Plus North- Planning Early

In late August, the 30th and the 31st it is Plus North again. This time in Leeds. I'm going! Last year it looked so fun and for a very fresh blogger back then I was so jealous of all the fun it seemed like everyone was having so this year I wasn't going to let the opportunity pass. I ordered tickets today as I had been paid. The tickets are very affordable and can be bought HERE. If you are in doubt if you want to go because you don't know anyone or that you haven't been to anything like this before. Come join us! We are so friendly all of us and we would love if readers came too. And if you want to get in touch before just contact me on twitter or facebook or here. :)

I have decided to go on my own and leave Mike to go with his own friends for the weekend while I go to Leeds. I love Leeds. Been there twice before so I'm looking forward going back.

It's still early days, but I was talking to my lovely blogger babes Mayah and Sam and we decided to stay together in a triple room. I can picture a lot of laughing, trying on clothes, make up and so on... So I checked and we found a bargain room at Cosmopolitan Hotel Leeds which is right across the street from the venue where Plus North is being held. So that is really convenient. I'm excited already and are so much looking forward to it.

I'm thinking about taking the bus or train to Leeds, so I have to check prices closer to the day.
If it will be half as good as last years seemed I will be happy.

Still a few months away I have started thinking what to wear. I will probably end up in a dress. Surprise surprise!! Or I guess I will need three outfits as there is a day event on Saturday, then an evening event on Saturday and the last event is in the day on Sunday so need to start planning outfits.

I'm so excited and August can't come quick enough.

Who of you are planning on going? Looking forward to it? 

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