OMCZ #28- Heels

I have actually done OMCZ on the day it was supposed to for a change!! Not bad for me these days. :)

For this time's Out Of My Comfort Zone it was lovely Mary's turn to choose theme and she said.

I know that heels make our feet hurt and sometimes is quite difficult to walk however, is there anything more stylish than a woman in high heels?
You may have a simple dress and no accessories but if you put your heels on you will be the most elegant girl in the room so ladies I what to see your heels!!
Hope this challenge will suit everyone!

I love/hate relation to heels. When I was younger I used to wear heels all the time. I mean all the time. There was no comfort in my footwear. I remember having friends visiting from USA and I was being their guide to Norway so of course we walked a lot. All day for a whole week and I never once wore flat shoes. The heels I was wearing was probably around 4 inches so quite high. The result after a week torturing my feet like that was a pair of feet that looked like chopped on bleeding meet!! Blisters everywhere! And I had managed to get a nasty fungal infection as the shoes I was wearing was far too tight for me wide feet and wide fit shoes was non existing in Norway at this time. This was madness, but I didn't realise this back then. Cause after my feet were heeled I continued to wear heels I shouldn't have.

The older I have got the less I have worn high heels as I find it uncomfortable. It looks nice, but the pain is not worth it. I can wear medium height heels or wedges, but only to maxi dresses or special occassions. I have about 8 pair of heels, and a couple of them I wear to work. At work it's fine to use a bit higher heel as I don't walk that much.

Another thing that has made it so much more difficult to wear heels is that I have a problem with my balance so instead of risking to end up in a cast or to bang my head into something I prefer it down on the ground.

For this post I have chosen to wear two pairs of my favourite heels. The purple ones are from Evans and are super comfy. They look really nice as well so I can wear them for more special occasions.
The other pair are a pair of nude pumps. They go with everything and are my go to shoes when I'm doing a shoot that requires a bit of higher heeled shoes. I also wear them to work.

My outfit is 
Dress is from a clothes swap with Leah
Tights are from Big Bloomers Company
Belt is from charity shop
Ring is from Evans(old)
Bangles are from Evans(old)
Shoes are from Evans(purple, old) and New Look (nude, old)

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