My First Buy From Lindy Bop

My First Buy From Lindy Bop

I'm a lover of vintage dresses and vintage style. I have so many vintage reproduction dresses in my wardrobe that I don't know the exact number anymore. However there was one brand that I had been trying dresses from over and over again with no luck. Lindy Bop. Despite catering for sizes up to a 26, they were all too small over my bust so I had to send them back. I was gutted cause some of the most beautiful dresses I had seen had to be sent back. I gave up on Lindy Bop dresses until this summer when I heard from other plus size bloggers that the "May" dress was generous in size and also in the bust, so I was hopeful when I ordered it. I got it and tried it on straight away and it fitted perfectly. I was so happy and I was taken back by this dress as I loved the design of it.

Isn't it gorgeous? I love the print as well and the piping to the bodice makes this dress so well fitted and stand out. It's like it's made for me. This is definitely one of the dresses I own that I've got most compliments for. And I can see why.

I'm wearing a size 26 which is perfect over my bust, while it's a bit big around the waist, but not more than I can live with that. It's designed in a way so it still gives you a beautiful waist where the piping of the bodice stops.

I was wearing this dress out on the last day of my holiday to Spain in September and it's a perfect match for my ever trusted yellow peep toe shoes from Evans that I've been living in all spring and summer. It's such a comfy and cute shoe that is the perfect addition to this dress.

I have bought the beautiful Saphy dress as well and it fits perfectly too. This had made me very happy as I love Lindy Bop's dresses and can't wait to try more of them.


A Perfect Travel Companion From Yours and A Great Day Out With Blogger Babes

A Perfect Travel Companion From Yours and A Great Day Out With Blogger Babes

When I was a young teenager and then again when I was in my mid 20s, which seems like a long long long time ago (maybe because it is, being over 25 years ago since I was 15) , checked shirts were so in fashion and everyone wore them. They are really versatile and can be worn with most things so when I saw this lovely black and white one at Yours Clothing I had to have it. 

Don't know what Mike did or said, but a great shot! So happy.... 

Also knowing I was going travelling soon I knew that this shirt would be perfect to travel in as it's comfortable and made of a very nice and cool viscose fabric that would go well in the transition from colder England to hot Spain. You know when you see an item of clothing and you can plan it with so many different things? This shirt is such a thing. I bought it in size 26 for an oversized style, but I could easily have chosen my normal 24 and still been oversized.

 I love this blue handbag which Leah gave me for my 40th birthday in July. It is the smaller bag out of two in a travel set. I love the simplicity of it and the bright pink edges sets the blue colour perfectly off.

I didn't like the belt that came with the skirt much so I swapped it for a think gold coloured one instead. And as you can see it gives me a good shape.

Brightening up the outfit with these lovely shoes from Evans. 

And like I said earlier, I knew I would get use for this shirt when I'm out travelling. Here I am in Alicante on the way home from holiday wearing it. Very comfy and practical with a red pair of leggings and sandals. And the same bag, which is super convenient on travels as handluggage!! 

Leah and I wearing the same shirt in different colours. This shirt comes in six different colours by now, so if you don't like the ones that we are wearing take a look at the website as you might like the other colours. You can find them HERE. 

 A week before I went on holiday I went to the UK Plus Size Fashion Week where I met so many of the lovely blogger babes. Under you can see a lot of selfies and group photos that was taken on the day. It was so much fun to see everyone again as I hadn't seen some of them since Plus North last year!! And where ever there is bloggers, there is selfies!!!

Don't we all look great? It was my first outing for ages so it was amazing meeting everyone again and everyone was so nice to me and said how much they've missed me. It's nice to hear when you're not feeling 100%. It's like a huge vitamin burst of happiness just in seeing these girls. They make me smile so much. Love you all. 

I was offered the chance to model again at the event which was a blast from the past to last years events at Plus North and Style XL. I modelled some lovely clothes from Evans and here are the official photo. 

I look forward to more events next year and I have two holidays booked for next year already, and none of them conflicts with events!! So I hope to see more of you at events next year! :) 

The Swimwear That Is Plain Sailing To Wear- Curvy Kate

The Swimwear That Is Plain Sailing To Wear- Curvy Kate

 Curvy Kate has always had some really pretty designs when it comes to swimwear for us bigger boob women. When I was given the opportunity to review one of their newest designs I wasn't in doubt, it had to be the super cute Plain Sailing Tankini Ink Spot.

Isn't it gorgeous? I love the design as it is so girly and vintagey. Right up my street. I also love the colours as red and blue are my favourite colours.

This set is part of the mix and match swimwear collection so you can chose other styles like bikini top and mini brief.I chose this tankini with the skirted brief as they adds a bit of flirtiness to the set. I love how the little polka dots contrasts the bigger ones as well. 

Great high coverage at the back of the top and the skirt of the briefs are so cute. 

 When I first put this tankini on I was so pleasantly surprised that it had actual cups inside the fabric for more support. I had never had any swimwear that had cups built in. This is the way to go for swimwear for bigger busts. It gives you ease at mind that your girlies are actually secure and won't fall out.

The cups are made of a thin material which feels very delicate against you skin. The cups were too small for me in a size 40K, but that wasn't a big surprise as I always have to compromise with size. The back size is spot on and closes with normal bra hooks and makes it feel so secure. 

The tankini top is very comfortable to wear overall, but I wish that it came with wider straps. Cause as you can see they twist really easily. I also think that if the tankini came with wider straps it would give even more support. Especially in the bigger sizes as we need all the support we can from the weight of our heavy bust. 

 I love the big polka dots!!!

You can see the cute skirt of my briefs.

There are very useful ties to the side of the tankini top if you find the top a bit too long. And if you want more coverage you can adjust it to be longer. In addition the ties and the ruching adds an exciting design feature to the tankini. 

Swimming in this tankini was very pleasant. I felt that my boobs were secure and the briefs stayed up. I had chosen them in size 22 and they were actually a tad too big for me, so I would advice you to size down if you have narrower hips like I do. I like my briefs to be a bit tight as I like them to stay put while swimming, but these briefs stayed securely on throughout my entire swim (and I spend hours in the pool!!! I'm a mermaid!!). The straps didn't fall down even if they twisted so that was good. I didn't notice much of the straps at all when in the water. Just out of the water I wish they were bigger so they could give a bit more support.

The colours are so beautiful and nautical and perfect for a sunny holiday. 

Floaty skirt on my briefs are so cute and no wonder I was smiling cause this tankini made me feel so cute and pretty. No more boring black swimsuits when us bigger boobed women can indulge in fun and beautiful prints and styles like this. My 84 year old mother in law commented on how pretty the tankini were and said that it reminded her of swimwear from she was young, only prettier. So there you go Curvy Kate. Great work designing such cute swimwear, but think about adding wider straps in the bigger sizes next time for added support.

Have you tried any swimwear from Curvy Kate?


*this swimwear was gifted me of Curvy Kate, but all views are my own.



Hello everyone.

Leah and I have just started a new blogging challenge and community for women and MEN (I forgot to mention this in the video under) over the age of 40. If you are over 40 and think that there are too few representatives of our age group in the blogging world then please read on for how to join.

As I talked about in my video, why should we conform to what society expect? Why not show more of ourselves? Since turning 40 I have actually had to "excuse" why I have got some piercings and also why I bought a pair of leather trousers. I didn't know there was an upper age limit to get a piercing. Or leather trousers are just for younger people? No! The blogging scene also seems to be dominated by young women and I've been asked more than once if I'm not too old to blog? That is something that never even occurred in my mind. Why would I be too old? I love writing and I enjoy blogging so why shouldn't I? If someone likes what I write that makes it even more fun. And this is some of the reason why we started this as we want to show that being confidence is more important than what age you are. I know it's just a cliché, but age is just a number!

Who it's for:
Everyone aged over 40 who's plus size. Yes, including men. Where ever you are in the world, make yourself known.

(If your 40th birthday is coming up within the next 6 months or so, shoot us an email and you'll go on our reserve list - or just yell 'Let me in!' when it's your 40th birthday).

We plan:
  • A monthly fashion challenge on the 2nd Friday of every month where plus size bloggers who are over 40 do a themed outfit post. (Participants can contribute ideas to these posts).
  • To share a selection of your posts on our social media when you use the #plus40fabulous hashtag.
  • To take guest posts from non bloggers who are plus size and over 40, which will be posted alternately on my blog and Leah's.

Get involved

If you want to join in with the fashion posts, email us at We need to keep all correspondence there so it's easier to organise.

Use the hashtags on your social media posts if you're 40+ and plus size (not just fashion posts).

You can find us here: 

And again, don't be shy to use the #plus40fabulous as we are going to show the world that plus size over 40 is still fashionable, fierce and fabulous. 

Here is the link to Leah's post about this community. 


My Autumn Favourites From Shoetique

My Autumn Favourites From Shoetique

My love for ankle boots have come over the last few years when I started following my heart in what I liked instead of thinking that ankle boots would make my fat feet look shorter. We are being told so in what not to wear rules you can read everywhere and I think that is a fashion rule to break right there. I think that with a nice ankle boot you can give your outfit the little extra boost it needs and you can chose if you want to go for colours or more muted black, greys and brown.

I was browsing for shoes the other night and I came across this website called Shoetique. I found lots of inspiring models and I have chosen to share a few with you.

Hush Puppies Vivianna Red/ Rieker Black Boot
Heavenly Feet Annie Boots/ Rieker Wine Boot

I love all the berry tones at the moment. I think that these red colours are such a lovely colour in the autumn and winter as it brightens up an outfit without being too bright.

I also love these two black ones I've chosen as they have that little extra that makes them stand out. Feminine yet edgy and cool.

If I had to mention a brand that stand out to me it would be Rieker Boots. They have so many lovely everyday and more dressed up boots to chose from in some really good colours. They have boots in lots of different designs, some classic ankle boots and some more quirky. If you're looking for something a bit different, take a look in their section.

What are your favourite boots of the season?


An English Night On The Town

An English Night On The Town

Back in July I was invited to an event in London that was hosted by a language company in London called Englishtown. Englishtown is an online English learning website with qualified English teachers so whether you would like to learn English at a business level or just learn a bit more than you already know, than Englishtown might be the place for you. Most of my readers probably already know English very well, but if you're reading this using Google translate or getting it translated from someone else this might be a good website for you to improve your English in comfort at home whenever you have time as it is so easy. Just log on to their website and follow the instruction and off you go.

At Englishtown you can chose different ways of studying English either self-directed or if you would like some more structure and help, request for one of their teachers to start learning the language better.

We were invited to this amazing hotel in Soho called Sanctum Soho Hotel which is an amazing and exciting hotel with beautiful and quirky rooms and even a cinema in the basement.

Look at this amazing interior!! It's so quirky and fun and what an absolute treat to watch a movie in comfortable seats with tables to put your drink. At the back of the room is a bar where you can get served drinks to keep you refreshed throughout the movie as well.

 I was invited to the event by the stunning Erica from Talented Talkers. She looked so pretty in her dress and was so lovely.

We were given goodie bags with everything we needed for a movie night and everything in it was typical English. We got some gin and tonic, after eight chocolate, English tea and of course popcorn.

I met an old friend at the event as well. Lovely Hanna from Hanna Wears. As a fellow Nordic English is not our mother tongue so it was fun to meet up at an event that was not about plus size fashion.

Beautiful and different wall decoration at the Sanctum Hotel Soho.

We had been invited to watch an English movie that we could chose the genre of before the event. Most of us chose to watch a comedy (me included) and the movie we saw were Austin Powers. I had never seen it before, but I thought it was great fun.

 Since my daughter was over for the summer holiday I had kindly been given the chance to bring her and she had a fun time although I think she was most happy there was Wifi in the cinema :)

Ceiling lights

Stained glass decoration in the hotel, Jimi Hendrix has rarely looked more colourful.

It was a great event, different and fun. Great way of getting "foreign" bloggers together since we all are living here in England for different reasons. Erica herself are Australian and Hanna is Finnish. I'm Norwegian and we all have the English language in common.