My Week In Photos #2

My Week In Photos #2

Cat sitting for my sister in law who is on holiday. I'm allergic to cats, but I love them so much. I cope by taking antihistamines every day.  

Me and my beautiful lovely colleague,Laura. Aren't we hot? :) 

My sister in law are on holiday in South America. She sent me this photo and said she thought of Mike and me when she saw these <3

My lovely colleague Laura had left a lovely little present on my desk. Some lovely jam for my toast. :) 

Me on the train to London for the Simply Be SS15 event. 

Lovely and beautiful blogger babes.

From inside the elevator at the swanky Sanderson Hotel.

Amazing blogger babes, Michaela and Lisa.

The beautiful Emma

Mayah and I

More amazing blogger babes, Becky, Michaela, Mayah and myself. 

The beautiful Danie and Nancy.

And all of us

Some of us went out for a meal. And I was told I was too white lol :) Reversed racism???? :) 

The creepiest couple ever!!!! Laura and Tommy!!!

Awww love <3


Well... Friday night cleavages. 

Laura and Astra <3

Me, very sad with Minnie on a sad sad Saturday

I had a very up and down week. I have had great pleasure in looking after my sister in laws cats and going to London to a fun evening at the Spring Summer 15 event for Simply Be. But also great downs on Saturday when I got some not so good news. This week has started better than the last ended, so hopefully next weeks photos will be all happiness. I'm going to meet Kelly Brook and going to Norway to see my daughter so it can't be bad :)

Have a great evening you lovely lot who spend of your time to read my little blog. :) I love everyone of you!


Not Just Another Excuse To Get My Boobs Out

Not Just Another Excuse To Get My Boobs Out

Hello everyone.

I've been trying to find a perfect brand of bras all my life and I think I'm pretty close to do so.

When I was contacted by Bras & Honey I thought that I wanted to try another Elomi bras as I was so happy with the two other Elomi bras I had already tried.

I couldn't find anyone in my size, but since this is not anything new, I chose a sister size to the 40K I would normally go for. I'm a 40N cup, but can't find bras in that size so since Elomi bras had been generous in size I decided to got for a 42JJ cup Elomi Imogen*. And that was a good choice.

It's really pretty

Love the florals and the see through parts of this bra.

Elomi has managed to make a great bra again. 

I love this bra on me. It's not perfect in the cups as they are too small, BUT that is fine. Cause sometimes I like having a bra that gives me a good cleavage. And this bra gives me a good cleavage.
It's a very well crafted bra with lovely details to make it a very pretty bra too. It has got full cups which gives my boobs a good lift and support. My boobs feel secure in this bra.

The 42 around my back feels spot on as it stays put and doesn't slide up or down.
Sorry my bra marks from wearing a different bra.
It's not too tight, but not sliding either so it gives me a good silhouette.

I really like how this set looks on me and it feels lovely too. As you can see my boobs spill slightly over the top of the cup, but that is again something I find with all my bras, so this is really not bad for me. 

Again, a little bit of overhang, but the bra gives me a good lift and support so it's something I can live with. 

I really like the Black Brief* as they are made of a lovely stretchy sheer fabric at the back and at the front it has the same lovely embroidered fabric as the bra. There are sheer panels at the front as well so it makes this set very sexy and indulgent. They are a great fit and is a deep fit so I can pull them right up to my waist which I prefer when it comes to knickers. 

Bras and Honey has got a lovely selection of bras in big sizes and lovely brands like Fantasie, Freya, Panache and Curvy Kate. In addition they've got a great selection of swimwear in big sizes. If you are looking for something a little bit special for a sexy night I can highly recommend Bras and Honey. 

Need A New Necklace With Edge? And a discount code just for you!

Need A New Necklace With Edge? And a discount code just for you!

Hello everyone.

A while back I was asked by lovely Charlotte at Black Heart Creatives if  I wanted to review one of her pieces. I love her creations so it wasn't hard to say yes.

She wanted me to review her Fat Babe* necklace so I chose a red glittery one as red is my favourite colour.

I received it quickly as always and very nicely packed as well. I hadn't tried the glitter necklaces before, so I was excited to see how they looked. I was pleasantly surprised as the necklace came in a lovely dark red colour with a subtle glitter. It's not as brash and over the top, it is sparkly, but in a very nice and elegant way.

You can see the glitter here.

I wear this necklace on a day where I want to provoke a bit. I feel prouder for wearing it and it feels like I'm just telling everyone that it is fine to be fat and to say it. 

I love the red again the grey. It's so beautiful. Originally I had my cardigan open and an old trusted Asos dress under, but since there is red in the dress I felt like it took away the focus of the necklace. 

The chain on this necklace is perfect length for me with my fat neck, so I would think that the custom length is good for most of you as I have quite a thick neck. It's easy to close it as it comes with a bigger ring to hook the closure into so you can easily do it yourself. It's really pretty and great value as well at £18.50. If you want one for yourself you can get it HERE.

I've worn it to work and to parties and I know it will always add a bit of an extra edge to my outfit. Even if I have the most girliest outfit on, by adding this necklace you make it automatically more interesting. 

Black Heart Creatives has got a huge Christmas range in right now so make sure that you go there and take a look. If you do I also have got a cheeky little discount code for you so you can spend some money on yourself without feeling guilty. Just put mooki20 in the promotion code box in the checkout and you will get 20% off everything you buy. It's active for 7 days so go and grab yourself a bargain while you can. 

*this item was gifted to me, but all views are my own. 

A Scary Night!

A Scary Night!

On Halloween I went to my friends Laura and Astra's party and as part of the decoration I had got this amazing display board* printed by Isn't it cool? I love the print and the quality is really great. I've written a post about this board before that you can read here,   
A Plus Size Vampyre/Zombie kind of thing.... display board in the background. 

My outfit. 

Setting the scene with a Halloween painting..

Showing my friend some love... eh.. I mean I'm strangling her.

I don't know if it is a smile or a grimace as I'm still strangling her..

What a bunch of extremely scary creatures... ;)
I was wearing this

Top from Nine X Lingerie (HERE)* read my review about it HERE.
Skirt from Primark (Old)
Leggings from Primark (Old)
Cardigan from Yours Clothing (Old)
Wig from Geisha Wig (HERE)
Shoes from Marisota (Old)

Last Week In Photos

Last Week In Photos

As it is Monday and I did hardly sleep at all last night (part of the reason is that I was awake chatting to my filthy bitch in Hastings, Leah :D), that means that I thought of starting up something new on my blog. And to make it easy for myself today I will post last weeks photos every Monday. It will go from Sunday to Saturday so that way you can take a bigger part in my life and what I'm doing. It might be nice to see more about what I'm doing when I'm not playing dress up for my blog.

So here we go. 

Taken by Mike Barber

My little friend, Tommy, want to be in on a shoot for the blog.

I had a great week with everything from spending a lovely Sunday to having a good work out playing bowling. And it wasn't the bowling that wore me out. It was all the laughs. What a fantastic fun time. Isn't it just great when you get together with someone that you can just be yourself with and don't worry about a thing? 

We also went for a little walk in the mist during the weekend and the views were stunning. Mike snapped some lovely photos and even one of an elephant;) 

I hope you liked the little view into my everyday life. More photos to come next Monday. 

Xxx Mookie.