Movie Filming Locations For Your Next Trip To London

Movie Filming Locations For Your Next Trip To London

London is such an amazing and varied city, and as a result, it is easy to see why it becomes
a backdrop for many movies and TV shows. It has become an iconic location for filming.
So if you are planning a trip to London, then how about having a bit of an alternative trip
and heading to some of the spots that have been filming locations, rather than the standard
tourist spots? Here are a few of the places that could be worth a visit.


The museums in London are always going to be a good idea, especially because they are
pretty much all free to visit, so can be great on a budget. But they are great places for filming,
and have been featured in quite a few movies over time. Take the Natural History Museum,
for example, it was a filming location for Paddington, and the National Gallery was a
filming location for the James Bond movie Skyfall. A recent filming location was
Churchill’s War Rooms, which were Churchill’s wartime headquarters, and it was a
filming location for Darkest Hour.

Harry Potter

There were so many places in London that are great for Harry Potter fans to visit.
From the scenes in King’s Cross station where they are trying to find Platform 9¾,
there is also a platform outside the station with the trolley and some Harry Potter
signs, so that can be worth visiting if you love the books and the movies. St. Pauls
was also a filming location for the first movie, as well as Leadenhall Market which
was filmed as part of the ‘Diagon Alley’ scenes. If you are a Potter fan then you
could also look for the West End theatre London show of The Cursed Child. So
London really is a great spot for Harry Potter book and movie fans.


The leafy borough of London is a great spot for filming, as it has grand buildings, the Thames
right there, and is usually quieter than central London. The Old Royal Naval College was used
as a filming location in the movie musical Les Misérables, and it was also used as a scene
for Pirates of the Caribbean: On Stranger Tides. You might also remember a giant Jack Black
right by the college in the movie Gulliver's Travels.

South Bank

The South Bank is a great spot to visit, with plenty going on and lots of good food and music.
But it has been used in many movies too, thanks to some of the iconic features that can all
be seen from there, such as the London Eye, Big Ben, and OXO Tower, and Millennium Bridge.
The list of films using this area as locations is pretty endless, but some of them include the
Kirsten Dunst movie Wimbledon, superhero movie Thor: The Dark World, as well as
Guardians of the Galaxy, and some scenes in Fast & Furious 6.

Have you ever been to any of these places before? It would be great to hear what you think.

How To Embrace Your Natural Springtime Beauty

How To Embrace Your Natural Springtime Beauty

Springtime is finally upon us, and that means the weather is a little brighter, the winter
coats make their way to the back of the closet and you’re finally able to wave goodbye
to the awful skin that comes with winter weather. While the summer heat isn’t yet upon
us, the spring gives you a chance to embrace the milder weather and show off your
natural beauty that little bit more. Check out these tips on how to embrace your natural
springtime beauty so that come summertime, you’re ready to rock those maxi dresses
and head to the beach.

  1. Vamp up your skincare routine

The cold winter months can wreak havoc with your skin, causing it to become dry, itchy and
flaky if you’re not careful. However, while the sun peeping its head out of the clouds a little
more often now, there’s still a chance that the not-quite-summer heat could be damaging
to your skin. Find yourself a good day and night moisturiser that will last throughout the
day so that you don’t find your skin drying out.
In regards to make up, try and stick to gentle products that won’t dry out your skin
throughout the day. A great way to start any day is by using a good primer
before applying make up. It creates a silky barrier between your skin and the
make up, protecting it from any damage.
  1. Get moving!

Now that it is a little milder, it’s time to get moving! It’s understandable that over the
winter months you may have become a little lazy due to poor weather. Exercise
is not only good for your health either, as it can help your body expel toxins through
the pores of your skin. After a while, you’ll notice that you’re feeling healthier, and
your skin is glowing. If you struggle to get up and go, you can get fitness motivated
by following health and fitness bloggers or vloggers online.
  1. Drink plenty of water

Natural beauty starts from the inside, and if you’re not putting the right things into
your body, it will show on the outside. The most important thing that the body
needs is water - so drink plenty of it! Water flushes toxins out of your body and
promotes healthy skin. If you struggle to drink water, you can now buy water bottles
with indicators to help encourage water consumption. If it’s the taste you’re not
keen on, why not infuse water with fruit instead so that you’re getting vitamins
and your water intake?
  1. Concentrate on your smile!

Finally, smiling can really change the way you look, to enhance your natural smile!
Use lip plumpers if you’ve got thin lips, choose lipstick colours that will
add depth to your smile, and have your teeth whitened once in a while to
really show off your dazzling smile. If you’re conscious about your teeth, you can
now get invisible braces to straighten your teeth while still looking fabulous.