Bargain Haul At Primark

I had to go to the doctor today and on the way I had a bit of time before my bus left so I nipped in to Primark as it is right next to the bus station. I had a look around and found a rack with lots of stuff on for only £1. I'm a true bargain hunter so of course I had to take a look. They had lots of very ugly blue skirts and small sizes, but I was so happy when I found a red dress with metallic shiny threads in.

 I found it in size 16, but since it was good stretch in it I put it in my basket. I then found a lovely cardigan in a soft material and a lovely creamy/peachy colour in size 18. But it is one of those open cardigans that are oversized so it fitted well.

Then I saw lots more of the red dresses and I thought maybe they have size 20 and they did!!

I found a red very sparkly cami that I loved. It will go so well with my black skirts!!

 I also found a green lace skirt in size 20. It's very short, but I will wear it with leggings and ankle boots.

I also found a lovely necklace for £2 in lovely pink and min green pastels. It was originally £5, but it was missing a ring so it was placed in a reduced box. I have jewelery making equipment here at home, so it will take me just a minute to fix it.

Not every day I get 4 items of clothing, one really nice necklace and a lollipop of hair bands for £7!!!

I love Primark despite not catering for plus sizes as such. But if you take a look you will soon find out that there are actually really nice things to find even in bigger sizes. I wear everything from a size 20-26 and I always find something in Primark.

What is your best bargain?


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