Back To Normality

Back To Normality

After a lovely and  fun filled weekend in lovely Bruges, I'm back to work again tomorrow after a needed break. I was so stressed out of my mind because of work that I got gastritis thanks to the stress. 

My nerves are a lot better,but my tummy is still not right.So I'm going back on a phased return. Will be exciting to see how i cope,but im looking forward to going back as I like my job. I'm considering to work only 4 days a week to give myself more time to relax when my health is so bad as it is. That gives me more time to work on my blog, go to yoga, swim, go for walks or just relax with crappy game shows(it HAS to be quiz shows) or police shows (which both are my guilty pleasure tv shows).

I'm very lucky with work as I don't have to have a completely different wardrobe for work. We have to have nice clothes on, but it doesn't have to be the typical office dresses or suits you see very many places. So I can wear most of my clothes to work. I love planning my outfits for work and I really like it that I can be a bit more adventurous. Here are a few examples of what I normally wear for work. 

What do you wear to work? Is it very strict dress code or can you have dress down Friday's every day? 


Colour Clash Or Not?

Colour Clash Or Not?

When I was a little girl in the far north of Norway I had two favourite colours, pink and mint green. Or any shade of the two. Darker og lighter, I just loved them! I wanted everything in these colours. I did have quite a few things in these colours and I treasured them.

This summer I bought lots of lovely colours and with mint green so trendy I stocked up on mint green clothes.

I was lucky to get a lovely cardigan from Fashion World* and I teamed it up with this lovely dress from one of my favourite brands, Apple and Pears and it was a match made in heaven. It's as colourful as a bag of artificial coloured candy, but I love it.

I wore this on a date night out with Mike and I felt really nice and comfortable. The skater dress is beautiful with textured pattern in the fabric which makes it more special than if it was a plain coloured dress.It comes in three beautiful colours, green as I'm wearing, but also black and pink.  I love this detail in the dress and it is so lovely for a casual date to your local pub. I modelled this dress for Apples and Pears at Style XL and I loved it so much that Mike bought it to me :) 

 The cardigan is also textured with its lovely knitted pattern. I love the feel of it and the gold buttons on it makes it stand out and look really classy even with a t-shirt and jeans.
The dress comes with a belt, but I chose my own belt as I love the little flies that forms the clasp. 

Dress from Apples and Pears (HERE)
Cardigan from Fashion World *(old)
Shoes from F&F(old)
Belt from Ebay (old) 

Do you like to clash colours or do you like to keep it simple? 

Xxx Mookie.

Yours Clothing Introduces New Shapewear Line Soon

Yours Clothing Introduces New Shapewear Line Soon

I was kindly asked to review some shapewear for Yours Clothing and even if I normally doesn't wear shape wear I said yes. Every now and then I feel the need to wear shapewear so I thought I would give them a go. This shapewear is not available on the website yet, but will come soon.

The first one I tried on was this beautiful animal print hold in pant. It's so unusual that shapewear comes in prints and this is something I really like. When I put them on the first I notice is the silky feel to them. They feel so comfortable on my skin. If you are looking for shapewear that really takes you in, these are not for you as they are light hold. If you look for some lovely and sexy pants that makes a smoother outline under dresses and still feel comfortable these are a great choice. They are well made of a lovely, stretchy fabric and the lace details are also stretchy and adds a bit of extra elegance to the pants. I have only good things to say about these, but they do come up big in size, so size down one size for better fit and maybe even two sizes if you want them hold in a bit more.

The second pair I reviewed are my favourites. They have a vintage feel to them due to the high waist and lace details at the front. Just as the ones above these are big in size, but the quality is lovely. They are made of a silky material and a lace panel at the front gives it that vintage feel and adds sexiness to it. The mesh at the front gives these more hold than the other ones so they clinch you in more. I love it that they are high as I can tuck them under my bra which means that they will keep my back fat secure so I get a smoother outline.

Both of them seem to retain their shape very well after use. The lovely microfiber is silky smooth on your skin so they feel luxurious.

Both these are a great example that shapewear can be sexy and pretty. You don't always have to chose black or nude. I found it that wearing these under dresses made me feel more sexy as they were a perfect compliment to any black bra you would go for.

Do you use shapewear or don't you bother?


*these products were gifted to me, but all views are my own. 

My Plus North In Photos

My Plus North In Photos

Hello everyone.

As many of you know I wasn't myself at Plus North and I found the whole a bit overwhelming. It was good fun, but I was feeling so poorly that I had to return earlier than planned. I had a lovely time and my roomies Sam and Abi were the best roommates I could have asked for.

I thought I was going to share my experience from Plus North in photos so hope you enjoy.

Me and the beautiful Michaela.

Epic train ride with these superbabes. We had so much fun playing Cards agains humanity.

Concentrating Hollie? :) 

Katie smiling as always. :) 

Cookie Pizzas-yum!

Me and the beautiful Georgina

7 is a special number to me and I drew it when I visited Bon Prix's stand. And my daytume outfit. 

Me and Abi. I loved her huge earrings. She pulled the look off perfectly. 

Don't know what went wrong with my food lol :D 

Looks like I'm about to pee myself pose!! :) My outfit of the evening. 

The lovely Toni who with her helpers did an amazing job organizing Plus North. It was a lot bigger than I thought it would be. 

My lovely Leah and me :) 

And another selfie with the beautiful Charlie. 

Me and gorgeous Debz.

Lucie, what are you up to? :) 

Me and the stunning Lucia. 

What a lovely bunch. Don't they look amazing in their gorgeous evening dresses? 

I went out for a snack after the event with the lovely and gorgeous Laura. 

The babes in yellow, Clare and Becky. 

I modelled for Curvissa and here is a video from it.

Post by Curvissa.

All of you made my day special and I'm glad to know so many lovely people. I can't believe how much that has happened in a year. I love you all and can't wait to meet you again. 


A Flowery Autumn.

A Flowery Autumn.

It's still quite warm out there, but the summer is gone and it's time to start thinking of finding warmer clothes. There are some clothes that are very summer, then you have some that you can wear throughout the whole year. This dress is one of those.

It's from Topsy Curvy and I modelled it at Style XL and I felt like a princess. The dress is a perfect fit for my shape and the lovely scuba material is so great for hiding lumps and bumps. The length is great. Since it's a bit cooler in the air I chose to use it wiht 3/4 length leggings, but in the summer I wore the dress with nothing under.

Without a doubt the best feature of this dress is the bright and bold print. I love it. I never used to be too keen on florals, but lately I have fallen in love with floral print as it is so feminine. I think this dress is perfect as a dress in the cooler season as well as it is a bit darker than a normal summer dress.

 I love my cropped denim jacket and it goes so well with everything I wear. I love how it makes my outfit look a bit more edgy and less girlie than if I wore a cardigan with it.

Boobies :D

Dress from Topsy Curvy (HERE)
Jacket from Very (Old)
Leggings from New Look (Old)
Shoes from George at Asda (Old)
Necklace (Old from a street market)
Bracelet from Goulter-Bennett (HERE)
Handbag from Asos (Old)

I love wearing colourful and bright patterns in the winter. When it is darker out and colder I think that colourful outfits can brighten a gloomy day. It's an instant boost to your mood so if you need a little extra in your cold day, wear some bright colours. 

Do you wear florals in the colder seasons?