Occasion Wear With Curvissa

Occasion Wear With Curvissa

As July is my birthday month and I have had such a fun month behind me, I thought that it was great when I was contacted by Curvissa who wanted me to take part in a five way blogger challenge showing off some of their amazing occasionwear range.

I looked through the amazing selection of occasion wear and I fell for this beautiful Made In England Floral Dress from Grace. It's such a stunning dress with some lovely blue colours that are neutral enough to take this dress from a perfect choice if you're invited to a wedding or even to work.

I chose to wear it to a family dinner at a lovely restaurant right on the river here in beautiful Surrey. And I felt so elegant and nice all evening. I got lots of compliments and my daughter even said that she thought it was one of the nicest outfits she had seen me in.

The dress is made in a great viscose which is good for the summer, and the design is so cleverly made as the ruching around the tummy area can hide as much or as little as you want depending on what size you get. I chose this in size 28 to allow room for my boobs, but I could easily have sized it down to size 26 or even a size 24 as it was more than enough room for all my curves. Great plus to Curvissa for actually being on point with sizing as oppose to so many other companies these days.

 Since this summer hasn't been the warmest I'm thankful for the 3/4 length sleeves which also makes this dress great for the autumn ahead. It's soft and stretchy and fully lined so no need for any slip under.

 Stunning floral print 

Purple lips 

This dress has such a versatile length as well. It reaches me to on my knee which I love. It's my ideal length. I love this length as you can wear it with sandals like I've done here and in the winter you can easily wear the dress with boots or ankle boots. 

The other bloggers in this challenge is

so make sure you stop by their blogs and see how they have styled their occasionwear from Curvissa.

I give this dress a four and a half star rating as it's such a great versatile dress.  


I'm Rocketing In This Wonderful Dress

I'm Rocketing In This Wonderful Dress

Last month I bought a dress from Just Me Leah's blog sale and it's a winner!!! I love this dress and it's the best spent money in a while. I love this dress so much and it fits me perfectly. I'm talking about the Galaxy print dress from Simply Be.

 This dress is like a dress orgasm!! The colours are stunning, the fit it perfect, the fabric is perfect for hot summer days, the unusual design in the skirt makes it that little bit more interesting and you can also show off some nicely pedicured toes or some cute shoes. The length of this dress was pefect to me(I'm 5'6).

 This dress is unfortunately not avaialble on Simply Be's website anymore, but I have seen it on eBay in the past, so if you're dying to get one, keep an eye on eBay or maybe some of the other bloggers has got it and will sell it in a blog sale.

 With so much going on in the dress itself I just kept it very simple with two silver bangles. 

Quite neutral make up as well, but had to have purple lips. 

I'm so happy I snapped this dress from Leah when she sold it as I've used it so many times already. I know that with my daughter and friends visiting from Norway in the weeks to come I will be bringing this dress out for several use as it's so comfy and looks nice too.  

I'm so happy even my photos are dancing with joy!! 

What is the best buy you've ever done at a blog sale?


Should I Feel Guilty For Being Fat?

Should I Feel Guilty For Being Fat?

I read in a Norwegian newspaper the other day about self confidence and overweight. It said that more than 80% of women are unhappy with themselves and their bodies. Isn't that sad? Isn't it sad that we are wasting our lives on being unhappy? This one life we have and we are unhappy with a few kilos too much or a lot of kilos too much?

I've been plus size most of my grown up life, but I have probably never been bigger than I am now. That should probably mean that I shouldn't be more unhappy with myself than what I am now either. But why should I go around throwing away valuable time living my life in misery? And would I really be happier if I lost some weight? Should I feel ashamed to be bigger than the norm? And should I feel guilty for feeling good in my own big body? Should other people change their way of thinking or should I be forced into slimming down to avoid unpleasant episodes?

Let's take an example.

When I was on holiday in Berlin last week I walked around Berlin in shorts a whole day something that was a rather bizarre experience. I have never in my entire life been so stared at by so many people as I was this day. I was measured up and down and people were laughing and sticking their heads together talking about me. One person even said in German that I looked awful! The majority of the ones staring and talking were women. Women of all ages. Some men as well, but by far the majority was women. I did not expect this kind of behaviour and it made me think if being fat in seen different from country to country. And I think it is to some extent. I've done the same here in England without people looking at me like I have a dogs head attached to my body. I've never done it in my native Norway, but my guess would be that people there would react similar to people in Germany. I did some Googling and found this infographic from OECD's website that I thought was interesting.

My native Norway is far down on the list of obesity compared to for instance United Kingdom, so is Germany. Could it be that people in Norway and Germany are less used to seeing fat people in shorts? I think that this can have a little to do with it, but I think Norwegians and Germans are well educated and well travelled people that would have seen fat people in "skimpier" outfits before. I think it has more to do with the fact how people react with surprise or even fear when they see fat people that dare to go in shorts, bare their arms even if they are flabby or wearing a two piece swimwear that shows off your tummy. I think that so many people are used to seeing bigger people hiding in big t-shirts and leggings so when someone dare to show some thigh and bare arms it's such a surprise and we end up as acts on a freakshow. 

As you can see, I wasn't wearing the kind of "up your ass crack" shorts that no one looks good in no matter what size. I was wearing normal shorts with a normal t-shirt.

I'm all for living a healthy life and I try to eat healthier than I used to, but I have to admit I'm also quite lazy. I don't eat extreme quantities of food and I don't eat a tub of ice cream every night. The reason why I'm fat is because I love food and over time I've eaten good food too often and not been active enough. Simple as that. But should I be forced into feeling guilty of being like this? Isn't it most important that I'm happy with who I am and that I feel good about myself. It's not like I'm totally inactive either as I love to swim, and I am out and about travelling, and walking a lot so I do exercise. I've reflected a lot over this and I don't think that I would be any happier if I lost the weight as self confidence is something you can have even if you are fat and flabby. Being slim and toned doesn't equal a happy life. Just like having money in abundance makes you happy. You have to find the self confidence within yourself and that is what I have found. For the last 10 years I've been very happy with myself and my body image and I've done some amazing things that I never thought would be possible for someone of my size. I've been a nude model, I've been a catwalk model, I've been in magazines as a model, I've been in two blockbuster movies as extras and I have met some really inspirational people. All this has shaped me into the person I am today. Life is too short to go around waiting for the day you become a better version of yourself. You are more than good enough as you are. It's no shame to be fat, it's no shame to be different. If people doesn't like it that you are happy the way you are, it says a lot more about the problems they have got. Those problems might be more difficult to change than slimming down a few sizes.


Lady V London- Luscious Lips

Lady V London- Luscious Lips

One of the gifts my lovely husband gave me for my 40th was this beautiful Hepburn dress from Lady V London. And although I've had some issues with the customer service part of Lady V London, I have to admit that I do love their dresses. I keep oohhing and aahing over them and the feeling of wearing the beautiful dresses are amazing. I feel like a million bucks wearing them.

Isn't this such a lovely vibrant print? I love it. I like prints that are a bit ususual and I can't say how much I love the combination of the turquoise blue and red. That is a colour combination i didn't think would work, but it so does.

 The fit of the dress is as every other Lady V London dress I own. I have to size up to get it to fit across my boobs. This is a size 26/28 and it fits perfectly over my boobs, but it's a bit baggy in the shoulder area and around my waist. But by wearing a belt it looks good as it gives me more shape. The dress is made in a good quality cotton fabric with just a little amount of strech. Not enough for me to wear my regular size 24. The zip in the back zips up easily in this size, so I would rather size up than getting the dreaded flattened boobs effect.

 Dress From Lady V London (HERE)
Shoes from Primark (Old)
Handbag (Old vintage from family)
Hair flowers from Accessories (Old)
Necklace (from a street market in Spain)
Bracelet from Azendi (Blogpost where I reviewed it HERE)*

This dress is on sale now for only £35 so go grab yourself a bargain as this dress will impress!!!

Do you like crazy prints?


My 40th Birthday In Pictures

My 40th Birthday In Pictures

It feels like yesterday that it was my 20th birthday, but instead it's my 40th this year. It's less than two months since I came home from a lovely pre-birthday holiday to Mexico, but when Mike said to me we could go wherever I wanted to for my birthday it was an easy choice. Berlin. I love Berlin. It's my favourite city and that is where I would love to celebrate my 40th birthday. Wednesday last week we travelled out there and I had an amazing time. Mike made it such a lovely day for me with everything I love to do from a 3.5 hour long river cruise in the sun with afternoon tea on board to swimming in a beautiful swimming pool with views over Berlin. It was truly amazing and I felt like a queen all day.

Instead of writing all about it I thought I would share some of the photos from the day with you instead as I think the photos tells more of a story than I could do.

40 is great!!! :) 

Modern architecture

Traditional Berlin architecture

The Berlin way of beach life 

My handsome husband who made the day so special <3

Yummy!!! Birthday waffles 

East Side Gallery 

Swimming with a view

Swimming makes my life happier 

Cake brought from England, balloons and my favourite drink in Germany, Fassbrause. 

I loved the relaxing and beautiful cruise around the rivers and canals of Berlin. So much lovely to look at whilst drinking lovely German Fassbrause and eating lovely food in the beautiful sunshine. I had to shield myself and my pale skin from being fried by sitting under an umbrella as my skin is extrememly fair. Even so I got back to the hotel a bit sunburnt, but I can only dread to think how I would have looked if I didn't have the umbrella. The lobster look is not quite in yet and not very healthy either ;)

Taking cover from the sun. 

I'm back home now with lots of lovely memories and a bad cold, but on Friday my daughter is coming over and in a couple of weeks time it's my big 40th birthday party and joint 18th birthday party with my daughter, so the fun has just started.


I'm Curvy As Hell And Get A Lot Of Looks

I'm Curvy As Hell And Get A Lot Of Looks

A week ago I went to the New Forest with Mike and I was rocking my Nicky Rockets Curvy As Hell t-shirt. It was the first outing in this t-shirt and needless to say, I got a lot of looks. Bright colour with a print that is in your face, how can I not love it?

 I bought this t-shirt in the biggest size 5X as I wanted to wear it as very oversized and I love this look. I love these t-shirts as they always has such a cool design. I love this red one in particular as red is definitely my colour. This t-shirt is in my opinion the perfect thing to put on if you have a bit of a drab day and you need some instant oomph.

 The slash neck is so cute as it adds a bit of sexyness to a "normal" t-shirt. Teaming it with cropped leggings and red shoes makes this a cute and casual outfit.

 Cheeky grin ;)

My prescription sunglasses which I love. :) And my cute little kitten earrings. 

My handsome husband and photographer 

I know that a lot of you are big fans of these t-shirts too as I see them in social media everyday. I can't wait for future designs from Nicky Rockets and I'm sure it's not the last time you will see it featured on my blog.

Do you have any of Nicky Rockets' t-shirts?