About me

Hello everyone.

I'm Anne-Lise, Norwegian living in UK, plus size happy and proud.

I'm 5'6 and I am a size 20/22 bottom and a size 24/26 on top. Shoe size 6 or 7 depending on brand.

Who am I?

-Anne-Lise aka Mookie



-Very happily married to Mike



-size 20-24(24-26 on top, 20/22 bottom)

-Plus sized, fat and proud

What I like

-fashion -football

-music(punk, new wave, indie, alternative)

-gigs -travelling

-geography -history -politics

-arts and crafts

-photography -animals

-red, blue and mint green

-animal print -internet

-40's and 50's style

-singing -swimming

- red lips/bright lipstick

- pin ups -polkadots


Here are 100 random facts about me in case you want to know more about me;)

  1. My favorite food is pizza. 
  2. I live in Guildford, but I grew up in Lofoten in the Northern part of Norway, above the Arctic Circle that is;)
  3. I am a huge football fan!
  4.  I have lived in three countries apart from England. Norway, Canada and Portugal.
  5. My husband and I try to make everyday a little bit special. Like a mini holiday by doing something nice every evening. That can be watching a movie, going out for a drink, having a picnic outside in the winter, making a mix cd together and so on.
  6. I am a bargain hunter. I am one of those who always go to the sales rack first.
  7. I have a masters degree in Political Science.
  8. I used to be a singer in a rock band. 
  9. My favorite place in the whole world is everywhere by the sea. I'm an ocean girl.
  10. I am an only child.
  11. I met my husband Mike online.
  12. I love macaroni and cheese and I have even invented my own healthier recipe so I can have it more often.
  13. I love geography and as a child I prefered to read and look in atlases than children books. Still today I find great joy in looking at maps and reading facts on rivers, mountains, countries etc. 
  14. I sleep with a heart shaped stone that my husband found for me on a beach.
  15. I used to bite my nails. But I broke the habit two years ago. 
  16. I love strength exercising, just that my social anxiety puts a big stop to it as I'm terrified to go to the gym.
  17. I love blueberries. 
  18. I don't drink hot drinks, apart from the very occasional hot chocolate.  
  19. I am bisexual and been in relationships with women. 
  20. I'm allergic to dogs, although I absolutely LOVES dogs:(
  21. I was originally going to study astronomy!
  22. I love boating. I really want a boat!! 
  23. I could move and live in different countries every year. I'm a nomade.
  24. I'm always happy. I smile a lot.
  25. I LOVE photography and also being in front of camera. 
  26. I whistle all the time when I'm at work. Mainly the same songs over and over... (must be annoying for my colleagues, but they haven't said anything so far. )
  27. I love cuddling. Could cuddle all day long!
  28. My least favorite chore is tidying! Can't stand it. Give me the washing up anytime!
  29. I love animals.
  30. I am a vegetarian. Not because I don't want to kill animals, but I dislike meat with passion. Hate the taste, hate the texture and hate the smell. 
  31. I'm wearing a hearing aid(I have reduced hearing and tinnitus)
  32. I love my pale skin. 
  33. My most used app on my phone Instagram. I'm an Instagram addict. 
  34. My favourite band is Manic Street Preachers (with Placebo, Young Knives and The Damned as the runner ups).
  35. I used to have hundreds of penpals when I was younger and write looooooooooooooooooooong letters.
  36. I have minor road rage even if I don't drive myself.
  37. I am very childish and love being silly.
  38. I got married in a red dress to honor my dead parents as both of them loved red. Red is one of my favourite colours too.
  39. I love red nails and lips. So classic and beautiful.
  40. I hate comedy shows apart from South Park.
  41. I carry around throat lozenges everywhere cause I panic if I am on a bus or train or similar and get a coughing fit. 
  42. I am deathly afraid of spiders. Serious arachnophobia. I will hyperventilate if I see a spider. 
  43. I'm allergic to grass, but love going to the park for a picnic.
  44. My favorite colours are mint green, blue and red.
  45. My favorite season is spring.
  46. My favorite season as far as clothes goes I don't have any as I love the autumns with thick clothes and boots, but love the summer with light summer dresses and sandals.
  47. My lucky number is 7.
  48. I hate being in big groups, but I also hate being alone. Love the company of a few people. 
  49. My favorite TV shows are Come Dine With Me, Coast, South Park and Road Wars.
  50. I am addicted to reading news. 
  51. Chris Cornell is my favourite singer. I love his voice!
  52. My favourite country is Germany.
  53. My favourite movie is Napola. Love German movies.
  54. My childhood school only had 16 pupils at the most.
  55. I wanted to be a figure skater as a child although I never skated until I grew up.
  56. I can't get enough dresses. I buy new ones all the time.
  57. I hate wine.
  58. I wish I could travel for a living.
  59. I love to learn new languages. I know a few and a bit from a few more.
  60. I love staying up at night.
  61. I used to do athletics when I was a teenager.
  62. I love gigs and loud rock clubs.
  63. My husband is nine years older than me, although he looks really young for his age.
  64. I rarely drink alcohol, but when I drink I tend to get very drunk.
  65. I'm right handed.
  66. I dislike horror movies. 
  67. I have my phone with me everywhere I go. I'm addicted to it.
  68. My favourite online retailer is ASOS.
  69. I have Swedish, German and Sami ancestry.
  70. When I was a kid, I was told that if I was wearing anything white when the Northern Lights were showing it would come and get me. I was terrified of the Northern Lights for years... stupid old people scaring me like that.
  71. I have one daughter. 
  72. I don't collect anything.
  73. I am scared of the dark.
  74. I have worn glasses since I was 10.
  75. Gossip Girl is my guilty pleasure show. Maybe because I really fancy Blake Lively! ;)
  76. I really hate talent shows like X-factor and The Voice.
  77. I travel at least 6 times every year! I need to. It's in my blood.
  78. I love ice cream.
  79. My favorite board game is Risk. I love strategy. Trivial Pursuit and Scrabble are up there too.
  80. I love roller coasters. But lots of them I'm too big boobed to do as they have a chest limit and mine is too big:(
  81. My dream job is to have a travel show on tv.
  82. I love swimming.
  83. I am both theoretical and crafty.
  84. I used to be in a brass band as a child and I hated it.
  85. I will stop to pet any dog that I see walking on the street even if I'm allegic!
  86. My closet is overflowing and yet I never know what to wear. 
  87. I love street markets.
  88. I quit every single instrument I tried to learn(trumpet, piano and guitar) 
  89. I'm a very caring person.
  90. I hate mushrooms.
  91. I wish I was taller although I'm 5'6.
  92. I have had several  other blogs before.
  93. I have had a very intimate piercing and really want it again. 
  94. I love make up, but love make up free days too. 
  95. I'm a waxing person, nit shaving. It's a chore to shave so I wax instead.
  96. I talk easily to strangers that I meet.
  97. When I moved to Guildford it was the first time in my life I lived away from any big body of water. Even when I lived in Toronto I had huge Lake Ontario next to me so didn't miss the ocean so much.
  98. I  did not swim until I was over 30.
  99. My dream vacation is to go to Bora Bora.
  100. I have a really hard time falling asleep at night. I can't shut my brain off!  


I've loved travelling since I was a child and vivid are the memories from my childhood when I went gold panning with my dad in the deepest and most wildest forest in Finnish Lapland or when we saw and ate bear meat in Sweden. I travelled with my dad every summer from I was 8 till I was 18. It was summers filled with excitement and adventures.

Since growing up I've travelled more and more and so far I've been to countries/independent states.

  1. Noway
  2. Sweden
  3. Finland
  4. Denmark
  5. Germany
  6. Netherlands
  7. Belgium
  8. Switzerland
  9. Austria
  10. France
  11. England
  12. Scotland
  13. Wales
  14. Spain
  15. Italy
  16. Slovenia
  17. Croatia
  18. Poland
  19. Lithuania
  20. Monaco
  21. Greece
  22. Cyprus
  23. Czech republic
  24. Slovakia
  25. Egypt
  26. Canada
  27. U.S.A
In addition to these, I've been to The Azores(Portuguese) and to the Canary Islands (Spanish).

Since moving to the England I have started "collecting" counties I have been in and so far this is how my map looks like :)

Green- visited
Pink- still to visit

Not bad eh? Mike and I love to travel around on little holidays in between our other holidays and England is so compact so you get to most places within a few hours drive so we can easily go somewhere after work on a Friday. :)


  1. hello beautiful lady.
    I love you and your gorgeous body, great size and lovely thickness. you are so cute and hot and sexy.
    I love your photos and your dressing.

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