Liberate Your Style Challenge- Part 2, Some Things You Never Outgrow.

Liberate Your Style Challenge- Part 2, Some Things You Never Outgrow.

 Even if I'm almost 39 I love pink. Pink isn't just for little girls. I have always liked pink and I think it is such a lovely colour. I'm glad that the last few years men has started wearing this pretty colour as well without being labelled as poofy.

When Fashion World asked me if I wanted to do this challenge  I answered yes straigth away and I thought that among my picks of clothing I had to chose something pink cause it's such a perfect colour especially now in the summer.

This is what I chose.

The Collins Avenue dress* from the Joe Brown Collection. It's on sale right now as well, so you can grab youself a bargain!! Isn't it pretty? I think it is a really good summer dress. Lightweight material, lovely romantic feel pattern, lovely details in the design, great length and most of all it has pockets!! Yes, it does have pockets!!! I love pockets on a dress. That just makes it instantly more attractive for me.

Lovely cowl neck and pockets. 

  Back view of the dress.

Lovely details at the back. 

I like this dress, it is very cooling in hot weather as it is made of cotton. So it breathes and makes you feel cooler. Unfortunately on me this dress isn't perfect. As you can see in the photos, it doesn't accommodate for enough room in the boobs area. I need more room. The waist is almost non existing on me and it just looks baggy and weird. I did have a good bra on as well that gives my boobs a good lift, but still so it wasn't enough. After I had taken the photos I thought that it might would look better with a belt. So next time I wear it I will try with a belt. I like this dress too much to not use it, so I will try to style it differently.

I've styled the dress simple with some lovely sandals from Simply Be, yellow vintage earrings from ebay and some lovely summer roses. I want the pattern to shine most possible on it's own so I kept it simple.

Do you like romantic patterns?

*This dress was gifted to me, but all views are my own.

Why do I blog?

Why do I blog?

I have thought a great deal over this question the last few weeks.
I blog because I have an outlet for all my creative thoughts and needs. I love writing and improving my English, I also love taking pictures, and here on my blog, I can share my photos. I haven't shared too many of my photos so far, but in the time to come I've been planning on sharing more of my photos.

And my desire to create something is being satisfied through blogging. I have always been creative, I've painted, made jewellery, writing long long letters and made them look so pretty with drawings and decorations, I've enjoyed being in a band and writing songs, I have been making clothes and so much more. Haven't done it much since moving to England because of lack of time. Blogging is something I've been enjoying so much that I've been doing it for almost a year now, which is a new record for me as I tend to quit doing stuff after a while when I get fed up. I've been fed up with blogging too, but it has been different. I've always come back. I think that has to do with more than just my creativity, but also my social needs. Through my blog I have made ​​contact with many wonderful people around the world who share the same passion as me. Plus Size Fashion and lifestyle. Thoughts and opinions on how it is to be a fatty in this day and age. How we can get stronger from posting gorgeous photos and posts about ourselves and being there for each other when things are tough. To show other plus size girls that it is not all about dieting, it's about being happy and healthy in your own skin. Cause self confidence shines through no matter how many rolls of fat you have on your tummy or how many double chins you have.

I have met many of you, but there is lots more I hope to meet. I have met some people through the blog that I can say have become friends.  I feel honored everytime someone new reads my blog and even happier when people return.

In the month to come I will be really busy as my best friend in the whole world apart from Mike, Marianne, is coming over to England for ten days. It's the second year in a row she is coming over to visit Mike and me. We will be taking her lots of different places and do a lot of fun things, so blogging will become second priority. I will try and make some photo posts and maybe some fun videos and post, so I can share the fun times with you all.

It's a pure joy to be around Marianne and I love her to bits. She has been in my life for almost 25 years and we have been through a lot of fun times. With me moving around and both of us having our family lives on each our part of the country we didn't have much contact for many years, but with a really good friend that doesn't matter, we just pick up where we left it... I love you Marianne!! :)

My biggest love in life, my lovely daughter Liv Annie is coming over just a couple of days after Marianne has gone back to Norway and she will be here for a short week. I can't wait to give her a hug again and have great talks and just know that she is with me and feel safe. She is a wonderful girl.. almost a grown up. So beautiful and strong, but deep down still a little girl that needs her mummy.

Isn't she gorgeous? 

Between all this it is my birthday, so trust me it will be some busy and expensive weeks ahead. But when July is over I will be left with so many good memories and photo memories that I can share with you all.

What made ​​you start blogging?
What makes you continue?

Getting To Know- Leah.

Getting To Know- Leah.

This month I have interviewed my lovely friend Leah from Just Me Leah and her answers are funny and interesting. So take a look cause here we go. 

 OMG Leah and I are so fit!!! ;) 


East Sussex, by the sea

Leah please describe your writing style for us.
I write as if there are a bunch of ladies in my living room having a chat over a biscuit and a cuppa. I don't preach or pretend to be an expert on anything but I love sharing my life with my readers, many of whom I now class as friends.

How long have you been blogging?
I've been blogging on and off since about 2005, I think.

 How did you get into blogging?
 I had a Blogger account first, then used MySpace to blog for a few years, before coming back to blogger. Initially I talked about life stuff and then beauty, but turned the focus around to plus size fashion a couple of years ago.

Why did you decide to start a blog?
I had something to say and an internet connection! I found talking into the ether cathartic.

How much time do you spend on blogging?
A couple of hours a day every day.

We always have a great time together!! :) 

Where would you like to take your blog?
I'd like to gently grow the blog at a rate where I can get to know everyone as they come along, so I feel I know all my readers. Success is hard to quantify, but I'm all about the slow burn rather than a meteoric rise then crash and burn.

How would you describe your style?
Eclectic! Sometimes I want to be a girlie girl and other days I like to bring out the rock chick in me. I enjoy being able to play different characters through fashion.

Who or what is your fashion inspiration? 
I'm inspired by very brash characters, like Peg Bundy (from Married With Children), Pat Evans (ex-Eastenders), Penelope Garcia (from Criminal Minds), Bet Lynch (ex-Coronation Street), Betsey Johnson, Beth Ditto, Tess Munster etc. Women who aren't afraid to be themselves totally.
 How is your wardrobe?
Full of dresses and cardigans!

What takes up most space?
The dresses!

What are you like? The bargain hunter or are you quality over quantity?
I'm a total bargain hunter. 

Do you blog about anything else than fashion?
Yes, my health (I have Fibromyalgia and CFS/ME), small DIY projects and a little about beauty too.

What do you like doing apart from blogging?
I love photography, history and architecture so my favourite things to do is visit castles, churches and graveyards taking photos, especially in spring and summer when everything is in bloom. Other than that I love cinema, tv and rock music.

What is a must have item for the summer?
A kaftan or kimono. They're a fabulous way to feel covered up without overheating.

Favourite online and high street shop?
My favourite online shop is Simply Be. There's hardly a week goes by when I don't place a small order. On the high street? Probably Primark. Although hardly any of the clothes fit me, I love a bargain and buy a lot of jewellery and accessories from there.

Do you have music or TV on in the background when you blog? What do you listen to/watch?
If I'm doing an opinion piece I'll have total silence, but if I'm doing an outfit post I'll likely have one of my favourite crime shows on, like Criminal Minds or SVU. 

Tell us about your best bargain
I LOVE charity shops so anything I can score for less than a fiver in a charity shop makes me smile!

Leah, her lovely hubby, James, Mike and me. :) 

The Curve Part II- The Stylish Blazer

The Curve Part II- The Stylish Blazer

I was very lucky and got sent this beautiful blazer by the lovely people over at plus size brand The Curve. The Curve is new to the plus fashion scene, but they have edgy clothes and great design. As they say on their website “The Curve is the online destination for fashion-forward girls with attitude in equal measure to their curves. We design clothes for the girl in the room whose presence you can’t ignore and for a body that demands to be centre of attention. Trend led with a fashionable, fierce attitude The Curve ticks the trend boxes of the season in your size”

 I wanted something a bit edgy and I knew that the cropped leather jacket wouldn’t fit me, I love my big boobs, but they are a problem when it comes to clothes. But the blazer was a bit more forgiving.

I was so impressed with the lovely packing from the brand. Really nicely and neatly packed in a very stylish black box with delicate writing. Inside the box just as nice with every item packed in tissue paper to make sure it arrived with me as nice as possible.

My first impression was that the quality was very good. It felt smooth and soft and when I put it on. I really love the pleather details on the jacket. The lapels and around the fake pockets.

It’s such a versatile jacket and I can wear it with cute dresses and skirts, but also rock it up with leather trousers and killer heels.

I love the looks it gives me when I make it more apt for a rock concert. This is a new look for me, but it is fun to play around a bit with different looks. 

Here is a few ways I styled the jacket. 

Here is a bit extra information about the Curve.

I really like the quality of the clothing and I think it is edgy and on trend clothes. The fit is great and the sizing is spot on. The only thing we can wish now is that they expand their sizes above a size 22. 


OMCZ-#34- Show Some Skin

OMCZ-#34- Show Some Skin

I'm very late with this post, but I wanted to do it, so here we go.

This time it was Katt over at lovely that had chosen theme and she wrote

As summer approaches and the days get warmer, I'm struck with the fear of getting my pasty white legs and the tops of my arms out. Apart from the obvious rudey parts, what areas of your body do you prefer to keep covered? Ladies, show me those white bits!

I've had issues with my body as everyone else. I have never worn a bikini before this year, I had not worn a shorts until last year and I never cover up my arms in thick cardigans unless it's cold. And have I received any more fatshame? No! And why should I? I mean I do think my legs are quite well toned, but I have some stretch marks and cellulite on them and my overarms are quite big, but so what? I don't hurt anyone. So why should I suffer if it is very hot? And my pale skin? Well I happen to love it. I don't tan easily at all and I always use factor 50 since I'm so fair to avoid getting burned.

Here are some photos of me daring my pasty skin to public!!

Liberate Your Style Challenge, The Perfect Pear Dress*

Liberate Your Style Challenge, The Perfect Pear Dress*

I was contacted by Fashion World if I wanted to take part in the Liberate Your Style Challenge to create a fun summer look. I could chose from Joe Browns collection and since I love Joe Brown so I was quick to say yes. The first thing I’m reviewing is the stunning Perfect Pair dress that you can find HERE*. Since the dress has got a vintage feel to it, I decided to style it vintage accessories as well. 

But instead of reading my words I have made a video where I’m talking about the dress so I hope you enjoy it.

I also took so photos of the dress to give you a closer look at some details.

Dress Joe Brown for Fashion World (HERE) 
Shoes from Marisota* (HERE) 
Handbag (Ebay) 
Bracelet (Street Market) 
Necklace (Gemma J) 
Earrings (Old) 
Ring Harry Fay* (HERE)

After wearing this dress for a whole day I can say that this is probably the best fitting dress I have ever had. It has a great vintage feel to it, it’s great for big bosoms and the cut is so flattering. I love this dress and know it will be a summer favourite.
Do you like Joe Brown?


Umberto Gianinni - Mend My Hair

Umberto Gianinni - Mend My Hair

When I went to the Bloggers Love Event in March I got some hair freebies. It was a range from Umberto Giannini *called Mend my hair. I was given the Rebuild strengthening damage hair shampoo, Recover nourishing damage repair Conditioner and Therapy Intensive damage repair  5 in 1 hair oil to try. As I bleach my hair needless to say that my hair is really damaged so I’m always looking for a good product to make it softer and shinier.

I tried it a couple of weeks after the event. I did what I normally do, wet my hair properly. The shampoo smelled really nice which is a bonus. The first thing I noticed with the shampoo was that I found it really difficult to apply it evenly in my hair. My hair is extremely thick so I tried using more product, but it did not seem to lather enough for me to feel that I had product in my entire hair. I thought that maybe this shampoo wasn’t supposed to lather a lot, so I just concentrated on getting the product well distributed to my entire body of hair. I rinsed it thoroughly and it felt rather heavy, so I rinsed it again to make sure all the product was out. After second rinse it still felt heavy and not clean, but I thought that it was probably me being paranoid.

So I continued with the conditioner in the same range and again the lovely smell was there. I took some conditioner and applied it to my hair apart from the roots. I let it work for about 5 minutes while I had my shower. When I rinsed it my hair seemed so strange. Almost like I couldn’t move my hands around to spread the product evenly. Just like the shampoo. I thought to myself that it was strange. And it even crossed my mind that I had been given products from a faulty batch.

I rinsed my hair some more and went out of the shower drying my hair like I normally do by patting it carefully with a towel. I always brush my hair after the shower  with the tangle teezer. And my hair just felt strange. Really coarse and unmanageable,but I decided to see what happened when it was dry. I always let my hair air dry so it took a while before I saw the result. But I had rarely seen my hair more dead and dry. It looked and felt like straw. I had to wash my hair again with my normal shampoo and conditioner.

I was very disappointed over this and it has just been a couple of times before I have seen my in worse condition when newly washed.

I have tried the shampoo again after this, with the same result. I did try the conditioner again too and it was ok. Not great, but ok in case you haven’t got any other conditioner.

I don’t know why this shampoo was like this. It might have been my hair that didn’t like it, but I will continue to stick to my normal shampoo.

I’ll do a review on the 5in 1 hair oil as soon as I have tried it.

Have you tried this brand before? What are your opinion on the brand?

*These products were gifted to me, but all views are mine.