15 Tips How To Get Cheap Flights.

15 Tips How To Get Cheap Flights.

It’s a brand new year and that means a whole brand year of holiday allowances. I don’t know if you are as me, but I have more or less all my holidays for the forthcoming year planned before the new year starts. I’m totally addicted to have holidays planned and I always look for great offers on tickets.

As a traveler I prefer to plan my own holiday instead of going with a holiday company. It’s so much fun and excitement in looking for cheapest possible tickets, and to start looking for beautiful and affordable hotels. Mike is helping too as we find it so fun and relaxing looking for lovely places together. We do travel with holiday companies sometimes as well, especially if I go on a warm getaway. But probably 8 out of 10 travels are planned by Mike and myself.

All our friends and family say that we are so good at finding bargain deals. I love trawling the internet for great offers.

Here is what I normally do.

Tips to find cheap flights

  1. I'm not always that bothered where to go as I want to see the entire world, this makes it more easy to get good deals.
  2. I am  also so lucky that we are not bound to school holidays so we can travel whenever which makes us a lot more affordable prices.
  3. Start looking early and keep an eye on cheap dates.
  4. ALWAYS compare airlines.
  5. I always check with Skyscanner for the best deals for cheap flights worldwide or Flight Checker for easy search with cheap airlines, for charter holidays Travel Supermarket is my favourite and if you want more tailored trip planner I use Kayak.
  6. I always cross check with the airlines to see if their tickets are cheaper.
  7. I also always check the codeshares which is when an airline sell seats on the same flight to two different companies. You can be lucky and find tickets cheaper with one company than with the other for the same flight. Be aware though, cause ifyou are taking connecting flights these might be different airlines with different departure times even if it starts with the same flights.
  8. If you buy tickets with Easy Jet sometimes it can be smarter to buy Easyflex tickets as these allow you to change the flights for a cheaper price for free in case of a price drop. This is best if you are flexible on the dates you can travel.
  9. If you chose to go to popular destinations the chances are that you get cheaper tickets as there are more airlines flying to the same destination so more competition. 
  10. Keep an eye on new destinations as when airlines start up with new routes as the prices can be very cheap then. 
  11. If you can, avoid travelling at weekends. You can be lucky to find good deals on a Friday, but the chances are that you will have to pay a lot more than if you can travel out on a Tuesday or Wednesday and home on a Tuesday you might save so much money you can book another cheap flight. 
  12. Be aware of all the hidden expenses with cheap airlines. Seat reservations, luggage and card payments are just a few extra payments you might have to pay for. In my experience it is rarely any point in paying to get a seat as in most cases you will be seated together at check in. In worst case, talk to the stewards and stewardesses and they will try and help you out. If you go on a shorter holiday or city break, hand luggage can often be enough. 
  13. Always check with other airlines than Easy Jet, Ryan Air, Norwegian, Wizz Air and so on for cheap tickets. I have often experienced that KLM have cheaper tickets to Lisbon, SAS has cheaper tickets to Copenhagen and so on, so it is always worth a check. 
  14. Buy one way tickets. What I mean is lets say you want to go to Alicante and you are booking outbound with Easy Jet. Then always check with competing airlines like Monarch or Norwegian if they offer cheaper tickets home. 
  15. Chose an airport further away from your destination and travel cheap by train or bus to your desired city. Flights to more "inconvenient" airports can often be a lot cheaper.

These are my 15 most important advice I can give to get cheapest possible tickets. It does require quite a lot of work, but don't let that put you off as with time you might be as eager as me to hunt down the bargain tickets. 

In my next travel post I will give you advice on how to get great hotels for cheap prices so watch this space if you want to find out. 


Bargain Boots!

Bargain Boots!

 About a week ago one of my fellow bloggers wrote on Facebook that it was a £15 discount code if you spent £15 at New Look. Something that meant free stuff, or almost free stuff if you bought for more than £15.

I jumped on the offer straight away as I really wanted the grey textured Chelsea boots that I also have in black. You can read about them HERE. They are so comfy and have been my go to boots all winter. And for the unbeatable price of £6.99 you can't go wrong at all. Not even if it is close to payday in January!!!

When I received them I was not disappointed, as they looked even better in real life than on the website. Just look here how I styled my outfit around the boots.

Aren't they beautiful? I love the matte texture of them and the snake pattern. It makes them stand out, but again they are so great with so many different colours. I can't wait to rock these boots with a red outfit.

I wore my grey cardigan from Simply Be and the lovely leather skirt also from Simply Be from last year. I love this skirt. I am not wearing it enough. Note to myself: Wear this skirt more. I'm also wearing my lovely body from The Curve Fashion* that they kindly sent me last year. I love this body and I use it with everything. I used my adorable statement cow from Black Heart Creatives that Charlotte made for me. Isn't she cute? She certainly get me attention when I wear her. I'm rocking Mac's Pure Heroine (which I love the texture and colour of!!! ) on my lips and I have to admit I'm in love with this look. It's a perfect mix of textures and colours.

What do you think of this mix of textures?

Do You Need Some Naughty Help For Valentines Day? And a discount code.

Do You Need Some Naughty Help For Valentines Day? And a discount code.

It's almost that time of year again. Valentines day! A day to celebrate love, and a day to stop and think that love isn't something to take for granted. You should never take your loved one for granted, but this day has become a day for many to invite that special person out for a meal or/and to buy each other a present.

If you are sitting right now thinking what to get for your loved one than I might be able to give you some ideas.

Have you ever heard of a company called Toxic Fox? They offer a huge range of gifts from personalised gifts like wine glasses and erotic novels, the traditional romantic bracelets and chocolate, but I have decided to take a closer look at the naughty gifts.

What better Valentines day can you ask for than a home cooked meal in your own home with all the comfort instead of cramming up together with 50 other "romantic couples" in a restaurant? An atmosphere so loud that you can barely hear each other speak doesn't sounds very romantic to me. Another perk of staying home is that is a short way from the dining table to the bedroom. And that is where the naughty gifts from Toxic Fox come into this.

When I was asked by Toxic Fox if I wanted to review a couple of pieces from the "naughty gifts" I was hoping that they would send me this game as I had seen it on their website and I thought it looked good fun.

And they did!!! 

The game is called 50 Days Of Play* and consists of 50 small envelopes, ten of each colour ranging from the mildest challenge of white to the dirtiest black. Or as it says on the box from the virginal white, through vanilla, light and dark grey to the seductive black.

The rules of the game are very easy as you roll your dice and the colour on the dice decides which envelope to open.

This game would be perfect to play after dinner on Valentines day or any other day you want to make a bit more exciting as a couple.

This is a little selection of what kind of adventures you can play. Pretty apt for a sexy Valentines day in?

This game is good value for money as it retails at £9.99 at Toxic Fox. It's a fun game that can kick a bit of spark into a relationship. The adventures are fun and creates a good laugh. Some of the challenges are a bit silly, but all in all it is great fun.

The only thing that is a little bit annoying is that the envelopes can be a bit fiddly to close, but not a major problem so I would recommend this game to any couple who want to spice up their love life.

I was also sent a couple of other fun and naughty gifts which made me laugh when I opened my blogger mail.

Stress balls*!!! I guess most of us have wanted to break something if we have become too stressed or angry so these might come in useful sometime. Especially at work when I'm tearing my hair out trying to get a cheaper quote. My husband hated it when I took this one out and started squeezing it. Maybe not so strange as even I as a girl can feel the pain in the balls I don't have :)

 I was also sent something that really is different. Have you ever heard of Edible Anuses*? Well here they are!!! In all their Belgian Chocolate glory!! They comes in dark chocolate, milk chocolate and white chocolate

I've never seen a butthole this inviting!!! :)

This chocolates would be fun as a gift to someone, but maybe not give them to someone faint hearted. They are expensive at £4.99, but will become a talking point and give everyone around a good laugh.

I had a fun playing and trying these funny and naughty gifts, so if you are still in need for something for your loved one, go take a look at Toxic Fox as they have a great selection of naughty and non-naughty gifts. If you use the code TFLOVE it will give you a 10% off your purchases, so go take a look .


*items are gifted, but all views are mine.

Have You Ever Had Waxing Trouble?

Have You Ever Had Waxing Trouble?

As you grow older and also as overweight you tend to get more hair growth in your face. I' very lucky as I don’t get much, but I do have a few darker and coarser hairs that I like to get rid of.

I normally pluck them with a pair of tweezer, but this time I thought I would use these Face  Wax Strips with Easy Grip from Veet that I picked up a while back as I wanted to try it. 

I had never used them before and since I had some annoying hair under my chin I thought I would give them a go.

The process itself was very good and easy as you just warm the packet with the strip between your hands for a bit. You then apply it on the desired place you have unwanted hair growth. You have to make sure you point the easy grip part of the strip in the direction of the hair is growing and then you rub the wax strip to make sure that it sticks to the hairs properly. I did all this exactly as it said on the packet. I held my skin taut and pulled the strip back on itself as far as possible and pulled it off swiftly just like I do when I wax my legs. I'm always very cautious with this as my skin is very sensitive. 

Immediately I felt a pain and I checked in the mirror and I noticed to my horror that I had a very bad red rash and tiny little drops of blood. I have had my eyebrows waxed before and my legs and both have caused redness and soreness, but not like this. It was like the skin was torn off. I used the special vipe that comes with the kit to clean off the wax. This just made my sore sting incredibly.

The rest of the evening it stung quite a lot, but I went to bed and fell asleep.

I woke up this morning and it looked like this.

During the day it has got worse and worse and it really stings. It actually hurts. It feels like a burn and it has definitely formed a scab. 

Not very pretty to look at:(

I have been waxing myself since I was a teenager, but I have never ever got a burn like this from my products. I don't know why my skin ended up like this, but I know for sure that I did everything the correct way when I used the ONE strip I did use. What I find so surprising about using this product is that my skin reacted so badly to it despite it being labelled for sensitive skin. My skin is very sensitive and I have used Veet products before, so I felt confident in trying this. Sadly I had a bad reaction to it and won't be using it again. I think I will be continuing to pluck the hair under my chin as they are not that many. 

Have you ever had bad experiences with waxing products? 

Berry Winter Temptations/ Bærfargede Vinter Fristelser

Berry Winter Temptations/ Bærfargede Vinter Fristelser

The headline make it sounds like a post about food is coming, so I hope I haven't made you too hungry cause I'm talking about my latest outfit.

Overskriften høres ut som denne posten blir og handle om mat, så jeg håper ikke jeg har gjort dere altfor sultne fordi jeg snakker om mitt nyeste antrekk.

This dress/tunic is one I swapped with Leah last time I went down and saw her. I love this dress. I'm not that sure about florals, but this pattern is so pretty. And the colours are very nice for the winter. Muted, but yet vibrant. I think these colours work so well with my pale skin as well. To give the dress a bit more shape I wore it with a wide belt. 

Denne kjolen/tunikaen er en som jeg byttet til meg sist gang jeg besøkte Lean. Jeg elsker denne kjolen. Jeg er vanligvis ikke så sikker på blomstrete mønster, men dette mønstret er så fint. Fargene er veldig fine for vinteren. Nedtonet men samtidig veldig livlige. Jeg syns også at disse fargene kler den bleke huden min. For og gi kjolen litt bedre passform tok jeg på meg et bredt belte. 


I wore this long cardigan with it outside as I needed a bit of shelter from the winter. It's a lovely berry colour that picks up colours from the dress. The design of it is quite unusual. It's knitted in a popcorn yarn and I bought it a few years ago at TK Maxx.

Jeg tok på meg denne lange jakka for og skjerme meg fra den litt kalden luften ute i den Engelske vinteren. Det er en vakker bærfarge som også tar opp farger fra kjolen. Designet er ganske uvanlig også. Det er strikket i en såkalt popcorn garn og jeg kjøpte den på TK Maxx for noen år siden. 

Lovely shoes from Evans Fine sko fra Evans

I wore my trusted leggings from Sainsburys and I also wore these lovely shoes from Evans. I rarely buy much at Evans as I think lot of their stuff is very frumpy, but for shoes and boots they are great. I buy lots of shoes at Evans and I think they have some really great finds.

Jeg hadde på meg tightsene fra Sainsburys som jeg alltid faller tilbake på og jeg har på meg disse fine skoa fra Evans. Jeg kjøper ikke mye fra Evans siden jeg syns mye av det de har er kjerringaktig, men de har godt utvalg av sko og støvletter og jeg har funnet mange funn der. 

My glasses and lipstick are berry coloured too so they complete the style.

Brillene og leppestiften min er bærfarger også så de fullfører stilen og gjør den komplett. 

Do you like berry colours?

Liker du bærfarger?


My Week In Photos #3 / Min Uke I Bilder #3

My Week In Photos #3 / Min Uke I Bilder #3

I haven't done this for a while, so I thought I would do it again as I love looking at other people's photos and what they have been up to lately. 

This week has been quite quiet which has been really good as I've been struggling a bit mentally. My tinnitus and Menieres have been affecting me in a bad way as well, so I've tried to relax as much as possible. I'm officially a part time worker now as I work 4 days a week, which is amazing. I love having Monday's off. 

I hope you enjoy my week in photos.

Jeg har ikke gjort dette på en stund så jeg tenkte at det var på tide og gjøre det igjen. Jeg elsker og se på andre menneskers bilder og se hva de har gjort i det siste.

Denne uken har vært ganske stille, noe som har vært godt for meg fordi jeg har hatt det vanskelig mentalt. Jeg har også slitt med øresusen min og Menieres sykdom, så jeg har prøvd og slappe av så mye jeg har kunnet. Jeg jobber også offisielt deltid nå siden jeg jobber 4 dager i uka noe jeg er så glad for. Jeg elsker og ha fri på mandager. 

Jeg håper du liker min uke i bilder. 

Mike makes the best vegetarian chili in the world. YUM!!!

Mike lager verdens beste vegetar chilli

Mike and I have been together for almost six years and still to this day he is making me breakfast in bed every weekend.

Mike og jeg har vært sammen i nesten seks år og enda så lager han frokost på senga til meg hver eneste helg.

I love my new glasses, Mad In England from Red Or Dead

Jeg elsker de nye brillene mine. Mad In England fra Red Or Dead

It always brightens my week when I get some blogger mail. :)

Det gjør alltid uka litt bedre når jeg får blogger pakker :) 

My desk... Lots of cows!! :)

Pulten min. Mange kyr. :)

Went out for lunch with Mike and one of my colleagues Laura this week and I had my favourite non alcoholic drink.

Var ute og spiste lunch sammen med Mike og en kollega Laura denne uken og jeg hadde den beste alkoholfrie drikken jeg vet om. 

Listening to music at work helps with my tinnitus.

Å høre på musikk hjelper på øresusen min. 


Non League football :)

Fotballkamp i lavere divisjoner :)

I'm looking forward to this coming week. It's the last week before payday and the last week full week before Mike and I go on this years first holiday, so I'm quite excited. January has seemed long so I'm glad we get paid soon.

What have you done the last week? Any nice plans for the week to come?

Jeg gleder meg til uka som kommer. Det er siste uka før lønning og den siste fulle uka på jobb før jeg og Mike drar på den første ferien for året, så jeg er veldig spent. Januar har virket veldig lang, så jeg er glad det snart er lønning. 

Hva har du gjort den siste uken? Har du noen planer for neste uke?


Weather Issues And Laughs/ Værtrøbbel Og Latter.

Weather Issues And Laughs/ Værtrøbbel Og Latter.

Hello everyone.

It’s Saturday and I’m so happy it’s the weekend. I was supposed to meet up with Leah this weekend, but we had to postpone it, so no goofy photos from our meet on the blog for a while. BUT, I just remembered that I hadn’t published the photos from last time we met which was a fun filled weekend.

Mike and I went down to Hastings to stay the night with Leah and James and it was lovely. Leah and I had planned a double shoot on the Sunday so I had brought clothes to wear. Needless to say, when Leah and I meat for shoots, the weather is horrendous! Just look at this photo from early in 2014.

Hei alle sammen. 

Det er lørdag og jeg er så glad at det er helg. Jeg skulle egentlig møtt Leah denne helgen, men vi måtte utsette det så ingen tulle bilder fra vårt møte på bloggen på en stund. MEN så husket jeg at jeg hadde ikke postet bildene vi tok sist vi møttes, noe som var en morsom helg.

Mike og jeg hadde reist ned til Hastings for og overnatte hos Leah og James. Det var en fin helg. Leah og jeg hadde planlagt og ha et dobbelt fotoshoot på søndag så jeg hadde tatt med meg klær for anledningen. Kanskje unødvendig og si, men når jeg og Leah møtes for og ta bilder er det et fryktelig vær! Bare se på dette bildet fra tidlig i 2014. 

And now this photo from autumn 2014.

Og nå dette bildet fra i fjor høst. 

Our ever so loving and patient husbands standing out in the wind and rain to capture our photos so we can share on this blog.  A big thank you to them for loving us so much.

Våre elskede og tålmodige menn som står ute i vind og regn for og ta bildene våre som vi deler her på blogger. En stor takk til dem begge for at de elsker oss så mye. 

Not very "weather lucky" are we? You can also read the post from the hilarious day in Februar 2014 when the umbrella went flying HERE. Leah, James and I was pissing ourselves laughing when Mike almost went flying with it. Great times!!! :) 

But despite the weather we had a fun time and we got some lovely outfit photos as well. 

Ikke så "værheldige"?? Du kan lese den posten fra den morsomme dagen i Februar 2014 når paraplyen fløy avgårde HER. Leah, James og jeg holdt på å tisse på oss så mye vi lo når Mike nesten fløy avgårde med paraplyen. Storartet! 

Aren't we sexy??? :) / Er vi ikke sexy??? :)

We went to this lovely beach hut in Bexhill. / Vi dro til denne vakre strand skjulet i Bexhill. 

The mandatory boob grab!! Obligatoriske pupper grep!! 

My outfit Antrekket mitt

I love this outfit. The dress is an old one I've had a while without really wearing it, so I decided to give it an outing. It goes so well with my lovely comfortable eyelash knitted cardigan from Simply Be. This cardigan has been my go to coat/cardi this season as I tend to get very warm and with the weather not that cold I chose cardigans rather than coats. And this one is surprisingly warm.

My Chelsea boots are amazing. It's some of the most comfortable boots I've ever worn. They are from New Look, but they are sold out and I can understand why. They don't just feel good on, they also look good. They have a matted texture and go so well with everything. They have a little heel, but not more than I can handle. I've even worn them going out travelling, trotting around airports and they kept me comfy all day.

Jeg elsker dette antrekket. Kjolen er en jeg har hatt en stund uten og ha brukt den noe særlig, så jeg bestemte meg for og ta den med og bruke den. Den passer så godt til den fine og behangelige jakka mi fra Simply Be. Denne jakka har vært det plagget jeg har brukt meste denne sesongen siden jeg bruker og være veldig varm og været har ikke vært så kaldt så har jeg valgt og bruke denne jakka i stedet for kåper. Og den er overraskende varm. 

Chelsea støvlettene som jeg har på meg er helt fantastiske. Det er noe av det mest behagelig skotøy jeg noen gang har hatt på bena mine. De er fra New Look, men de er utsolgt, og jeg kan forstår hvorfor. De er ikke bare behagelig på bena, men også fine og se på. De har en matt overflate og passer til alle antrekk. De har en liten hæl,men ikke mer enn jeg kan takle. Jeg har til og med hatt dem på meg når jeg har vært ute og reist. Etter en lang dag med masse gåing var føttene mine fremdeles veldig gode og gå på. 

Beautiful cameo ring and close of the dress. Vakker Cameo ring og nærbilde av kjolen.

Dress from Lovedrobe via New Look (Old)
Cardigan from Simply Be (HERE in cream)
Leggings from Sainsbury's
Boots from New Look
Ring can't remember from where (Old)
Hat (Borrowed of Leah)

Kjole fra Lovedrobe via New Look (gammel)
Jakke fra Simply Be
Tights fra Sainsburys
Støvletter fra New Look
Ring, men kan ikke huske hvor jeg fikk den fra (gammel)
Lue (lånt fra Leah)

Then we went on to another beach hut, more of a modern design and I changed my jacket to show how I could take this dress from a casual day look to more of an evening look.

Etter dette dro vi videre til et annet strand skjul med litt mer moderne design og jeg bytte jakke sånn at jeg kunne vise hvordan dette antrekket kan skiftes fra en mer avslappet stil til en mer kvelds stil. 

 Dress from Lovedrobe via New Look (Old)
Leather Jacket from Simply Be (Old)
Leggings from Sainsburys
Boots from New Look (Sold out)

Behind the scenes./  Bak kamera

I love this girl!/ Jeg er så glad i denne jenta!

As you can see we do love each other. ;)/ Som du kan se så er vi glade i hverandre:)

Awwww <3

It was a wet and windy, but fun day. We had so many laughs and both of us looked pretty awesome don't you think? 

Det var en våt, men morsom dag. Vi lo mye som alltid og vi begge så ganske stilige ut, er du ikke enig?