Mr and Mrs Mookie Doing Yours Clothing His And Her Shoot.

Mr and Mrs Mookie Doing Yours Clothing His And Her Shoot.

Hello everyone.

Today I have the pleasure of introducing my lovely husband reviewing some clothes on my blog. Yours Clothing has recently introduced their first men's plus size clothing range which is amazing news as plus size men doesn't have many places to shop either. Maybe men aren't as interested in fashion and shopping as us women, I still think that most men like to look their best. And if you are a plus size man, there isn't too much of a choice, so I want to give Yours Clothing's mens range a big warm welcome.

I was asked by the lovely people at Yours Clothing if Mike and I wanted to do a his and hers shoot with some of the clothes from the men's range and some from the new spring collection for women. We got pretty excited when we were asked as we thought it would be so much fun doing this together.

And we were right, it turned out to be such a fun experience and I have to admit I think the photos turned out really really well too (apart from when you use self timer and tripod there is no one to tell me that my shrug had ridden up, but it adds a bit of fun and the photos are so real and spontanious).

Don't we look good? We have done two different styles to show a bit of versatility in the clothes so I hope you enjoy this review.

First Mike's review.

When Mookie mentioned it to me about the possibility to do a shoot I was thrilled to be asked. I normally stay on the other side of the camera so it was nice a brand new experience for me, but a fun one.

I had picked this Green, White And Black Plaid Shirt With Patch Pocket* and a MIGHTY Grey 5-pocket Classic fit Trousers* as I liked the style of the shirt and I thought they went really well with the jean style trousers. I didn't want anything too formal as I feel more comfortable with a relaxed look.

The shirt is really good quality material and soft to the touch. Looks really well made and think it will last me for years. I like the colours in this shirt which complemented the grey colour from the trousers. However the sizing of this shirt is very big. I first ordered 2XL as this size normally fits me best, but it was really big when it arrived so I exchanged it for an XL size. This was also a bit on the big side, but it wasn't too big and I was happy the way it looked on me. I can see myself wearing this shirt open with a plain t-shirt under too. It is such a comfortable shirt to wear and I'm sure I will be wearing it many more times to come.

The trousers which I would call jeans as they are a 5 pocket style and flat fronted fitted perfectly in my normal waist size 38" so no oversize here. As they fitted so well they are very comfortable and had a bit of stretch in them, but not so much that they lose their shape. Great dark grey colour and they have a stripy texture which becomes more apparent the closer you look.

Stripy texture
I finished the look off with some black leather slip on shoes from Padders that I have had for some time.

Mookie's review: 

It's not a secret that I'm a girly girl and love my dresses so I couldn't resist this beautiful Black And Coral Orchid Floral Print Skater Dress With V Neck*. Isn't it stunning? I am in two minds whether I like florals or not, but this orchid print is just stunning. And the colours speak to me as well so I couldn't resist it. It's a lovely stretchy dress in a scuba material, but it is not too thick as some scuba material can be. It gives a lovely fit and the length is perfect for my liking. Just above the knees. The design of the dress is in favour of my big boobs as it doesn't have the line going under the bust which again means that it will look right when wearing it. I love the flared skirt and I can even see myself wearing it with a short petticoat under. I know that black not be the first colour you reach for when it is spring and summer, but the colours of the flowers in this dress makes it a great choice for the seasons to come. I'm going to wear this dress to a lunch my sister in law is hosting the day after my niece's wedding. And with a blazer and tights it makes a great office look. 

For these photos I wore it with this Black Slub Knit Shrug With Tie* which is such a bargain. For £16 you get a versatile shrug that you can use to so many different outfits and not just dresses, but over t-shirts with jeans or shorts or with a some lovely Palazzo trousers with a body under. This shrug is stretchy and you can wear it tied as I have done or open for a more casual style.

I teamed it up with some shoe boots from Evans that I have had for a some time, but rarely worn. Also wore a pink stretch bracelet and a vintage handbag.  

For Mike's second look he just wanted to show the outfit with a casual jacket. 

He is wearing his DKNY jacket that was a bargain from TK Maxx a couple of years ago. I have to admit that I think he looks rather handsome in these clothes. :) 

Back to Mike again for a summary of his experience.

It turned out to be a very fun afternoon as I'm not that keen on having my photo taken. I found posing on my own a bit awkward, but it was really good fun to set up the tripod and have the photos taken with Mookie. She helped me relax more and I think you can tell from the photos that we both really enjoyed it. A big thank you from me to Yours Clothing supplying the clothes I highly recommend their menswear range. 

P.S. So now I'm thinking of giving up my job in insurance and going into modelling full time so please contact my agent, Mookie for all your booking enqueries ;) ;) ;) ;) 

Mookie's second look: 

I love this look so much that I know it will be a go to look in the spring. I adore this dress with a denim jacket. It goes so well and I can't wait for wearing this again. When I saw the photos I said to Mike that it was one of my favourite looks. It's so me. Cute and comfy. 
I'm wearing a pair of black flats and it's is such a cute look for a Saturday lunch out with a friend. 

It was such a fun experience to do photos with Mike and we had so much fun. :) I have loads of outtakes from this shoot and I will make some of them into a gif cause they are funny, so I will post it on social media sometime. Thanks to Yours Clothing for letting us do this his and hers review and thanks to Mike for being a perfect model! :) 

*gifted item, but all views are my own.

The Most Beautiful Skirt Ever- Das Rock Haus The Evergreen Wrap Skirt.

The Most Beautiful Skirt Ever- Das Rock Haus The Evergreen Wrap Skirt.

Before you read on I have to come with a statement. I have found the most beautiful skirt in the world!

Here it is

Isn't it just beautiful? 

When I was contacted by the lovely owner of Das Rock Haus, Fiza I was so surprised to hear her interesting philosophy about body positivity and thoughts about having a sizeless brand that can cater for any size no matter how small or big you are cause all figures are beautiful. 

She wanted to make me a skirt so I could review it on my blog and since I don't have much green in my wardrobe, but a colour I love I chose this lovely Evergreen Wrap Skirt. 

It's such a stunning skirt. It's reversible so I can use it on both sides. It's beautifully crafted in a lovely satin fabric with soft net material on the opposite side. It's an amazing grass green colour. A statement piece that will make you stand out no matter what you team it with. 
It's very lightweight with lots of movement and it hangs so well. It skims my tummy beautifully and it feels very luxurious on. 

Das Rock Haus take a bit more for the skirts in the bigger sizes, but I mean this is a little company and therefore I can justify the cost of more material. And for the value you get, I don't really mind paying a bit more for a skirt like this. And you get two skirts for the same price, so I think it is well worth it. 

As you can see is this skirt crafted so well and it comes with two slits to make the size of the skirt a better fit for you. And the beautiful wrap around style is so versatile and the band just adds extra niceness to this skirt.

The contrast net at the hem makes this skirt so different than other skirts. It adds a bit of sexiness to a very girly skirt. The knee length is perfect for me as I can wear this skirt to work and to a more formal occassion.

The light kind of makes my boob look even bigger and very round :D 

I really like this outfit and I think the blue shoes really sets the outfit off. I was wearing this one evening we were going out for dinner while I was on holiday in Tenerifeback in February. Fiza and I agreed on posting this skirt in the spring as it has such a spring feel to it.


Skirt from Das Rock Haus- HERE*
Jumper from George- HERE
Shoes from New Look- Sold out
Glasses from Specspost- HERE*
Necklace from street market in Spain

I love the way Das Rock Haus(It's German for The Skirt House) has made their sizing so different and lovely cause the skirts comes in these sizes. I chose this skirt in Luscious :)

 I also wanted to show off a second look with this skirt to show a more summery look rather than spring. It also shows what the skirt looks like on the other side with the net side out.

I love both these outfits so much and this skirt is my new favourite. I can't wait to wear it on holiday again. I love the yellow and the green together. It's fun and I feel very young in these colours. Who said getting close to 40 need to be boring? :)


Skirt from Das Rock Haus- HERE*
Jumper from market in Tenerife
Cardigan old from clothes swap
Shoes from Evans-HERE
Necklace old from Primark
Bangle from Evans- HERE

Das Rock Haus always wins the award for the cutest packing. Just look.

It even comes with a little charm that you can use on bracelets or attach to your purse. It's so cute. 

Hope you liked this skirt as much as I do. I think it is amazing that there are little companies out there that dare to be different and make something that all sizes can wear. You don't have to compensate with Das Rock Haus as they would always try to accomodate your need.


*gifted item, but all views are mine.

#PSBloggersLove - Natty Nikky

#PSBloggersLove - Natty Nikky

 Hello everyone.

In the blogging world it will always be a lot of different people and despite how hard we try to be friendly to each other, there will always be some degree of hate and dislike so lovely Debz suggested a couple of weeks ago that we would make a post where we write what we love about other bloggers. I got Nikky from Natty Nikky.

I was very happy to have got Nikky as she is such a laugh. I've only met her one time, when we both modelled at Style XL. I had been looking forward meeting her as I knew from our mutual friend Leah that she was a laugh. I was also a big fan of her blog as she has such a fun and quirky style. And I envy her hair as she always look so great with her short blond hair!!!

When I came to Style XL I went over to her and gave her a big hug. She gave the best hugs and gave me a lovely smile in return! She has the brightest smile and you can instantly tell that she is a lovely person.  I had a very fun day together with Nikky and some very memorable bra photos were taken which made us laugh and laugh.

The best one was without a doubt this one that we took for a laugh to Leah since she couldn't be there on the day with us we had to keep her updated what was happening :)

Beautiful girls. Nikky on the left and Sarah on the right. And yes, I did ask them both if it was ok that I put it out here and they were sporty enough to say yes. :) :) :)

Her smile is so beautiful and it just brightened my day at Style XL. We have said several times that we have to get time to meet up again and get to know each other more, so let us make this a promise to meet soon Nikky. Cause I really love your sense of style, your smile, sense of humour and would love to get to know you more.


Her lovely smile again. 

Nikky next to me :) 

So if you want to read a fun blog with lots of lovely outfits then head over to Nikky's blog and have a read! :)

Xxx Mookie :)

Discover The Beauty Bargain In A Box.

Discover The Beauty Bargain In A Box.

It's time for another video today and this time I have reviewed the You Beauty discovery box for March which I was really chuffed about. I can't believe the great value of the box this month.

As I said in my video, I would follow up with a few photos.

I have also done a swatch of the lipstick. I'm such a red lipstick whore and this is another red lipstick I haven't tried before.

It's such a beautiful red colour from Illamasqua, Sangers. You can find it HERE if you want to buy it. It's a blood red colour and it's beautiful on. Like I said in the video it's easier to apply than my trusted red lisptick favourite Ruby Woo from MAC. I said in my video I would give you my verdict if it has the same durability as Ruby Woo and my conclusion is no. It doesn't stay put as well through food and drinks. Ruby Woo is more pigmented and heavier to apply, but it does stay put forever. However this is less dry than Ruby Woo, so if you want a matte red that doesn't feel as dry on your lips then this is a great choice. I know this one will be great for everyday wear, but for a more special occasion or when I want the lipstick to last for a long time I will go back to my trusted Ruby Woo.

The Sangers on my lips. As you can see it doesn't look orange as it did in the video. Beautiful rich red colour. 

Do you subscribe to any beauty boxes? Have you tried more than one of them?