Happy New Year Beautiful People.

Happy New Year Beautiful People.

2014 has come to an end and what a year it has been. It's been a few downs, but mostly ups and filled with lovely moments, travels, old friends, new friends and lots of lovely memories has been made together with my lovely family.

I will look back on the year that is about to end with some of my favourite outfits from the last 12 months. And believe me, there has been many. Please scroll to the bottom as I achieved something this year that I'm so proud of cause I've never done it before in my entire life.

Monochrome winner from Yours Clothing. Read the entire post HERE

Exclusively beautiful maxi dress from Sassy Rebel. Read the post HERE.

Modcloth beauty that you can read about HERE

Got a real liking for Joe Browns dresses this summer. Take a look at the review HERE

A very Christmassy outfit. Not long since it was up on my blog, but if you missed it, read it HERE

Probably my favourite dress of the year. The lovely Estella from Lady V London that beautiful Georgina/Fuller Figure Fuller Bust designed. Wore it to a wedding and got lots of compliments.
You can read about my day in this dream dress HERE.

My lovely maxi dress from Fashion World. Post about the dress HERE.

Love these two gems I found at Primark. Such a lovely summer outfit. HERE is the post I did about this outfit. 

I won this lovely coat from Junarose and I really love it. Beautiful in the spring and autumn. You can read my review HERE

I've found out that I love wearing shorts!! My legs looks rather nicely shaped don't you think?
Don't know if I ever did a review on this outfit, but I reviewed the shorts HERE

My proudest moment from 2014 was when I wore a bikini on a public beach for the first time in my entire life. I did this later in the summer too without hesitation. And no one died from it, so I will continue to do it in 2015. :) You can read about my pride and highlight of my fashion year HERE.

Thank you all for reading my blog and please follow me in the next year. From tomorrow I will be writing my blog in two languages, so please make sure you stop by to see the change. 


I've Always Dreamt Of....

I've Always Dreamt Of....

Hello everyone. How are you all? Did you have a good Christmas? It's my first day back at work after Christmas so I'm dreading it will be very difficult as I haven't slept at all last night. That is insomnia for you. Sometimes I sleep and sleep and sleep, other times I can't sleep.

Over to what my title is about? What have I always dreamt of? This one.

A red duffel coat. When I was a little girl I always wanted a red duffel coat, but I've never had one, until now. Australian brand Taking Shape got in touch with me and asked me if I wanted to chose a couple of pieces from their winter collection. My first choice was this Westminster Duffle Coat*. Isn't it beautiful? The stunning scarlett red colour makes you stand out from the ocean of black you can see around you. It's timeless, warm and pretty.

Coat Taking Shape (HERE)*
Cardigan from Taking Shape (HERE)*
Dress from New Look (HERE)
Tights from Evans (Old)
Boots from Evans (Old)

The coat has the traditional Paddington bear style toggles and loops as they so lovely say it on Taking Shape's website. It has also got snap buttons closure to make sure you are extra snuggly and warm. It has got lovely deep pockets and have got a nice hood in case you need a bit more shelter from the elements.  

As you can see it was a bit colder this day I took the photos so I decided to layer it with my lovely cardigan from Taking Shape that I reviewed HERE*. I chose size 24 and it's roomy and comfortable. Gives me enough room to layer it without feeling constraint. Sleeves are perfect length on me as well. The quality of this coat is really nice. It's made of 80% polyester and 20% wool. It makes it a nice and warm coat, and the only negative thing I can find about this coat is that it is a little bit heavy. But when you think about how warm it keeps you, it's worth the extra weight.
The coat is currently on sale for a steal price of £49 and it sells quickly so if you want this coat, get it now.

Do you like duffle coats?

*Items are gifted, but views are all mine. 

What I Wore For Christmas Part 2

What I Wore For Christmas Part 2

This second dress I want to share with you is this Black and Nude Floral Lace Dress from Yours Clothing. I wore this Christmas day and I also wore it for my works Christmas do. It's a stunning dress that fits me so perfectly. I love the full poofy skirt and the v-neck with the see through mesh panel is so cute. I wore it with a lovely shrug cardigan from Simply Be as a more dressed up alternative to a cardigan. The bolero is really lovely with sparkling threads in it. 

Dress from Yours Clothing (HERE)
Shrug from Simply Be (HERE)
Leggings from Evans (Old)
Shoes from Marisota (Old)
Belt (Old, can't remember from where)

Here is a couple of photos from my Christmas do at work where I wore the dress too. I styled it almost the same, just changed from leggings under to tights and had a colourful holographic clutch. 

I love the full skirt. It is fully lined with a faux petticoat attached to the dress, so it gives the dress a very vintage feel. I love big voluminious skirts as I think it is so flattering for me as a top heavy person. It balance me out and gives me a really flattering and lovely shape.

Same as above apart from 
Tights from Primark
Clutch from New Look(old)

This dress has already been worn to three parties and will be a staple party dress in my wardrobe in the future. 

Do you like lace dresses?  

Xxxx Mookie

What I Wore For Christmas Part 1

What I Wore For Christmas Part 1

Merry Christmas everyone.

I hope you all have had a lovely time with your loved ones. I hope that all of you have had nice relaxing time without too much stress.

I have been spending Christmas at my sister in laws house in lovely St. Albans. It's such a great atmosphere, relaxed and happy. It's all I want a Christmas to be. I've never celebrated Christmas much from I was a child so I'm not a big fan of this consumerism cultural that we all seem to be taking part of so it's nice to have just taken it easy and spent a lovely time with family.

I wanted to share with you what I've worn over the Christmas period so far as I need to show you these two lovely dresses. I'm sure I will a do a more in depth review of both of them as they are stunning dresses.

First out was this red beauty from Simply Be. It's such a stunning Christmas dress. With it's beautiful wide velour hem it surely stand out from any other LRD(little red dress). I find this prom dress such good fit on me and I have enough room for my boobs too so I can't fault it. For a family Christmas Party I wore it with my traditional Norwegian winter cardigan, or as we call it in Norway, kofte. It is not a Christmas jumper as many in England thinks, but it is very apt for Christmas, so I can see the confusion. In Norway we would wear these jackets anytime in the winter. This one is one I inherit from my dear mum when she died, so I treasure it a lot.
It goes very well with my lovely dress though. I'm wearing fishnet tights that Tanya gave to me when I met her in London a couple of weeks ago. They are from Primark and are really stretchy and not at all bad. If you want some cheap fishnets that fits well even if you're a size 24+ then go to Primark and look there. Try them, you might be surprised.

Dress from Simply Be (HERE)
Cardigan (Old)
Belt from ??? Can't remember (Old)
Necklace from Superdrug
Tights from Primark 
Shoes from Marisota (Old)

I hope you have had a lovely Christmas so far and keep your eyes peeled for next dress tomorrow. 


Not 50, But Plenty Shades Of Gray.

Not 50, But Plenty Shades Of Gray.

It's winter, but it is not very cold, so I'm living in my thick cardigans. I adore thick cardigans. They are so versatile as I can wear them without a coat when not so cold or layer up with a coat when it's colder. Therefore I'm always on the look for great looking and practical cardigans.

This one, the Piia Cardigan* is from Taking Shape and I've fallen in love. It's stylish, warm, has a hood and gorgeous colours in lovely grey tones. I always thought that grey was a bit of a dull colour, but I have to admit that this season it is one of my go to colours. It goes so well with most colours and makes it easier to wear statement pieces.

 This cardigan is nicely crafted in a soft acrylic, polyester and wool knit. It's very soft and lightweight. I love the double buckle and self tab closure. It's not something I see that often on items so it adds a bit of uniqueness to the cardigan. The length is so nice as I can wear it with leggings and a short dress as I've done in this post, but just as well wear under a coat as a layering piece when colder. As always I'm so happy that the cardigan has pockets. I love everything with pockets. It just makes it more practical and most of all warm in case you left your gloves behind.

It also has a very practical hoodie. It's versatility makes it a go to choice no matter what weather this winter has in store for us. It will keep you warm and if you need extra layering, then why don't you check my blog tomorrow as I have a perfect coat coming up for you.

 Cardigan from Taking Shape*(HERE)
 Dress from New Look *(HERE)
Leggings from Sainsburys
Shoes from Marisota (Old)
Handbag from street market in Naples
Specs from Specspost*(HERE)
Bangles from Evans(Old)


Festive Knitwear With Fashion World.

Festive Knitwear With Fashion World.

It's Friday before Christmas and if you still haven't sent out Christmas cards, you still have time. You can do it electronically. And this is where I can come with a big recommendation for something fun.

Fashion World has made this Christmas app on their website where you can take your photo and make it into a Christmas Card with different kind of novelty settings. Just take a look at these ones I've made.

I just made these really quickly so I'm sure if you play around with the app you can get a lot better result than I did, but I think mine are funny! :) 

The app can also make electronic Christmas cards with your loved one too as the templates can create couples cards too so get yourself over to the app's site and try it for yourself. It's all free. It would be fun if some of you would share your photos with me, either on twitter or on my Facebook page. 

With Christmas coming up I was asked by Fashion World to chose something from their knitwear collection. I wanted to go for something a bit different than I normally would chose, like cardigans which I more or less live in these days. I went for this amazing knitted jumper dress* in a beautiful cobolt blue colour. 

I've never been wearing jumper dresses much, but I have to admit I've fallen in love with this beauty. I love the colour, I love the cable pattern, the length and I love the little sequins down the middle part of it. It adds a bit more festive feel to it. It's thick and very warm, so it is pefect for the colder days ahead.

 I love how flattering it looks from behind as well. 

I thought it looked really smart so I wore it to the office. I wore the dress with leggings and a pair of tan boots. I love the colour combination of blue and tan brown.

 The roll neck make you very warm and cosy. This jumper is lightweight and very soft. It comes in grey as well, but be quick if you want to buy it, because it is getting low in stock.

This jumper dress is so versatile that I would wear it with tights and ankle boots for a more dressed look.

Do you like knitted jumper dresses? How would you style them?

Dress from Fashion World* (HERE)
Leggings from Sainsburys
Boots from Evans (HERE)

Hotter Makes My Feet Cosy And Warm

Hotter Makes My Feet Cosy And Warm

I hate having cold feet. I don’t mind the cold at all and I find it rather nice to just wear a jumper and a cardigan and jeans. If the weather is nice and not too windy then that is perfect. But there is one thing I don’t like and that is to have cold tootsies. I need to keep them warm. I think that it is essential for the body to have warm feet to keep the rest warm.

I was very happy when I was asked by Hotter if I wanted to review some boots for them. I had just heard of their brand recently so I was surprised to see that they had such great selection of practical and comfortable, but yet stylish footwear.

 I took a look and I quickly fell in love with the Pixie*.  They were so cute and so different than any other boot I have. Slouchy style with the cute tassels made them so appealing for a more laid back outfit. 

Don't they look great? Give the little extra to a quite plane everyday outfit in my opinion. 

 I quickly decided to go for the Sangria. it was such a good choice. Beautiful berry colour perfect for autumn and winter. When I got them I tried them on and they were so lovely soft and lightweight. It almost felt like I wasn't wearing boots. I wore them non stop for a whole day while out and about on a trip to Macclesfield and I felt so warm and comfortable all day. What a lovely pair of boots. 

Cardigan from Simply Be (HERE)
Jumper from City Chic (Old)
Jeans from New Look (HERE)*
Boots from Hotter (HERE)*

Aren't the tassels cute? 

They can be a bit tricky to get on at first as they are a slip on style. Especially if you have a bit wide calfs like myself. But I found it easier and easier every time I wore them. 

 They cost £79, but you really get what you pay for as they are not just extremely comfortable. They are cute and stylish too. They come in standard width and extra wide so if you have a bit wider feet like me, I would go for the extra wide ones. They have been introduced in new colours on the website now and they do have the lovely Sangria ones I wear here. In addition they come in Aubergine, Black and Pecan. If you are after some soft and really comfortable boots then check out the link to these lovely Pixie* boots from Hotter. 

*these boots were gifted to me, but all views are mine.