Lakeside Meet

On Saturday Mike and I went to Lakeside to meet up with some other plus size bloggers to do some shopping. Since Mike and I were driving past Bluewater we stopped to pick up Abi. I had never met Abi before so it was great fun to meet her. She is such a sweetheart.

At Lakeside we met up with Leah and James which had come from Hastings to meet up with us. Charlie was on the train, but got a bit delayed which gave the rest of us a chance to catch up a bit.
When Charlie finally came and had given us all hugs we didn't waste any time, we went shopping. As we met outside Primark we went in there and we lost track of time as we stayed in there for over an hour!! It was a big Primark and at some stage Leah and I lost Abi and Charlie. But we bumped into them over by the jewelery as there were a bargain section. We all bought quite a lot of things and I especially loved my handbags.

After we had been to Primark we called the boys to hear where they were cause we thought it was best to get some lunch before we did some more shopping. We went to Gourmet Burger Kitchen and I had a falaffel burger which was delicious. 

The meal got very upsetting for me as we witnessed two crows fighting on the boardwalk. They fought so bad that one of them got very badly injured and ended up in the water floating around and desperately trying to get out of the water. I couldn't sit and watch this so I ran off to find someone to tell and I told the waiter at the restaurant and he was going to call someone. But then I saw that there was a maintenance man next to the rail looking at the bird. I ran over to him and talked to him and asked if they had a net or something so we could get the poor bird out of the water and he requested a net over his walkie talkie. I ran into another restaurant to ask if they had a net, but they didn't. As I came out I saw the bird really struggle and it drowned. It was horrible and I started crying. Mike came over to me to see how I was and I really had to pull myself together to not break down. I love animals and birds so much that it was very difficult to witness something like that. It did put a damp on the rest of my day unfortunately. I had fun with the girls, but what I saw kept popping into my mind the whole time. Nature can be very ruthless sometimes. 

After the meal we went to Evans and to Yours where we were greated by such lovely staff in both shops. They were very happy to have us there and we were allowed to bring what we wanted to try on and take photos. It was very much fun and I have so many photos to share with you. I will make two follow up posts tomorrow to tell about the experience at Evans and Yours. 

Here are some photos from our day that we hope to repeat sometime soon. :) Westfield Stratford next time anyone???? 

Beautiful Charlie and Abi

James and Mike, the best husbands in the world.

The lipsticks I have in my bag at any one time.

Love this photo of us Leah.

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