Evans at Lakeside-the boob grabbing experience.

It has taken me ages to write this post, but now I had to get it done.
When me and the other girls (Abi, Charlie and Leah) went to Lakeside we went to Evans as well as Yours. And at Evans they were so happy to have us. We were met by some smiling faces and everyone was very nice and helpful. We talked to them about Cut and if they had it in store then, which they didn't. They would get it in soon, so they might have in store now if you take a look. They said they had never had bloggers there before, so they were so happy to have us and said we could just do as we pleased. Try on what we wanted and take photos and if we needed anything we could ask them.

All of us found lots of nice dresses and outfits to try on and here are the photos from the visit.

Beautiful girls in beautiful clothes. I loved my dress. Was so fun and flattering. Loved the print and loved the cut. I tried in on in size 24 which was a great fit for me.

We all love eachother. 

 Boob grabbing :) 

 And some more...

Oh yes, I forgot to tell you about the boob grabbing.

Abi and Leah showing off these two beautiful dresses. I thought the colour was lovely on Abi. 

 Do you like this maxi dress on me? 

Leah looked gorgeous in this maxi dress. Lovely cut!

 Charlie and I in the lovely tea dresses. Really wanted to try these and despite how lovely they are, we didn't think they suited us. They were too long for our taste.

Lots of lovely accessories

And more of the same

 The beautiful Abi and myself.

Lovely ladies, Leah and Charlie.

Me in the stunning power cut dress from Scarlett & Jo. I bought this dress as it looked so good on me. Love this dress. Review coming soon. 

Charlie looked stunning in her Scarlett & Jo dress. It suited her body perfectly. 

And another beautiful dress from Scarlett & Jo. Abi looks amazing in this dress. 

Me and the beautiful Abi.

Some of the photos are Leah's which I have borrowed. Thanks Leah.

We had a fun day at Lakeside and want to thank both Evans and Yours for being so nice to us. We felt very welcome and we will definitely be back.

Should we organize more plus size blogger and readers shopping days?

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