#WeAreTheThey- PSBlogger Challenge

#WeAreTheThey- PSBlogger Challenge

As you might know last Wednesday this time of the night a lot of us bloggers, plus size tweeters, instagramers and so on used social media to say what we really thought of Jamelia's statement on tv the day before as you can read in my post HERE. We were so many taking part in this lovely campaign started by Debz so that we trended in second place for the UK last week and the next day it was all over media. HERE is a post from The Mirror where I was featured.

With this blogging challenge we wanted to try and do something similar as we did last week, so hopefully a lot of you (plus size or skinny as Jamelia slagged everyone over a size 20 and under a size 6 off and it is just as bad to attack someone who struggle to put on weight or are natural very petite) will continue to use the hash tag and make a statement that it is not ok to segregate groups of people as segregation was abolished a long time ago, so why should it be ok to keep it up with people that are fat/very slim?

All my grown up life I have been fat! Ever since I was about 21 I have been over a size 18 and I remember when I lived in Norway I was following so called fashion rules religiously and didn't venture outside their boundaries. Thinking back now, this made me feel suppressed and clothes shopping was a task that was worse than going to the dentist having your tooth pulled out!! We didn't have much plus size clothing in Norway and with the fashion rules it wasn't much that was left for me to wear.

I have few photos of me from back then, but here are a couple

Quite boring and muted colours and shapes. And to be honest, I look so unhappy. I was confident in myself, but still I lived by rules that has no sense what so ever.

So therefore let us kill some of these rules once and for all!!

First of all I want to show WHY plus size people, slim people, in between people and actually anyone or anything that want to wear it, should wear COLOURS!

Colours are just automatically rising your spirits and making you happy. I love colours. I have always loved colours and the last 8 years of my life I have really embraced it and worn all the colours I have wanted to. And to be honest, I think colours makes me look more attactive!  And everyone can wear colours. Don't let yourself be fooled to think something else cause it is true. If you don't feel comfortable wearing a certain colour, try a different shade and you might be very pleasantly surprised. 

Next up is PATTERNS

So plus size people can't wear patterns because it directs the attention to your body? Well so what? Your body is an amazing machine that you should love and treat nicely so why not be proud and show it off. 

I love patterns. They make me stand out and makes me more edgy. I love playing around with different patterns around, although I need to be better at mixing patterns as I'm not daring enough, but I'm getting there! 

Another rule I followed everyday when I got dressed was to balance my top half with my bottom half as I'm top heavy. That meant no skinny jeans or knee high boots!! But don't you think that skinny jeans looks great on me? 

I think that jeans and jeans inside boots in the autumn and winter is a brilliant look. It's stylish and keep you warm without bothering me if it doesn't balance my body. I like it so I wear it!

Then over to the dreaded SHORT SHORTS. Now this is something I didn't even try to wear for more than 20 years!! Why why why??? Looking back at all the years I've suffered through too hot temperatures in fear of breaking the rules of what I as a bigger woman can wear. Especially when it looks so cool as this!

I even modelled shorts at Style XL last year without feeling uncomfortable.

I love shorts and in my upcoming holiday to Mexico I will be living in them!!! 

There are so many rules that you hear everywhere, so instead of listening to them listen to your own heart and wear what you want. Fashion should be fun and not run by fear of doing something wrong. Everyone has their own style and learn to show that instead of following a dictatorial list that someone else has made!!

Here are some of the other girls that are taking part in this challenge. Go check out what they are saying as well.




#WeAreTheThey- My Thoughts

#WeAreTheThey- My Thoughts

Yesterday when I came home from work I saw a post on Facebook that caught my eye. It was my blogging friend Debz who had taken initiative to starting a hashtag as a counterweight to Jamelia's opinions on Loose Women Tuesday where she said that plus size women shouldn't be allowed to shop in high street stores. Rather go to specialist shops. People are allowed to have their opinions, but speaking with such ignorance on national TV is beyond me. If she had been antagonising other groups of the society she would have been into so much trouble, but since she is attacking us fatties it is fine. At least that is what it seems like. I'm not new to fatshaming and I'm sure that most of have heard it all before, both from health care professionals to nasty comments on the street. It's like we are some sort of monsters that have no rights.

However I'm not going to make this post negatively loaded, I'm going to turn it into something very positive. A celebration to all the beautiful women out there no matter what size, that might find it a problem to shop in high street stores for whatever reason. It can be that you are handicapped and sitting in a wheel chair, being so petite that you have to buy shoes and clothes in the children's section, that you are suffering from certain illnesses that makes your body change or even on medication that makes your body change. There are many reasons why you might be a size 2 or a size 32!!

And that is why it was so important that #WeAreTheThey was created,  cause the word "they" is so nondescript and easy to use cause it doesn't single out anyone. I'm sure that most of you reading this is either a fat person or most probably you know someone who is fat so you can relate to the dilemma it is being singled out for being fat. So Debz thought behind it was to let everyone see the faces behind the "they" that Jamelia was talking about.

The solidarity shown last night was amazing and I'm thankful to Debz for starting this campaign and our solidarity with each other is enormous and it makes me rather emotional. So many women, in all sizes stood up to the body shaming hysteria that we are surrounded by and told their stories and to fend their corners as it is each of our own choices how we want to live our lives. Healthy or not is not the question, it is time to stop being such petty creatures and let everyone think for themselves. What is important is that people feel good about themselves whatever size, and it is actually quite a lot of people out there that are truly happy even if they are a size 24 or 32. We are individuals with individual needs and choices, so people should try and accept that.

I felt like giving each and everyone of you a massive hug, but I can't so I decided to fill this post with lovely photos of some of you wonderful people that I have been so fortunate getting to know for the past couple of years. Love you all.


Plus Size Crop Top And Layering For The Crisp Air Of The Spring.

Plus Size Crop Top And Layering For The Crisp Air Of The Spring.

Even if it is almost May and the weather has been so lovely lately it is still cold in the mornings so when I was heading in to Guildford early Sunday morning I decided to dress sensibly. And this is what I wore.

It was the first time I wore a cropped top that actually shows some of my belly, which is a huge step for me as showing my tummy has always been something I've been uncomfortable with. I will be honest and say that it wasn't something I embraced straight away as I didn't feel my best, but I tried it and I love the top, which is from Forever 21, so I'm going to try it again later in the spring and summer when it is a bit warmer.

I wore it with my burgundy velour skirt, a mini tote from New Look and my floppy hat from eBay. I also borrowed some driving gloves from Mike to add a bit of edge to the outfit.A thick cardi from Primark, necklace from a street market from one of my travels,  tights and ankleboots finished off this rather different outfit for me.

I just think it is amazing how this blog has made me push myself so far out of my own comfort zone and walking around in Guildford or any other place in a cropped top is something I never thought I would do.

What do you do to push yourself fashion wise?


My 70s Inspired Plus Size Spring Style

My 70s Inspired Plus Size Spring Style

How do you build up your outfit? Do you carefully plan outfits for days ahead, the night before, do you just throw something on in the morning or do you do something completely different?
I think I can say that I'm a very impulsive driven person that most days just find something when I wake up and see if it goes together and hope for the best. I'm not organised enough to plan ahead. I normally like having control over things, but with clothes I know that I would probably have changed my mind the next morning anyway so it is just a waste of time.

So this time I wanted to do something a bit different. I wanted to find an item and build up an outfit around it.

I had a look around the internet and fell in love with these lovely Jewel Heeled Sandals from Jones Bootmaker. They are beautiful!! Very stylish and has got that 70s feel to them which is so popular now. So I thought I would try and style a 70s inspired outfit around the shoes. This is what I chose.

My 70s Plus Size Style
Handbag With Tassels From H&M,
T-shirt from Asos,
  Phoebe Kick Flared Jeans from Simply Be,
  Jewel Heeled Sandals From Jones Bootmaker,
Black Yarn Knit Waistcoat With Fringing From Yours Clothing,
 Floppy Hat From Boohoo

I think this whole outfit works and by finding these brilliant shoes I've created something that definitely pushes me out of my comfort zone. I love this outfit and could definitely wear it this spring.

Have you ever built up an outfit by starting with some beautiful shoes? 

Xxx Mookie

The Most Erotic Handbag And Some An old Denim Dress

The Most Erotic Handbag And Some An old Denim Dress

Last weekend I went out for a lunch with a couple of friends and this is my outfit. It was a beautiful day, but still a bit chilly so didn't want to get my bare legs out.  

I have had this denim dress for ages and worn it loads. It is one of my favourite items in my wardrobe. It's so versatile. It's too snug over my boobs for me to button it up, but it doesn't matter as it just gives me the chance to show off some cute tops underneath. Just like I've done in these photos.

This is how the dress looks like. 

sorry the creases ;)

But back to my outfit I wore this day. 

I had just recently bought this cardigan from George at Asda which is my favourite supermarket brand. They have so many lovely clothes and I keep constantly finding new things I'm tempted to buying. This cardigan tempted me off course due to the animal print. And the colour. I love it. It's a lovely cardigan, but actually a bit big sized, cause I'm wearing 24 and could easily have chosen 22 or even 20 as I like my cardigans a bit snug. But it is a lovely cardigan in a classic style. 

Wearing my fun and quirky glasses from Red Or Dead which I reviewed HERE. 

And my handbag!!! Isn't it amazing? It's a find from eBay that I have had for a while. It's so funny and different and I always get lots of looks when I carry it around. When I met up with my friends, my friend Laura said to me "that must be the most erotic handbag I've ever seen"!! So it is from now on just named the erotic handbag. She also added "it's not often I can say that the girl in the swimsuit is the most decent looking of a bunch" :D She loved it. :) It only cost me 99p as well so can't go wrong!!! 

Cardigan from George (HERE)
Dress from F&F (Old) 
Top from Primark
Leggings from New Look (HERE)
Shoes from F&F (Old)
Handbag from eBay 
Belt from Asos (Old)
Aliceband from eBay (HERE)

After the lunch I needed to get rid of some of the calories I had just eaten as I had a creamy chese sauce and pasta. Yum yum!!!
There are so many beautiful places to go for a walk here in Surrey and this lovely afternoon we went for a walk around the beautiful village of Compton. It's a tiny little place just outside of Guildford with a well know art gallery called the Watts Gallery. It is dedicated to the work of the painter George Frederic Watts which was a Victorian Era painter. I've been to the museum myself before and it's a nice little gallery. It's also a lovely building that houses the gallery. Other beautiful buildings in Compton are the Watts Chappel and George Watts' home, the Limerslease. 

Right on the outskirts of Compton lies also the lovely manor estate of Loseley House which is stunning with its beautiful grounds. I haven't been there for a few years, but I'm planning on taking my daughter there this summer. 


My International Wish List Blogger Challenge

My International Wish List Blogger Challenge

So today I'm taking part in this really interesting challenge. Most of you have probably been browsing web shops abroad for lovely clothes that has left you lusting for them. If you are like me, you put lots of things in the basket and go to checkout and then you start thinking. Thinking of the shipping price, customs fees and tax. How expensive is this going to be in the end?? It certainly has stopped me more than once. And if that isn't the only reason, not all companies ship abroad so unless you have got friends in the country your shop is located in, you might just be left to lust for the item forever, or compromise and find something similar.

That is the background for Debz's initiative for this challenge. What would I shop from aborad if there was no expensive fees, tax or shipping.

Here are my picks.

1. Sleeveless Jumpsuit from Nordstrom
2. Zig Zag Maxi Skirt from Zulily
3 Fit And Flare Floral Dress from Calvin Klein via Lord And Taylor
4. Striped Daisy-Chain Lace Long Sleeve Shirtwaist Gown from Tadasha Shojii
5. Arizona Sweater Tank Top from JC Penney
6. Crochet Top Denim Vest from Maurices
7. Mellie Frontbow Satchel Handbag from Target
Add caption
8. Care To Dance? from Bait via Modcloth

Do you ever shop from online stores abroad? What are your experiences? 


Wholesale Plus Size Clothing- Eles Clothing.

Wholesale Plus Size Clothing- Eles Clothing.

A few weeks ago I was contacted by a company called Eles Clothing and they asked if I wanted to try something from their wholesale assortment that also includes plus size clothing. 
Wholesale clothing might not be something that is for the average plus size blogger, but if you are planning on starting your own shop or eBay shop they have a huge collection of clothes from size 0-32. Their have their own plus size section* that contains lots of lovely pieces from ex chainstores like Next, Evans, Monsoon, Dorothy Perkins, Topshop and so many others. 

They have great discounted prices and you can buy these clothes in bulk. Eles clothing even offers you a starting kit with everything you need to start your own eBay shop. 

When I saw this lovely royal blue kimono I fell in love and I was keen to try and style it for a casual Saturday "going out for lunch with a friend kind of look". So this is my take on that. 

Kimono from Eles Clothing (HERE*)
Jumpsuit from eBay (Old)
Belt from Asos (Old)
Shoes from F&F (Old)
Bangle from Evans (Old)

The kimono is from Threads and is stunning. Really nice quality material that will be brilliant on holiday. Lightweight and it dresses up anything from shorts to dresses or dressy trousers for work. The colours are amazing and the florals pop against the beautiful blue colour. I have slowly grown to like floral prints and I see myself buying it more and more. Blogging for me has been about pushing the boundaries and I try to do that with patterns and items I've never worn before, like the jumpsuit I'm wearing here. I wouldn't have worn a jumpsuit two years ago!

Have you ever thought about starting your own online or "normal" shop with ex chain store clothes?


*items are gifted, but all views are my own.