not too sure about things by the look of it.

Leah and Becky.

Nat waiting her turn for hair styling

Lovely Beka. I loved her hair! And trousers.

Time flied and before I knew it it was late afternoon and I still hadn't got my make up on yet or done my hair. But around me were all these beautiful blogger girls. All looking very glamorous and pretty. I wanted to get my make up on too!! I had a clear idea about what I wanted to have done. I wanted a classic whinged eyeliner and red lips of course!! It wouldn't be me without my signature look! :)

The make up artist Victoria was so lovely and sweet and pampered me and I felt like a doll sitting there on a throne having my make up done. It was such a treat. It's not that often you get professional make up done. She finished it off with the lovely Ruby Woo from Mac, the mattest of the matte!! I loved it. It was very me! 

My make up

After make up I went straight to the hair section where I had a lovely Danish stylist called Cecilie. I told her I was Norwegian so we started talking in our languages. Norwegian and Danish understand each other so it is always fun being able to speak a bit of Norwegian as I don't do it very often. She was lovely too and styled my hair so beautiful. I had lovely soft waves and curls that matched my vintage style perfectly. I was so happy with how I looked.

Nat, Sally, Me and Hollie

Funny Cecilie

More pampering

Me finished styled

After the pampering I headed to the photo shoot. I wasn't nervous at all cause everyone made me feel so at ease. The photo session was so much fun too and I can't wait to see the result. They should be in my emails for when I get back from holiday.  

Hollie is having her shoot. I loved her outfit!

The final of the day was more catwalk training with Les. Since we had had our group training earlier in the day it was time to do the routine with all of the girls cause we were going to do a full show on video at the end of the event. At the very end we had some lovely group shots done and Beautiful Saffi came and joined us for the group shot too. She is such a beautiful woman and considered plus size model!! Quite hard to believe when you see her as she has a killer body. 

Beautiful Saffi and the rest of us.

It was a lot of fun , but hard work so I can understand that it wasn't for everyone. But I think most of us had a great day. 

I want to thank Curvissa for inviting me and thanks to Curve Project London for making us all look even more beautiful than we are. The whole day was an adventure and I took with me lots of good points and experiences from the day. Here is a little Survey we did on the day and these are my answers. 

Would you like to be a fashion model or isn't it for you?

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