The Angel Of Plus Size Fancy Dress Clothing.

The Angel Of Plus Size Fancy Dress Clothing.

Last year was the first time I celebrated Halloween. I was dressed up as a devil and it was great fun. You can read the post about it HERE.

One of the reasons why I never have celebrated Halloween is that in Norway this has never been a big tradition.

A lot of people think that Halloween is an American thing, and despite that we have come a very long way from what Halloween originally were, it is indeed an European holiday. But whatever reason you have for celebrating Halloween it's without a doubt a day for scary fun. :)

It's mostly children dressing up and knocking on doors with their "Trick or Treat", but more and more grown ups dress up as well now.

I love this fun package the costume came in. Orange of course!! :) 

Last year I wore an outfit of things I already had and this year I had been thinking of being something to do with Norse mythology, but when Angels Fancy Dress said that they wanted me to try a plus size costume it brought a big smile on my face. That was perfect as I'm going to a Halloween party on Friday.

I took a look on their website and to my great pleasure they have a big plus size section. Lots of different costumes to chose between.

Some of the scary costumes... 
 I wanted something red and black and that something that I could identify myself a bit with so I chose to go for this outfit.

Queens of Heart from Alice in Wonderland

Cute and fun hat

I chose this costume since Lewis Carroll worked and lived in Guildford for a period. He also died and are buried here. On the way to work I drive past his house every morning, so it kind of felt like something I could relate too. Alice in Wonderland is such a great story as well, so it was perfect. I'm going to do a scaryish make up.

Here is my costume. I've had it out and tried it on and it is really good qaulity. Not flimsy and scratchy as some costumes can be. I won't be posting photos of me with it until Friday, but Angels Fancy Dress offer super quick delivery, so if you order your costume before 2pm tomorrow 30th of October it will be with you before 1pm on Halloween!!! So if you still haven't got a costume for that big party this weekend Angels Fancy Dress will definitely please you as a plus size shopper.

P.S Angels Fancy Dress has lots of non Halloween costumes as well if you need one for another occasion.

*I was gifted this outfit, but all views are my own. 

Just In Time For Halloween

Just In Time For Halloween

I'm going to a Halloween party to my friend and colleague Laura this year. I know what I'm going to wear and I know how to do my make up. I had never done Halloween until last year as I've never been used to do it. It's not a bit tradition in Norway, but last year I went out with people from work. I was dressed as a devil and spent over 2 hours on my face make up.

This year Mike and I are going to a party. So when I was approached by who asked me if we wanted to try some of their printing services to decorate the place for Halloween we got very excited and said yes.

I chose this display board in A1 size which is big enough for us to pose in front of. 

I'm really impressed with the quality. 

 We talked what to chose and what to do and we chose to get a display board* with a Halloween theme and everyone could pose in front of the board with their costumes. I think this will be so much fun and it will make some awesome Halloween photos.

There is still another few days left till Halloween and if you want to get your own display board before, order one and ask for delivery by courier or special delivery and it will be with you just in time for your party too. And these display boards are not just great for Halloween, you can use these display boards for anything really. Anything from a sign to have in your shop to a keepsake for a bride and groom from their wedding. Only the fantasy is the limit.

The display boards comes in different sizes from 30x40 up to A0, but can also be customised. The prices start from only £15.

Very close up

Thickness of it is really good and sturdy. I chose the 5mm foamex choice as foamex is the most hard wearing of the materials available.  
The quality of this display board is so good. I chose a glossy finish and it is really nice and glossy. The photo is also very deep colours and not pixelated at all. The photo almost look like 3D as the sense of depth in the photo is very clear.

So if you need a display board or large posters for any event you have coming up, I can highly recommend as their services are very good.


*item was gifted to me, but views are my own. 

Plus Size Autumnal Palette Inspiration

Plus Size Autumnal Palette Inspiration

Autumn is a second spring when every leaf is a flower. Albert Camus said this about autumn and it is one of my favourite quotes. For many people autumn is a time with depression and sadness since the days get shorter and the summer with all it's magic is just a distant memory. For me it's different. I love autumn, I love the crisp cold air, I love romantic walks along the river in the low autumn sun and the colours, the colours are like an explotion. It's like the year has been saving everything for a big final colour explosion.

I look back on my fashion sense when I was younger and I have to admit that I swore a lot to black in the autumn and in the winter. It wasn't until I was well over 30 I started being more daring to use colours when "everyone" else toned down their colour palette in what they were wearing. I do think that most people have become better at embracing the colours instead of looking like a scene from an old movie about communist Russia.

I was recently contacted by New Look who asked me if I wanted to review something from their autumn collection. I love New Look and love their Inspire range. I'm a faithful customer who buy something from them every time I get paid. I think they have a lot of affordable and well designed clothes that suits my style perfectly.

I chose this Inspire Green Floral Print Skater Dress*. I adore the big florals on this dress. They are bold and bright and the navy background makes them stand out. Whoever said that blue and green should never be seen should hang his/her head in shame as I love the combination of blue and green. Also brighter contrasts than in this dress.

I love these dresses from Inspire range even if a lot of them are designed the same way. For me these dresses are a great cut and I adore the length as it's short enough to wear with leggings. Sometimes when I wear dresses that are longer I don't think that leggings work so well for me, so I chose to wear tights instead. I could easily have worn tights with this dress as well, but it goes just as well with leggings. It also makes it better on a colder day. 

I wear a size 24 here and that is a perfect fit for me. It's not stretch in the mateial, but it isn't clingy over my chest. 

Dress, New Look (HERE)*
Cardigan, Primark (Old)
Leggings Sainsbury's (In most shops with clothes, the 2 for £10 ones)
Shoes, Marisota (Old)*
Necklace (Gift)
Bangles Evans (Old)
Handbag, David Jones (Old)

Is there any of New Look Inspire range that appeals to you this autumn?


*gifted items, but all views are my own. 

Traditional Elegance For Plus Size Hands

Traditional Elegance For Plus Size Hands

Autumn comes with cooler days and one of the first places I notice it's time is my hands. They go all white and when they do I need to find my gloves. I love gloves, as I think they can can make an outfit tie together. When Dents asked me if I wanted to review one of their pair of gloves I wanted to chose something timeless and elegant. I chose these beauties.

I chose them in charcoal colour as it is a colour I haven't got and I think it will go with so much I have in my wardrobe. Grey is such a lovely colour with red, blue, pink and my favourite colour right now, yellow. The gloves are stunning and amazingly soft. I have never felt softer leather before. Lined with 100% silk makes them soft on the inside too. They are designed with an elasticated palm and a 3 point detail on the front of the glove. I love the 4 buttons at the wrist as it makes them stand out nicely, but subtle.

I went out the other night to celebrate my mother in laws birthday and I wore this.

Doesn't the gloves go well with my beautiful dress and wrap scarf? 

I love this outfit. The colours goes so well together and I love how the gloves just ties up with the colours of my tights and my boots.

Love the details of this outfit. 

Details of my outfit. Love the colours. Plus Size clothing doesn't have to be boring. 
I'm wearing: 

Dress from Simply Be (HERE)
Blanket Wrap from New Look (HERE)
Tights from Tesco (Old)
Boots from Simply Be 
Gloves from Dents (HERE)*
Handbag (birthday gift)
Necklace Primark (in store now)
Glasses from Red or Dead (HERE)

I know that I will get so much use of these gloves this autumn and winter. And with such great quality these gloves will be with me in the years to come. 

Do you like leather gloves? What kind of gloves do you prefer? 


*these gloves were gifted me, but all views are my own. 

Scared Of Online Shopping For Glasses? Read On....

Scared Of Online Shopping For Glasses? Read On....

I've been wearing glasses since I was 10 years old, so that is close to 30 years!! I have never ordered glasses online before because I've been scared that they wouldn't be the right strength or that they would be uncomfortable. I'm normally a very impulsive person who like doing new things, but buying glasses online was something very daunting until I was informed about Specspost's Home Trial offer.

Home Trial easily explained is a service where you can chose from a number of different options of frames and chose three of them to try on at home before you commit to buy. How great is that? You can actually get to feel and try on and even wear them for a while to see which frame that is the best for your need. And if you're not happy you can easily send them back and ask for three more? You can do this until you find the perfect pair of glasses for you.

I was offered to try this service from Specspost and as glasses don't come cheap I was very very happy to say yes to collaborating with them.

I looked at the website and I chose three frames to try on at home. These came quickly and I tried all of them on. One of them was a no from the start, but the other two I wore for a while (with contacts in my eyes, as I'm blind as a mole) to see which ones I preferred.

Here is the pair I liked best of the ones I got sent. I really liked these frames as they are very cat eye and I love the vintage style very much.

After discussing my glasses with the lovely people at Specspost I realised that it might be a challenge with my strong prescription to get lenses that would be good as I'm very short sighted (-6.50 on my right eye and -4.75 on the left) and I need strong lenses in. I need the thinnest lenses they could offer, which is a so called 1.74, and these lenses cost extra. But this wasn't a problem, the problem was that the advicers at Specspost thought that even the thinnest lenses might be very thick if I chose a big frame like this one is. With this in mind, I decided to take a second look and I found a frame I really really loved. 

These ones. 

When I received the glasses and tried them on they were well fitting on me. Really nice frames and they suited me a lot. At least I thought so. I was divided between the cat eye ones and these, but due to the size, I chose these in the end as they would be a better fit for my thick cola bottle bottoms I must have to be able to see anything at all.

Attractive look? 

I didn't want to end up having my glasses like this so I got put in the thinnest possible lenses as I normally chose in glasses as they don't distort your eyes as some lenses do. 

And here is the result. 

Here you can see my challenge with thick lenses too. 

As you can see, the glasses are still a bit thick, but thankfully there are technology to make them as thin and attractive as possible. 

Aren't they pretty? I love them! I have wore them almost everyday since I got them. They are so cool and people have commented on how nice they are. 

When it comes to Specspost's home trial I'm so happy. It's a really great initiative and it works really well. They are quickly despatched and well packed so the frames doesn't get damaged in the post. It takes away all the fear of buying glasses online as you get to try the frames in your own home. You can get to try the glasses over a longer period than you would in a high street opticians which means that you are less likely to chose a pair that you don't like. The only thing I can remark as negative with the home trial is that you will have to pay for the postage when you send the glasses back, but with the cheap prices that Specspost are offering this isn't a big issue.

I will definitely come back to order more from Specspost as they convinced me that buying glasses online isn't an ordeal after all.

Have you ever bought glasses online? 


*these glasses were gifted to me, but all views are mine. 

October, But Still Summer?

October, But Still Summer?

Is it only me or is there any of you that think this autumn has been more of a summer? Have you packed away your summer dresses and found autumn clothes? Are you wearing boots instead of cute ballerinas and thick jumpers instead of little cardigans? I'm not!! I'm still using my summer clothes. It's as warm here as it is in Northern part of Norway where I grew up as it is in Norway in the summer so I'm still wearing my gorgeous floral Joe Browns dress from Simply Be I bought not so long ago. It's on sale now as well, so snap it up before it's gone, as this dress is really lovely.

Isn't it a gorgeous dress. I think these kind of dresses are so flattering on my curvy plus size body. It really enhances my shape and makes me look very proportioned. I've kept the outfit simple as I want the dress to shine. It's such a vibrant and lovely print that I will even use this dress into the winter. I'll layer it up with tights, boots and a pretty jumper or thick cardi and a cape and I will be ready for colder weather. And I need a bit of colour and reminder of warmer times in the winter. It makes me happy and looking forward to spring and summer again. And remember it is only 63 days till the sun turns again and it gets lighter every day.

This dress is a great fit over my boobs and doesn't "cut" my boobs in half as many other dresses do. So when I find a great dress like this one, I tend to treat it so carefully that it can last a long time. It's a nice and thick fabric as well so I can't see it wearing out quickly. A very good crafted dress.

Do you like Joe Browns?


Rocking Bruges

Rocking Bruges

 Rarely have I been to a more beautiful city then Bruges. I was surrounded by beautiful achitecture, canals and we lived in the most amazing hotel too. I will write a travel guide to Bruges in another post, but this one is all about what I wore on the last day of my stay.

It was a very warm and lovely long weekend in Bruges with temperatures up towards 26 degrees so on Saturday and Sunday I wore summer dresses, but the last day we were there, Monday, was a little bit cooler.

I had brought with me my gorgeous Nicky Rockets Curves vest and wanted to wear that to get the message out there while I was just taking in all the beauty that was around me. I teamed it up with this gorgeous skirt from Asos. I bought it in the summer and it is not on the website anymore. I also wore a simple black cardigan to make the t-shirt and skirt shine.

I've got VERY short legs hihi

I love the cobbled streets and canals of Bruges. I already want to go back. 

I can't say how much I love this vest from Nicky Rockets. It's so me. I absolutely adore the print. It's so I don't give a f*** and that made me feel very proud and self confident while wearing it. These t-shirts are great quality and washes well, but I do wash it inside out to protect the print. Since it is black and white it goes with everything too. 

The skirt from Asos is so lovely. I guess some of you manage to snap it up from Asos. I bought it in the sales and it is a bargain. I love this skirt. It's so delicate and airy so it is a perfect summer skirt. Pretty creamy colour with cute little florals scattered all over the skirt. It's lined and the bottom hem is decorated with a pretty wide bit of lace. It makes it easy to dress this skirt up for a more formal occasion. Just add a simple black blouse and some sexy heels and you're ready for a night out. 

Hell Yeah!!! :) 


My cute hair clip as I changed my hair from pigtails to this. :)

T-shirt from Nicky Rockets (HERE)
Skirt from Asos (Old)
Cardigan (Old from a clothes swap)
Shoes from F&F for Tesco (Old)
Handbag (birthday present)
Bangles Evans (Old)
Glasses Read or Dead (HERE)
Ring Harry Fay (HERE)

Do you own a Nicky Rockets t-shirt? If not are you getting one?


The Flirt That Lead To A Love Affair

The Flirt That Lead To A Love Affair

I have never been shopping much from abroad as I've been concerned about the cost of customs and also about fit as it would be a lot more hassle to send anything back abroad. When I lived in Norway I used to buy clothes online from abroad sometimes as this was the only way I could get more exciting ones. When I moved to Canada there was a bit more choice, but when I moved to UK I felt spoilt. As a size 22/24 I had lots of choice, both in high street stores, supermarkets and online. So I haven't really felt the need to get something from abroad, until now.

I went shopping with the gorgeous Katt, Abi and my friend Heidi back in August. Katt had a dress that she had bought, but didn't fit from Modcloth that I wanted to take a look at as I loved it. I was a bit worried it wouldn't fit over my boobies, but when I tried it on it was a perfect fit. I was in love.

Boob grabbing!!!! I Love this photo of Katt and me. :) 

LOVE the back of this dress. It's so cute. And the print is amazing. 

Modcloth is an American company that specialises in independent designers and they have some amazing and quirky clothes. If you haven't looked at their site yet, go now and take a look and I can guarantee you that there is something that will catch your eye. Visit Modcloth HERE

I decided to wear this dress for the evening do at Plus North and so I did. I felt so nice and I got lots of comments on the dress and that I looked lovely. Here you can take a look for yourself.

 Dress Modcloth (sold out)
Shoes Primark (Old)
Necklace (charity shop, old)
Belt (Street market)
Bracelet Azendi (HERE)*
Flower Accessorize (Old)

Becky, Abi, me and Sam. Aren't we a stunning bunch?? :) 

After this first encounter with Modcloth I have totally fallen in love with the shop and even if it cost me extra to get them sent to UK and the risk of having to pay customs on top of that, the clothes are so beautiful that it's worth it. I have had two more orders come to me since this first lovely dress and I can guarantee you it won't be the last as I'm officially in love.

Do you ever buy clothes from abroad?