Fashion World & Liz McClarnons Swimwear Launch

The other week I was invited to Fashion World's launch of Liz McClarnon's swimwear range at in London. It was hosted in this lovely bar called Mahiki and the venue was lovely and we got handed flower garlands so we would fit in with the tropic theme. I was met the lovely PR lady and she said that I had to go and get myself a drink. I could chose between 5 different lovely cocktails and other drinks too, but this is what I chose.

 It was a coconut/pinapple cocktail. Very tasty.

I was the first one of the plus size bloggers to arrive, but soon a lot of other girls came too and it is lovely to see everyone as always. Some of the best with events like this is that we meet up with other bloggers.

Around in the room at Mahiki the swimwear were hung up and I have to say I liked so much of it. Great patterns and lovely cuts. I have to show you some of them here.

This pretty flamingo print was my favourite. Lovely coral colour on black background. 

Lovely patterns

This cherry print gave me a vintage feel straight away and I love it. Bright colours and cute prints. Yes, that is the kind of swimwear we want. 

Swimsuits are the safe bet for someone with as big boobs as me. It would give me more support and I'm going to buy one of these for my upcoming holiday to Spain in a couple of weeks. 

We met Liz McClarnon and she was very sweet. She looked very beautiful and summery in her lovely dress. She thought she had met me before as she thought she recognized me. Maybe she has read my blog? 

We got served lots of lovely food and more lovely cocktails. Everything was really tasty. We had entertainment of dancers that danced traditional Hawaiian/Maori dances. 

It was a very fun night and I'm so glad I went up to London for this. Here is a couple of photos that I have borrowed from lovely Katie over at Toodaloo Katie. 

  Me, Mayah and Hannah.

Hannah, Katie, Lucia, Me, Isha, Mayah and Debz.

Do you prefer bikini, tankini, fatkini or swimsuit for your holidays?

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