OMCZ #25- Accessories

OMCZ #25- Accessories

This times OMCZ was chosen by Nikki who wrote

" my idea was to go with accessories unless that has already been done.
I thought we can use scarves,bags or statement jewellery to show how you can change the look of an outfit and the bolder the better.

Nikki xx"

I wanted to do a bit of a different post as I wanted to show more than one look. I wanted to share with you how I use accessories.

I haven't always been good at using accessories, but have started to be more daring and more exciting in my choices, so this post is so fun for me to write too as it makes me go through photos and see for myself what I have done and how I might can do it differently.

Hair accessories

I wear something in my hair almost every day. It can be a flower, a scarf or an Alice band. It's such a nice way of changing your look really quickly whatever you wear.


I love sunglasses!! No doubt! I have lots of sunglasses and in the summer and when on holiday I wear them all the time. I love the way they look, I love how they can change your look, I love how they makes a face look more defined and most of all they protect my eyes from the sun. I try to find sunglasses that suits my face shape, and lately I have started wearing more statement sunglasses.


I used to wear lots of scarves in my teenage years, but since then until now I haven't worn them much. The last year or so I have bought more and more scarf and use them maybe a couple of times of week. A scarf can quickly freshen up an outfit that is quite bland and boring. And also keep your neck from suffering in the cold air.


I have always hated necklaces. I mean really hated them. I couldn't stand them and up until the last year I haven't used them. Reason for this is that I thought my double chin would look even bigger if I wore necklaces and I didn't want to draw attention to that area as I hate my double chin. But the last year I have started wearing them and I really like it. I love statement pieces that can create the whole look depending on what you are going for. I love little cute necklaces like my lovely silver heart that Mike gave me for my birthday.


I wear belts almost every day. It's such a great way to show off your figure and show that you actually have a waist and that you're not just shapeless. They can also add that little extra to an outfit to give it more edge and you can show off more of your personality. I love my big corset belts and my animal print belt, they just makes me feel fierce straight away.

All other accessories

With the rest I mean handbags, glasses, glowes, rings, bracelets, earrings and hats.
I wear handbags every day. Small or big. I love them equally. I probably wear smaller handbags more, but I love a nice big one too.
 Glasses I wear every day to work as without them I'm blind. I'm very short sighted and I wear my glasses with pride. In the summer when I'm out and about I wear more contacts, but glasses is always my favourites. I have actually never been so adventurous in choosing glasses as I am now. I am planning on buying myself some new pairs, just need to get around to do it.
Glowes are a great item in winter. Shield you from the cold, but also to add a pop of colour to a dark coloured outfit or a more neutral colour if wearing something colourful. I love leather gloves and especially my new red ones.
Rings is something I have a love/hate relation to. I sometimes likes them and I sometimes hate them. I wear my wedding ring every day, but apart from that I have to be in a special mood to want to put on a ring as I find them uncomfortable when I work.
Bracelets are not of my favourite accessories. I prefer my plastic bangles or my simple silver bracelet I made when I was in school. I own quite a lot of them and try to get on with them, but it won't happen. I hate the feeling of having something around my wrist that is moving around. The worst bracelets for me is the Pandora kind with lots of charms. For the very same reason I never wear a watch.
Earrings is something I mostly wear when I wear contacts. I like them, but I don't like them with glasses. I can wear small earrings with glasses, but my big statement earrings I only choose when I'm wearing contacts. I think that glasses and earrings are kind of conflicting with each other and I think both of them should shine on their own.
Hats is something I used to wear a lot in my teens and 20s. I remember that people always said it was so strange that I was wearing hats as it wasn't very common and I think people thought I was a bit of an eccentric. :) I own a couple of hats which I really like, but I never wear them out in public. Maybe I should start wearing them more as they are so cute and can transform an outfit.


My dream boots!

My dream boots!

When I came to Plus London and I entered the venue I spotted something that made me fall in love!!
It was these boots!

I went straight over to the Simply Be stand and took a look and they were perfect!! They were red, the were animal print patterned and they had a love heel. Price was good too. I love ankle boots and theese ticked all the boxes for the perfect pair. I could see myself wearing them with jeans, with cute dresses, with a cool t-shirt and skirt combo and basically I found them so versatile that I simply had to have them.

But when I came home I couldn't afford buying them straight away, so I had to wait till end of the month before I bought them. But the excitement I felt when I received them was unlike any other thing I have ordered. I was like a little child on Christmas Day, like an eager dog waiting for its treat and like a person who just won the lottery. That says a lot. I was so hyper active and couldn't get them out of the packing fast enough.

I opened the box and there they were. The perfect boots!! My dream boots.
Since them I have used them a lot, but carefully as I need to take care of them so I can have them for a long time.
 I haven't had the chance to show them off until now, but here are my photos when I wore them casually with a jumper and jeans. They are the pop of colour in this outfit and I love it.

Jumper- C&A(old)
Jeans- New Look(similar HERE)
Boots- Simply Be (HERE)
Gloves- Christmas Present
Hair scarf- Asos

The boots itself are very comfortable. They are not the softest shoes I've tried so I have put another layer of soles to make them more comfortable. But they are comfy without it as well. They are easy to get on and the colour is stunning. Really deep red. I love the pointed shape, it gives them a bit of a retro feel as well. I like the little heel, but it is a low heel so they are very well suited for a shopping trip around London or if you're just going out with some friends. The quality seems very good to as I've worn them quite a bit and there is few signs of wear and tear.

These boots are on sale at Simply Be  for only £28 HERE at the moment so go over there and grab yourself a bargain cause these boots are everything you need to add a bit of colour and edge to a rather boring outfit.

What is your dream boots/shoes?


The outfit I forgot to blog.

The outfit I forgot to blog.

When I went to Fatchatuk I wanted to wear something that I normally never wear. Jeans. I rarely wear jeans. My entire life they have been a friend I want to have, but they don't seem to want to be friends with me as they are always too tight and constrictive. I love comfort and jeans are not comfy!! But for my trip to London I decided to give jeans a try again.

I have a weak spot for New Look's Supersoft skinny high waisted jeans who I actually own three of, red, white and this blue, as they are more comfortable than normal jeans. They are softer and more like jeggings, but still has got the feel of real jeans.

I was wearing my lovely gold boots again. I love them and they are so comfy! :) The jeans are a lighter blue than normal jeans, but I like that! Makes them a bit different.

Top Very, on Sale now for £7 (HERE)

 Jeans from New Look (similar HERE)
Cardigan from New Look past season
Boots from Evans (Out of stock, similar HERE)
Necklace from Primark

I paired the jeans with a new peplum top I bought from Very. I love the colour on this top and it goes so well with my lipstick. I also think it goes well with my skin colour. It's a lovely top although a bit big for me in size 24, so I would have sized down if I had known. When you buy clothes it should be a wearing guarantee, cause sometimes you must wear clothes at least for a little while before you feel if they fit or not.

I don't buy clothes very often from Very as I find it quite expensive and it is not very often I find anything I like. But looking for the link for this top now I saw a few really nice things, so I might take a second look tomorrow.

I got several compliments on my top and my outfit and the jeans made me feel comfortable all day.

And a little photo of me and my love who kindly took me up to London while he went off looking for vinyl:) And found some!! :)

Do you like jeans?


My little secret and lifesaver in the summer and on holiday.

My little secret and lifesaver in the summer and on holiday.

I had a chat on twitter today with Hollie, Betty, Foxtrotter and Kathryn about anti chafing remedies. Hollie had reviewed the Bandalettes on her blog HERE and I commented on it on twitter saying I use this little remedy called Body Glide. Most people had not heard about it, so I thought I would share my thoughts and views on the product with everyone that reads my blog.

I came across it online as I was so sick and tired of trying everything from cut up tights, baby powder to cycle shorts to avoid chafing in the summer or on holiday. I found it cheap on Ebay so I ordered one stick of it and it helped so well that since then I haven't tried anything else. It's amazing.

There is several different types of this product, but I have only tried the regular one.
Here is a link to the website where it has a section for plus size people as well. 

It comes in a little bottle, like a deodorant stick, just smaller and it is quite expensive for the size of the stick. But I think it is worth it as it actually works. It's easy to apply, it stays on well, although in hot weather you will have to apply more than once a day, the stick is very handy to carry with you in your handbag, it's not messy at all like body powder can be and it doesn't smell.

When you apply it you just rub it one like a deodorant. It takes a couple of minutes before you notice that you have anything on. It makes it feel smoother and your thighs slide very easy, no chafing at all. 

I have also used it for inner arm when wearing sequins, under my boobs in summer, when wearing new shoes to avoid blisters and everywhere else you tend to get sore.

I can highly recommend this product for anyone who struggles with this challenge and doesn't want to wear tights under dress and skirts then invest in this product.


Stop animal abuse!

Stop animal abuse!

I had to write this post as I experienced something that made me feel so angry and upset.

I have another big passion in life apart from fashion, and that is animals. I love animals. All kind of animals (apart from spiders). I'm the crazy cat lady type who treat her animals like children and make silly voices when she talks to them. Unfortunately I don't have any pets now, which is a big sorrow in my life. But I have had a dog, cats, hamsters, rats and even a pet gekko.

Back to what this post is about. Animal abuse.

I was out with Mike yesterday, Sunday. We had stopped at a petrol station and Mike had gone in to pay. I heard a dog barking very loud and like it was in pain, so I looked in the mirror and saw two children standing there with a little dog. One boy and one girl. The boy who was around 12 was trying to go into the shop, but everytime he left the dog started barking and the girl got problems controlling the dog. The boy started slapping the dog several times over its face when it barked and the little girl(around 8) tried to pet the dog so he would be quiet. This happened again and the boy came out from the shop again, this time to use the lead to hit the dog. The dog barked out in pain and the boy hit him again. I got so angry that I ran out of the car and over to them and asked them what they thought they were doing. They did not say a single word, so I said to them that they couldn't beat the dog and that is was not allowed to do so. They still did not say anything so I said to them, if you are trying to calm the dog down, rather try to sit down with the dog and cuddle it to make it feel safer when someone leaves. Still nothing said. I went back to the car, but waited outside it. The dog started barking again and the boy came out again, this time showing the dog his index finger say "shhh". As Mike came out of the shop, the boy came out of the shop too and they walked off.

When I came in the car I said to Mike that I should have done more cause I'm sure that this dog doesn't have a good home, cause I'm thinking that the children must learn it from someone. You just don't hit a dog like that do you?

I have been thinking about this incident all night and it pains me to know that this little dog was facing abuse and so many other animals are under constant threat in their homes where they should be safe and live a happy life.

My dog that was like a son to me. I got from an animal shelter. He had suffered abuse and moved 6 times before we got him at the age of 3. He was a nervous little bundle when we got him, but he lived till he was 15 years and he was the nicest and best family dog you can imagine. So kind and loyal and what a little cheeky monkey he was too. Beautiful and strong. I had to put him down in 2008 when he got his third stroke which was an extremely sad day. His memories lives on with me and everyone that knew him. His name was Fant and here he is.

Isn't he beautiful? I miss him so much that writing this makes me cry.

So for me it is beyond comprehension how anyone can be mean to animals. As long as they get their primary needs covered they are happy.

If you ever come across animal abuse please don't hesitate to contact RSPCA's 24-hour cruelty line 0300 1234 999. That is here in UK, but I'm sure you have similar help lines in your country. Just do a google search!


Late night shopping.

Late night shopping.

It's weekend and that means that it is the only time of the week that I can get in touch with my nocturnal side. It's a night time I feel best, it's at night time my brain is working the best and in general I'm a better worker at night. The rest of the week I try to conform to the norm since I have a 9-5 job, but I do feel like a zombie most days.

So what have I done this night? I have been shopping in the sales! It's end of the month and payday so I thought I could afford to get a few bits even if I'm going to Cyprus in 10 days time.
To be honest, I used the holiday as an excuse to myself to pick up some nice bits cause it is always fun to have something new when you go away.

I couldn't go on holiday without buying a new swimsuit! I looked at different shops, but in the end I ended up with this amazing swimdress in Mint green (which is a colour I adore) from Evans. It was a total bargain of £10!! Can't wait till it comes so I can see if my huge boobies fit in it.

I also bought some shoes at the sale from Evans. Some nice shoe boots that are great for work as they look a bit more dressed up than other ankle boots.

These boots are also in the sales for only £15 so grab yourself a bargain!!

I also went over to New Look to see what I could find and I found lots. Lots of pretty dresses and tops for my holiday and work. Who can resist cute dresses when the prices are so cheap as they are at New Look.

Here is what I bought!

I chose size 26 in two of the dresses as I'm not sure if the smaller sizes will fit over my boobs. When I buy dresses from New Look in size 24 they tend to be snug over my boobs, so I size up instead. They playsuit I chose size 28 as I've tried it on and even if 24 fit me, I need lots of comfort so I chose to size up in that too.

I'm not ready for bed yet, even if it's close to 3am and after a hectic week at work I have lots to catch up to on my blog.

Are you a morning or a night person?


The treasure from a clothes swap.

The treasure from a clothes swap.

When I went to the Plus Size Market before Christmas Leah and I swapped a couple of bits. I got this lovely skirt from Torrid which I love. It's black with red details and it is very stylish and different. I have worn it a lots of  times and it goes so well with boots and a knitted jumper which is perfect for colder days.

I paired it with my lovely boots from Evans that I've reviewed before, HERE, and a Christmas present from Marks and Spencer and my lovely snood I got as part of my Secret Santa present from Beth over at Beth Tinkerbell. I love this outfit for a casual trip into town on a Saturday afternoon. 

Do you ever swap clothes with friends?

Taking Shape I'm in love!

Taking Shape I'm in love!

Before Christmas I bought a couple of things from Australian plus size brand Taking Shape.
I had never heard of them before so I was excited to try their products.  And they did not disappoint me.

Since red is my favourite colour I chose this classic tunic with a twist. It has this lovely cut out pattern at the bottom of it that makes it stand out and it looks really pretty.

  It is on sale right now so you can get it here. It comes in more colours as well.

This tunic is made of a lovely soft material and it skims your lumps and bumps in a really nicely way. I tried it both with and without a belt to see what worked best for me, I prefer it with a belt as it gives me more shape.

Wearing tights from Big Bloomers Company and Boots from Evans. Necklace from charity shop.

I would wear this with a cardigan and boots for the office. Would be a lovely office look. I would also use it with tights and ankle boots as in these photos for a night out or going out for a drink with girlfriends.

I also bought these amazing leggings.

I have written about the amazing leggings I bought in a previous post. You can read that post here

With such great quality clothes I know I will be coming back for more cause my first time buys from Taking Shape was very impressive.

Favourite Plus Size Stores

Favourite Plus Size Stores

Favourite Plus Size Stores

Everyone has their favourite stores to shop from and so have I so I thought I would list them and tell why I like this retailers more than others. 

1 Pink Clove- Really affordable prices and great clothes. Love their dresses and skirts. Find the sizes to be very accurate.  Quality has been very good on everything I have purchased so far too so full score from me. 

This item is a must have from Pink Clove for me. 

2. Asos- I love Asos. They would have got my 1st place if they had been cheaper. They can be a bit pricy sometimes, but the clothes they have are gorgeous. Always spot on trend and always great variation in prints and colours. I’m an Asos addict and have to be controlled when there is a sale on.

My favourite Asos find right now. 

3. Simply Be- Amazing selection and great stylish clothes for any occasion. Clothes designed with curves in mind and an amazing customer service as well. My only complaint is that it can be a bit pricy. 

I love the new Grunge Range and this is my favourite piece. 

4. New Look- The shop I buy most from because they are cheap! Lots of nice clothes, but some of the dresses doesn’t have very good quality. I have on several occasions found the lining of dresses to be very static and this is a downer for me. Great on price and I think the Inspire range is good as you have a lot of choice. 

I love this playsuit from Inspire 

5. Fashionworld- This shop is one that I haven't heard much about before I started blogging. But it has become a favourite of mine. They have great innovative styles like the smart two in one boots and Magisculpt. They have a large selection of lovely plus size clothing. 

My favourite dress from Fashionworld is this beauty

Preview for Claire Richards for Fashion World SS14- part1.

Preview for Claire Richards for Fashion World SS14- part1.

Hello everyone. 
I was kindly asked by Fashion World* if I wanted to chose a few things from the coming Claire Richards collection for the summer and spring. I was so happy to be asked as the clothes in this range are so up my street. All the dresses are lovely, but I wanted to chose something a bit different. I chose three items, but I have only received one so far, so the other two items will be reviewed a bit later. 

This time I will review this beautiful printed maxi dress. 

Dress Fashion World* size 24, shoes New Look, handbag Primark

It's such a gorgeous print that reminds me of Chinese blue and white patterned porcelain. I loved it as soon as I saw it. 

When I received it I loved it even more as the print is almost like water colour paint. So lovely and feminine. This dress will be my favourite in the time to come and most of all on my holiday to Cyprus next month. For me who is 5'6 the length was perfect, which is something I'm always worried about when it comes to maxi dresses. 
The dress is very smartly designed with wide straps that covers your bra straps and hide your bra at the sides as well so you can wear it without any cardigan if you wish to. It's also elasticated at the back for a better fit.

Another thing I'm always worried about in a dress is if there is enough room for my boobage and this dress is perfect over my boobs. I chose a size 24 to accomodate for it, but it's the right fit for me. 

I've styled it in three different ways to show you how versatile it is and how much use you can get out of it.

Have you looked at this collection yet? Is there any of the items that you think you might splurge out on? 

* This dress is gifted to me by Fashion World.