Taking Shape Wish List and recent buys

I have bought clothes from Taking Shape before and been very happy with them. So for the upcoming Bloggers Love Fashion Week event I'm attending on the 26th of March the dress code is All Black City Chic. I have black things in the wardrobe, but I wanted to try a different look that I normally go for. I thought of an outfit to wear and for that I needed a blazer. I looked around, but my choice is this little beauty from Taking Shape.

It's a bit different with its leather details around the sleeves and pockets. Will go well with the rest of the outfit I'm planning. I won't tell you what I will be wearing now, but keep an eye for a post from the event when it has been.

While I was looking at their website I couldn't help to see a lot of other things I really want too. It had to wait for now as I have a holiday coming up shortly. But next payday I will at least get one of these items below.

I especially like the black and white dress and the lace leggings. I guess they will find their way home to me in not too distant future. I wish I had a magic bank account that would grow the more I used it. If anyone out there is in the mood for granting wishes please let me have mine come true. I will gladly share with all my readers, followers and friends. :) 

I really have to spend a Saturday going to their shop either in Kingston or Horsham to have a style session as it sounds so exciting. I think I will call the shops now to arrange something. 

Have you been to a Taking Shape shop yet? 

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