OMCZ # 29- Pastels.

This time it was lovely Hollie that had chosen theme and she had chosen Pastels and here is what she wrote. 

Pastels are here for Spring & Summer but I'd love some inspiration from you lovely ladies. I want to see you florish in fondant colours. Pinks, Mints, Sky Blues... the list goes on. I don't want to hide away this Summer so this will be good practise!

I love pastels. I absolutely adore them. As a child of the 80s I grew up with pastels and I loved all the light shades of pink, green, blue and purple. 

Minty green house in the Azores

My favourite item of clothing growing up was this mint green jumper I was wearing all AW85/86. I was 10 and had chosen it myself. I loved it and it was really practical for winter up north in Norway as it was very warm and it was long so I could pull it far down on my thighs. I wore it so much and I got some small holes in it, but my mum fixed it for me so I could wear it a bit more. Inevitable I had to part with this special jumper. I remember one day my mum came to me and said that she had to throw it away cause it had a big hole in it that was far too big to mend. I was inconsolable. My mum tried to buy me other jumpers, but it just wasn't the same. I sometimes still today think about this jumper. It was lovely. 

Ever since then I have loved everything pastel. Especially mint green which is one of top three colours. And I love it that it is so easy to find pastels right now so I'm stocking up on mint green things.

I have bought a handbag, a hair brush, a snood, a big flower to my hair, a smaller flower to my hair, a jumper, a cardigan. Just have to find a mint green dress now, so I can be prepared for when the colour disappears out of the shops. I have looked at mint green dresses, but not found one that really appeals to me yet. This is my favourite so far. 


This beauty is from Yours and you can find it here.

Here is some other beautiful pastels that I will have on my wishlist. 

When I had my nails done last I chose a lovely mint green colour too!! 
 So I'm officially obsessed! As a child ice cream with pistachios was my favourite since it was mint green. That is to take it a bit far, but I still like it, but not like I did back then.  

In 28 years time it might not be as cool to wear mint green as I will be almost 70 then! :) 

Take a look what the other girls that are taking part in this challenge has written about this summers big hit pastels. 


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