Staying In Touch With Friends When You Have No Internet

Staying In Touch With Friends When You Have No Internet

In our comfortable lives, we often forget that we would be reduced back to the normal way of things if the power went out. We’d have to cook our food somehow without an oven or cooker, we’d have to take a bath by boiling water into a bucket, and we’d have to eat food that’s completely fresh. Thankfully, power outages are really rare. What’s more common than power outages however is the internet cutting out. Companies have issues all the time and although your internet might not have gone out, the same company you employ probably has another area that did. This can also happen when internet providers are updating their backend, which happens almost monthly. Usually, this goes down without a hiccup but every now and then for some odd reason, the internet does cut out. So how can you still keep in contact without any WiFi at home?

Get downloading quick

One of the best apps on your smartphone for quick messaging is FireChat. It's a simple app to understand and use, which is why it's also so popular. For one thing, FireChat has a bright orange logo so you can spot it easily in among all your other apps. The key is, your friends need to download the app as well which is a highly likely prospect. With over 1 billion downloads, FireChat is by far the most popular free messaging service that is peer to peer. As long as you have an account and the app installed you can text chat with each other without having to use the internet. All you need to do is create a group first, this will then be open to anyone who knows how to look for it. Once the friends you want are in the group, it will stay open indefinitely and only close if you manually do so.

A working brand ecosystem

We all know Apple for their brand ecosystem, whereby once you’re in you need to stay in because everything you use is within the sphere. Things like iCloud, iPhone, iPod, AirPods and more are all intertwined. Everything you need is in one place which has been remarkably successful for Apple as a company. However one thing is for sure, there’s more you can do with such a brand network. With iMessage, you can send emails in the form of SMS. This way you can talk to your friends even when you have absolutely no connection whatsoever. This is how to connect iMessage to Mac using the SetApp suite. All your apps are in one singular place but you can also download any kind of new app and add it to your library. The iMessage app is just one of many that have purposefully been designed for Mac users. Many need to keep up with their business duties so now you can send emails in the way of SMS and MMS for pictures.

It's rare that your internet will cut out for too long but just in case you don’t want to remain the dark ages for too long you can use these methods to stay in contact with friends even without a connection.

Dream Destinations for Your Bucket List

Dream Destinations for Your Bucket List

There’s no experience quite like being able to wake up in a foreign land, ready for an exciting adventure ahead. And every time you come home, it’s like you see the world with a new set of eyes. Travelling is definitely a great way to shake up your daily routine, and if you’re looking for more places to add to your bucket list, have a look at some destinations below and book the trip of your life.


Named by premier travel site Travel + Leisure as the best travel destination of 2018, Japan is a country where cultural extremes come to play together. Its capital Tokyo is full of neon-lit streets and high-tech innovations — it’s the stuff of science fiction novels. Opposite to that is rural areas like Kobe and Kyoto, which boast oriental beauty that are quintessentially Japanese. The Japanese are also known to be one of the most respectful cultures in the world, so you’re sure to feel welcome.



In Morocco, there’s no shortage of variety. From the rainbow-coloured buildings to the rich spice markets and sand dunes, you’ll never run out of things to discover. According to blogger Becky Bedbug, plus size travellers often write off Morocco because of the heat and potential for “chub rub,” but it’s a place where all sizes are accepted with open arms. “Bigger women are massively appreciated,” it explains. “It [was] nice to know I could walk through a city and be admired rather than looked down on because of my size.”


As the world’s seventh largest country, India is a melting pot of cultures. It spans from the towering mountains of the Himalayas, all the way to the sacred Ganges and the lush greenery of Kerala. And of course, who could forget the famed Taj Mahal? The iconic mausoleum even inspired its own Hollywood film. Aptly called Taj, the 2008 film is said to be a South Asian take on Romeo and Juliet. On the other hand, gaming platform Slingo also draws inspiration from this fascinating country in its Indian-themed games like Nirvana and Bollywood Story. These give gaming enthusiasts from across the globe an idea of what the country is like, hopefully inspiring everyone to go beyond the stereotypes and witness its wonder in person.


Gaping fjords, majestic snowy peaks, picturesque rivers, and pristine skies — Norway has it all. This Scandinavian country is also known for playing host to the most priceless show on Earth, the Aurora Borealis. This visual phenomenon can be seen in Lofoten (where I grew up and spent my first 18 years on this planet), which rests right beneath the auroral oval. Apart from that, the Nordic country is also home to some amazing wildlife, like polar bears, elks, and whales.

The Bahamas

The Bahamas has long been the poster child for the ultimate beach getaway. With crystal clear waters and its perpetual summer weather, it’s a destination where you can let go of all your city woes. But even if people live in bikinis and swimming shorts, plus size holidaymakers have nothing to worry about. The Resort is a welcome addition to the islands and is specially designed to accommodate plus-size guests.

What are your dream destinations? Please share them with me as I would love to hear them.