Taking Shape-The Styling Session In Horsham

Taking Shape-The Styling Session In Horsham

A few weeks ago my friend Marianne and I went to the Taking Shape shop in Horsham. It's really easy to go from Guildford to Horsham and since I had never been there before I decided to go there.

We found the shop easily and my first impression of the shop was that it was a lovely spacious shop with lots of lovely colourful clothes, but it wasn't like you see in some shops so crammed full that you can barely walk in.

We were welcomed by the lovely Angie who smiled very friendly to us and asked if she could help. I told her that I was the blogger that was there for a stylist session. She smiled even more and said she would get the store manager to come and see us.

Out came this smiling vivid lady, her name was Debs and she said that she had been looking forward to us coming as they didn't have many bloggers coming to visit them. She said that we could have a browse around the shop and see what we would like to try on. As we started picking out one dress after the other the lovely ladies helped us take it back to our fitting rooms.

Back to the clothes which was the main reason why we visited.

This is the first dress I tried on.

This lovely dress/top was the first one I tried on and I fell in love. I love sheer fabrics and this one looked so lovely on. I tried it with leggings and a white camisole. It has draping to the side. Normally I don't like asymmetrical hemline, but it works on this one. It's not really a summer piece(I guess it can be used on cooler days, but definitely too hot for days like today) , so I will be saving it for the autumn. 

Marianne in her lovely tunic top that can be found HERE

Marianne and I posing together. I tried my tunic dress with a black top under too. 

This dress is called the Dream World dress and I can understand why as I saw it as soon as I came into the shop and LOVED it. I couldn't wait to try it on, but I got so disappointed. Cause the dress, however lovely it was, didn't have enough room for my boobs so the line that is supposed to go under your boobs ended up cutting my boobs in two about 3/4 down on my boobs!! Not the look I was going for. This range of dresses, Eplisse, doesn't go higher up than to a size 24 which is rubbish since everything else go up to size 26. This dress however was a perfect fit for me everywhere else than the boobs, so even by sizing up it wouldn't be good on me. My friend tried it on too, but she felt it wasn't anything she would wear. I was gutted to not feel comfortable in this.

Me, Angie and Marianne posing in a photo Angie did NOT sleep in:) 

Marianne looked so beautiful in her maxi dress. I was lost for words when I saw her in this as it suited her so perfectly. She bought this dress and I think she was happy about it cause later while she was here she mentioned how comfortable it was to wear and what a lovely fabric. You can buy this dress HERE. 

I had been dying to try on this dress as I had fallen in love with it when I saw it on the website. I found it in size 24 and tried it on and it was almost perfect fit. I could have done with a little bit room in the boobie section as it has a line across it, but as oppose to the Dream World Dress the line goes downwards instead of cutting straight across so it doesn't matter that much. The dress looks really flattering on and I love the bright colours in the skirt and the lovely embellishments around the neckline. Of course this dress came with me home. You can still buy it HERE at a bargain price of £29. 

I normally don't like florals much, but have started looking more and more at them lately. This Rose Etching Tunic caught my eye with its lovely colours and pearl trims around the neckline and the sleeves. I tried it on and I did like it, but not as much as other pieces I had already tried on so I left it behind. It's payday soon so I might get it then as it is in the sales still. It's a really comfortable tunic which I would probably wear as a dress as it reached me to my knees.

Stunning print and lovely soft and stretchy fabric.  Also trying on shoes from Taking Shape that you can find here. These are the Flora Edge. The shoes were a bit tight on my foot in my normal size 6(39), so I would size up if you have a broad foot.

This lovely wonderful Olivia dress was my favourite out of the lot I brought home. I will do a proper review on this dress very soon as it deserves more than just a little paragraph in this post. It's a winner for the summer with it's lightweight material, flowy fit, lovely bright pattern and POCKETS. You can buy it HERE.


A funny photo had to be done as we had so much fun!!! :)

We got treats!!! :) 

Lovely umbrellas that made the place so bright and fun.

I had such a great time in the shop with the lovely girls there that we missed our bus and had to wait another hour for one. We were chatting all the time and laughed a lot. I have never been met by nicer staff in a shop, so if you are in the area, then please make sure you stop by. The service is amazing.

Thank you so much for having us, I know I will be back!!! :)

Have you ordered anything from Taking Shape or been to one of their stores? If not go take a look as they have some gorgeous and great quality clothes.

Tongues Will Wag- My Go To Place For The Little Extra

Tongues Will Wag- My Go To Place For The Little Extra

Ever since I met the lovely Danielle from Tongues Will Wag Fashion I have loved her stuff. Her handbags and accessories are stunning and such good value.

Danielle kindly let me chose a bracelet to try and I couldn’t resist picking the lovely Lazer Cut Leather Cuff* which I thought was stunning. I loved the cut out details with the blue leather underneath which gives a great look. They are at sale at a bargain price of £10.

This bracelet is a typical statement piece, so I wouldn’t wear it with much else as I want it to shine on its own. In this post I chose to wear it with a skirt and a crop top with little else accessories.

 Tongues Will Wag Fashion has also got some really good deals on at the moment.

As a plus size girl most of the clothes at Tongues Will Wag Fashion doesn't fit my size (20/24), but they have some lovely kaftans that are big and wide so it would easily fit a plus size girl too. They come in some great bold colours and patterns. Right up my street with its vibrant colours! They can be found HERE. 

I just hope that they start doing plus size clothing as I would love to wear all these myself. But it is a great shop that accommodate for size 8-16. So if any of my smaller readers like what they see please take a look on the website where there is a lot more.

I love their handbags and right now there is a sale on so there is bargains to be found. 

What do you think of this brand?


Dreaming Of Capri*

Dreaming Of Capri*

It's summer, sunny and warm... my thoughts go to some of the loveliest places I have been... Azores, Lofoten, St Ives, Greek Islands, Matheson Hammock Park Beach in Florida or the beautiful island of Capri. Talking of Capri, one of my favourite trousers to use in the summer is the Capri trousers. The cropped trousers with a vintage feel to it. I love them!

I was very happy when I was offered by Bonmarche to chose a product to review on my blog and since I am in love with the vintage style I chose a pair of Capri's * which I thought would be versatile. 

Photos also feature the lovely office cat "Tommy"

Trousers from Bonmarche (HERE)
Jumper from Simply Be (Old)
Shoes from George at Asda (Could just find white on website, but you might be lucky to find the mint green in store. You can buy the white ones HERE)
Bag from Asos (Out of stock)

I loved Bonmarche's collection of bright coloured capri's so go take a look if you like this style. They are very affordable as well and can be found HERE. I have an addiction right now for everything pastel so I chose a pair in a beautiful lilac colour. Aren't they pretty? I'm wearing a size 22 which is perfect fit for me. It's a slight stretch to the fabric which makes it very comfortable to wear. They felt very cool and comfortable all day at work and people asked me where I had bought them. You can buy them HERE. I wanted to show them off with a full pastel style so I put on a lemon yellow jumper, mint green shoes and a yellow satchel. I love this look. It's so summery and fresh and the photos makes me smile. 

What do you think of pastels? Do you like them or do you prefer stronger colours? 

Xxx Mookie

Vlogging vs blogging challenge

Vlogging vs blogging challenge

Hello everyone.

I have done the video for this new challenge as I've loved doing a few videos lately. So here is my first contribution to the challenge. Please see under for the other beautiful ladies that are taking part.

Why Cropped Tops Works On Fat Girls

Why Cropped Tops Works On Fat Girls

I've been and still are so busy as my friend from Norway is over for a visit. We are having a lovely time and I'm doing lots of videos and photos for you all to see when it calms down a bit and I get more time to blog. But in the mean time here is a video from a while back.

I never came around to publishing it before, but here it is. I'm wearing one of my favourite outfits of the summer so far and everything apart from my shoes is from Primark.

As you could see I was wearing a cropped top and I loved it. I love this look on me as I think it looks really nice and flattering.

Here are a few photos so you can see the details of my outfit.

I'm wearing

Top from Primark
Skirt from Primark
Shoes from Evans (Old)
Necklace from street market in Spain
Alice band from Ebay
Ring from Harry Fay*(HERE)

I'm off to go shopping with my friend and catching up with a blogger friend of mine so I'll catch you all later.


#LoveNBD with Swimwear 365*

#LoveNBD with Swimwear 365*

A few weeks ago I was asked by Swimwear 365 if I wanted to take part in their count down towards National Bikini Day on the 5th of July. With my love for swimming, seaside and pool I said yes in an instant.

 On this day in 1946 the bikini was invented and since then it has become as usual to wear a bikini to the beach as wearing a smile on your face when you're happy.

As a plus size girl I know that it is not always easy to enjoy going to seaside and wearing bikinis. I used to always wear a swimsuit or tankini, but this year I have been wearing bikinis without even thinking. They feel so liberating in a way and why not get a nice tan on my tummy as well and it makes it so much easier to get a nice tan on my back. However, I don't tan very easy so I have to be careful with applying sun cream as I don't want to get burnt.

I was kindly sent a bikini and a cut out with the NBD logo. I chose a bikini top from Panache (HERE)*  with wires as my boobies need a lot of support and a high waist swimwear briefs from Sunflair(HERE)*. It fitted perfectly and it gave my boobs a great lift. I wore them the whole day and it was really comfortable.

 I don't do much special to prepare for the bikini season apart from the obvious like doing your bikini line and waxing my legs. The only thing I'm very conscious of is to apply plenty of sunscreen in factor 50 so I don't burn my very fair Scandinavian skin and also apply after sun when I get home.

I feel so happy and proud to have overcome the fear of using a two piece as I felt amazing at the beach wearing it.

Are you going to wear a bikini for National Bikini Day. If you are, please don't forget to tag your photo with #lovenbd so I can see all your photos.