The shopping haul and my newest favourite handbag.

Yesterday I went for a little bit of shopping and I couldn’t find any clothes that was tempting, so I chose lots of nice accessories and warm slippers instead. 

For everyone that knows me it is not a big secret that I love sunglasses. Since I’m very short sighted I have to wear contacts if I am wearing sunglasses, so I only wear them on special occassions or on holiday. I have prescription sunglasses, but they are so unflattering that I never wear them. I really want some nice prescription sunglasses so I can wear them all the time the sun is out, but since I’m a blind person I can’t see that happening. I like my sunglasses a bit bigger than the prescription ones I already got, but the lenses in them will be so thick that they would weigh a kilo!! Not a good look walking around with dents as big as grand canyon on your nose for a week after wearing them! But while looking for cute small frames that I can get done until prescription sunglasses my collection of regular sunglasses are increasing rapidly. I think I have about 20 pairs now. And these are the newest addition to my collection. 

These are so cute with the polkadots and I love the blue colour. They screamed at me and I think they are so my style that I might go back and buy the red ones too. I bought them at Primark for the great price of £1.50. 

On this street market I found a lovely handbag. A weakness of mine! I love handbags and buy them all the time. I don’t care if they are cheap or expensive, the main thing is that I like them. I like them small, I like them bigger and I like them huge. I have so many handbags that my husband think I’m possesed by the handbag demon cause he says he will soon have to move out of our flat to fit all my handbags. But how could I leave this beauty behind? I would have regret leaving it as I know it will be a go to handbag for me, especially when out and about on trips away when I don’t need to bring too much. It’s red, it has studs and it’s a different design. 

I bought some cute hair accessories. I love hair accessories. I bought some lovely pastel coloured ones today for the summer. Love the pink colour of the head scarf and the icey blue colour of the butterflies on the alice band.

Please ignore my hairy legs. I'm having them waxed tomorrow. :)

Finally I bought these super cute Minnie Mouse slippers. Aren’t they cute. £2 for them at Primark!! Can’t go wrong with a price like that.I hate having cold feet and these are both practical and cute.  I’m wearing them now and they are so warm and comfy. 

I bought some wipes too, but that is too boring to write anything more about. 

I will go a street market on Wednesday and Saturday too so I might find some more lovely bargains. But I think I would push it with my hubby if I buy another handbag.

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