My Leather Obsession Continues- New Look Black Coated High Waisted Skinny Jeans

My Leather Obsession Continues- New Look Black Coated High Waisted Skinny Jeans

I've always liked leather, but rarely been able to find leather clothing that fitted properly. The last couple of years I've started building up a collection of faux leather clothes as I try to be true to my vegetarianism and not use real leather as the faux leather these days are amazing.

One proof are these beautiful and extremely comfortable black coated high waisted jeans from New Look. I saw them on the website and fell in love and I'm so glad I bought them as they are gorgeous in real life. The photos doesn't do them justice!!

 The jeans are super skinny, but unfortunately too long in the leg for me. Nothing new there since I'm 5'6, but I could just have them turned up. High waist, with three buttons and a zip, keeps my tummy in control which I love as I'm not worried they will fall down.

 These are coated rather than faux leather, but they do have the leather look and are really true black in colour. These jeans are great at using with a casual style as I've done here or you can easily dress them up with a longline cami and blazer for a girls night out.

 I wore these jeans when I went out for lunch with the lovely Rebs from Sullen Hearts a couple of weeks back. We hadn't seen each other for ages and she has family down here in Surrey so we went out for a pub lunch together to catch up and eat some nice food. It was so nice to see her again!!!

 I teamed them with my stripey jumper from F&F and faux suede gilet from Boohoo* that i reviewed HERE and my favourite ankle boots from New Look (last years). I think it is a good look for a lunch with friends, casual but yet stylish.

 Close up of the trousers. Aren't they gorgeous? They are currently on sale HERE for £18.74 so grab yourself a bargain!!! 

Happy!!! Being over 40 doesn't stop me from wearing leather trousers as I am #plus40fabulous and can wear whatever I want. 

 I'm wearing a size 22 which was big enough for me. I first ordered them in size 24 in case they were small fitted, but I had to send them back and swap for a smaller size as they were too big. So good sizing there New Look.

I've already used these a lot and I'm going to wear them for a more festive occasion soon with a sparkly top and pretty shoes. I'm sure I will post photos of it here, so keep an eye out for them if you liked these jeans.

Do you like leather? If so what do you like about it and if not what do you dislike about it?

Elomi Caitlyn- A Great Bra For Boobs Beyond The Biggest Sizes.

Elomi Caitlyn- A Great Bra For Boobs Beyond The Biggest Sizes.

I was so lucky to be invited to the British Plus Size Awards by lingerie company Elomi Lingerie where they are up for the prize of best lingerie. I have been a big fan of Elomi bras as they tend to be the best fitting bras I can find. I always struggle with finding bras that fit well as my boobs are too big for them. Elomi bras are great quality bras, but it doesn't go without having to compromise!

I'm wearing the lovely Caitlyn* in black here (42K) and it's a very beautiful everyday bra. It's beautifully embroidered and the cups gives you very nicely rounded shape.

As you can see the bra is too small in the cup. This is their biggest cup K and my boobs are bulging over the edge. 

The band is 42 and it's a good fit for me as it gives me support without being too tight. 

The boobs are spilling over the edge when I follow the lovely Caroline from Curvy Wordy's  advice of scoop and swoop by bending over and scopping all breast tissue into the cup. 

There is a difference of 22 inches between my underbust measurement and my overbust measurement so I need bigger cupped bras. Please lingerie companies, start making bigger cups for us bigger women with bigger band sizes as well. 

 This bra is a very good bra as it lifts my boobs and I don't feel the weight of them as much as with less supportive bras. Great constructed back band and firm, but still comfortable material in the cups makes this bra ideal for everyday wear. Cause when you've got heavy big boobs, you do want support and lift more than anything. 

As you can see the bra is too small in the cup, but perfect fit around the back. Straps are sitting comfortable on my shoulder and lays flat on my chest/shoulder which means that the weight of my boobs are not on the straps. I never ever suffer from back or neck ache due to my boobs. I think this is to the fact that I'm wearing a tight band that gives me support. 

To accomodate for my boobs, since K cup is pretty much the biggest all bras goes up to with a couple of exceptions, I always have to compromise and scoop my boobs more into the cup which again means that it spills over the sides instead. In the photo above I have moved some breast tissue and you can see some of it bulging over the side instead. I forgot to take proper photos of this, but I will add them later when my photographer comes home from work so he can take some for me. I don't have another choice and this is what I'm being used doing for as long as I can remember. Sometimes this means that I get nipple burns as my nipples keeps rubbing up against the fabric of the bra. It's such a shame that lingerie brands can't start making bigger cups and bigger backs cause surely I'm not the only one with the problem of too small cups. 

In the photo below I've moved the breast tissue more and it's starting to look better on. The centre gore is still miles away from my breast bone, but at least I don't have a quad boob and it feels comfortable. 

After I've scooped some breast tissue back into the bra it looks ok so I can wear it under clothes. 

I have to admit that Elomi get my points for comfort, style and long life expectancy as their bras are very comfortable and pretty. 

 I like the band on the bra to be tight. I'm 43 inches around, but tend to wear 40 and 42. Never uncomfortably tight, but snug. I feel that my boobs get more support that way. The straps dig in a little bit, but what can you expect when I'm wearing a bra that is too small. It's not painful at all and the straps are very comfortable. Fully adjustable as well.

 The panties that comes with this set are so lovely and very comfortable. Even if I like my tummy to be completely covered in a high waist style, these panties are really good. I wore them a whole day and they didn't ride down! Lovely satiny material with cotton gusset for added comfort. I'm wearing a size 2X and they fit perfectly. 

I would give this set 4 stars out of 5 as it's comfortable, sturdy, pretty and is going to last me a long time. I have to take one star off for not being bigger in the cup, so please Elomi bring out bigger cups like L, M, N, O and P to accommodate for us girls with extra big boobs please. 

Do you struggle to find bras in your right cup size? 


*This product was gifted to me, but all views are my own.

I Had Some Wingz On The Beach

I Had Some Wingz On The Beach

A few weeks ago I was asked by the lovely Sarah from Wingz Fashion if I wanted to review some of their ingenious sleeves.

I have read about them before and seen how they can transform an outfit and they are also a great way to get a bit more coverage with a sleeveless dress without having to use a cardigan.

I wore mine when Mike and I went down to Hayling Island and it was so windy that I could almost have taken off wearing this Wingz :) But it just shows the flowy nature of these beautiful red chiffon flare sleeves*.

I wore them with my new suede dress from New Look and I think the blue and red are so pretty together. It's one of my favourite colour combinations.

The sleeves comes in 3 different sizes. I'm wearing a size 2 which is the same as UK size 18-22. It's a perfect fit for me.

In one of my photos the sleeves has slid down a little bit so it's showing off some skin in between the shoulder and the arm. This can easily be prevented by adding a safely pin to keep the sleeves in place. Normally this is nota problem as these sleeves are elasticated around the shoulders.

On the way home from Hayling Island we stopped at a view point and Mike took a few more photos of me so you can see the Wingz better as it was less windy and also see my entire outfit to see how I have built this outfit.

Dress: New Look(Sold out)
Sleeves: Wingz(HERE)*
Leggings: Sainsburys
Boots: New Look(Old)
Necklace: Charity shop

I love this outfit. It's very casual, but these sleeves you can easily use for a more formal occassion since they are so beautifully delicate. I also love the difference in texture of fabrics as the heavy suede gives a good contrast to the silky chiffon. 

Have you ever tried Wingz? Or would you like to try them? 


*I was gifted this product, but all views are my own.

#plus40fabulous- Introduction

#plus40fabulous- Introduction

Hello everyone.

Today is the first one of these #plus40fabulous posts that Leah and I came up with the idea for when I went down to see her last month. We have both hit 40+ and were talking about the stigma around becoming older and how we are supposed to change and conform. As I said in my video in this post HERE growing up in Norway made you believe that when you hit 35 you have to cut your hair and stop wearing short skirts, hair accessories, short skirts and so on. I'm sure you all know the "what not to wear..." bullshit. We started this challenge to break down some of the stigma around age and show that you can pull off wearing anything no matter what age you are.

So in this introduction I want to focus on how I have gotten to where my style is today and share some really funny and colourful photos from my past with you as well.

Typical 70s colours and BEIGE!! Yuk!! 2 years old here. My shoes are cute though despite the colour.

In this photo I'm seen with my grandmother who was such a strong and bold woman. She is my hero and a woman I often think back on with admiration. I grew up in the same house as her and I think that in many ways has made me to the person I am today. She had some really big struggles in her life as becoming a single mother in 1926 at the age of 21 with all the stigma that brought, she fought cancer twice and she was a typical farmer/fisherman housewife which meant that she was looking after the farm in the winter while my grandad went away to make a living of fishing. Many hard jobs in addition to being a mum of two. I loved her dress sense too. She always wore dresses, colourful dresses. Cardigans and scarfs in colourful patterns and she was always happy. She had a saying that I use very often myself "there are no real problems if you look at them as challenges" and that just shows the positivity she lived by in her life.

When I was a child I was very shy and introvert. I rarely spoke without being spoken to and didn't dare to go over and start playing with other children unless they invited me. It started to change as I got older and being a young girl in the 80s. I got gradually more confident and got friends easier. As a child of the colourful 80s I loved colours. Especially pink, red, mint green, blue and yellow.

Photo from around 1989 ish.. on a school outing and we are all wearing lovely garish coloured shell suits!! :D (me on the left in the front in case of doubt)

After a childhood and early teenager filled with colours I changed my hair colour from blonde to red when I was around 17 and started dressing more subtle. I can't believe the horror when I found this photo where I'm around 17 and I'm wearing BEIGE!!! bad enough wearing it as a 2 year old in the 70s and I had no say in the matter, but at 17 and I picked my own clothes!!!

My neck looks so long in this photo as well. And no, they are not white laces in my Dr Martens, they are mint green haha. 

But my bleak period didn't last very long as within a year or two I had become more true to myself and gone fully colour overboard!!! Just take a look at these photos!!

Yup!!! :) That's right. I'm a troll.... :) :) 

What can I say??? Most certainly I wasn't scared to show off!!!

In my late teens and 20s I started changing a lot and I became gradually more and more confident and didn't care what people thought about me.I wore what I wanted to wear and said screw you to flattering or tone it down a bit after becoming a mum at 22. I think this attitude made me realise that you're not living your life to make other people happy, you have to be true to yourself and dress for you. And so I've done.

With age I've grown more and more confident and talks proudly to people. I'm outgoing and very sociable. I love getting to know people and I feed from similar minded people to myself that dare to be different and wholeheartedly be themselves. The best years of my life has been the years from I was 30 till now when I'm 40. I love my life, I love how confident I am, I love how strong I am, I love how little I care about what people think about me(although sometimes I get a bit paranoid and fight with the opposite feelings, but I just put on some red lipstick and brush it off!!!)

These women that are taking part in this challenge are all women that are true proof of strong, individual and fabulous women over 40 that are saying no to becoming frumpy, boring or mondane.

Here is a list to all of them. Please check how they have introduced themselves and leave them a comment as well if you'd like to let them know what you think.


My style is everything from cute vintage style dresses to more rock chic and trendy.

I'm 40 years old, but don't think I've ever looked better than I do right now. I have a spark in my eyes and that is something that is worth million times more than all kind of youth. I wouldn't want to swap life with my younger self for anything in the world as I might be 2x20, but I'm also 2xfabulous!!!

If you want to spread the word about #plus40fabulous keep on using our hashtag and it would be great if you followed us in social media.


Our email address is if you want to get in touch or if you are a blogger(all genders) who want to take part.


Are You Taken Back To The 70s?

Are You Taken Back To The 70s?

The 70s style that is so on trend these days has never been a big favourite of mine, but when I was sent this beautiful Bonded Waterfall Gilet I thought I would do a 70s style outfit with my twist to it.

And here is the result! Excuse my terrible attempt on recreating the iconic Swedish tennis player Bjorn Borg's hairdo!!! The stupid head band pushed my hair up a lot more than I wanted it to and I didn't see it until the photos had been taken so I thought, oh well, it doesn't matter as it's the outfit I'm keen to show you.

This is such a great autumn outfit for me. It's been a very mild autumn and I haven't even found any of my winter coats as I know I would be melting in them. This gilet is stylish and cute. And also adds warmth to the outfit by it's soft and plushy lining. I used to have a coat in a similar design when I was a kind so it throw back memories to the 70s for me. I also want to mention the tights I'm wearing in this post. They are the black 200 denier tights and they are not bad at all. I hate tights normally, so I'm always constantly looking for good tights that doesn't cost a fortune and these are pretty good. They are thick and warm and I can stretch the above my tummy which always is a plus in my books. After wearing them a while they do ride down a bit, but not so much that you start fearing they will end up at your ankles. Another downside to them is that for me the legs are way too long. So if you're taller than me looking for good tights these are a good option. They only cost £5.99 so they are a cheap alternative to my favourite tights brand Big Tights Company.

 Love my owl necklace that my friend Heidi gave me for Christmas last year. 

 The skirt is a gem I found from New Look which I can see myself be wearing a lot cause it will go with so many things. I love the a-line shape of it and the buttons down the front gives it that retro feel. Simple, but stylish oversized t-shirt from Asos and animal print shoes finishes the look in a nice way, but adding a bit of pattern to the outfit. The shoes are from Barratts, but I bought them from eBay for 99p last year sometime!!!

 Gilet from Boohoo(HERE)* on sale for £16!!! 
T-shirt from Asos(old)
Skirt from New Look(HERE)
Tights from New Look (HERE)
Shoes from Barratts(old)
Headband from New Look (old)
Handbag from Yours (old)

Have you started wearing winter coats, boots and scarves yet, or are you still feeling just right in lighter clothes?