Elomi Takes Care Of My Huge Boobs

For the first time in my entire life I have found a bra that is ALMOST perfect! Say Hello to Rita from Elomi.

Isn't it nice?

When Bras Galore contacted me and asked me if I wanted to review a lingerie set I was so happy cause underwear is expensive and I find it so difficult to find something that fits me right.

My boobs are very heavy and big. They need a lot of support and I like a bra to lift them well up so I get more of a waist. I'm widest on top, so lift is essential to not feel that I'm a ball! Cause some bras I have tried makes my entire upper body just look like one big lump and no sign of a waist. But when I tried this bra on it was different.

 First thing I thought when putting it on was that the cups seemed big enough and that it was so lovely and soft. I chose this bra in 40K and the briefs are a size 22 .The cup size is good, but if I want the centre core to lay against my chest there is a bit of breast tissue that goes over the bra on the side.

This isn't ideal, but for me this is not a big problem as the bra fits so well everywhere else. It's soft and very comfortable as well so I can wear it all day at work without feeling uncomfortable. What I love the most about this bra is that it has a so called J hook at the back which makes it into a raceback bra. And for me that is great as it gives my heavy titties even more lift and support. I can't say how much I like this feature. All bras should have it as it makes it so useful. You can also move this hook up and down so you can fit it to where ever you find it most convenient for your body.

The band is very stretchy which makes it fit me nicely. It twists a bit between my fat rolls, but all other bras does this too. I like the band very tight and since this band is very stretchy it could have been more sturdy. It's not bad, but could be better.The straps are very stretchy which is a bit annoying as they tend to fall off my shoulders when I wear it without the J hook. This can be me not adjusting enough yet, so will try and make them a bit tighter without becoming uncomfortable.  But the bra feels comfortable and secure and under clothes it looks amazing. The cup is built up of four sections and the seems are very flat which makes this bra perfect for use under tops as it won't show much. It's a full cup bra, so it is not a good choice if you need a bra for a low cut top. As an everyday bra this bra is perfect due to its flat seems, sturdy structure and great shape. 

The bra itself is very pretty in my opinion. Lovely deep pink, almost red colour and I love the silky smooth satin. The scalloped detail and the mesh makes it more sexy too. 

I love stretchy briefs and the matching brief to this bra is so lovely. Stretchy, silky smooth like the bra and has two very sexy panels on the side. It gives good coverage and I find the height good so I can pull it up a bit. The brief stays up well and I didn't experience it falling down at all over the whole day I wore them. 

I'm a new Elomi fan now and this bra is a bra I can recommend if you have huge boobs that you struggle to find bras for. It's a very good overall bra. Out of 10 I would give it a 8+.

I'm not an experienced bra reviewer, but I hope that you find it a bit useful as even if we are plus size girls we have different bodies.  


*this set were gifted to me, but all views are my own. 


  1. I love Elomi bras, they look very similar to the Goddess ones I like. x x

    1. They are very comfy. :) And this particular one gives me a really good look!!! Love it!! :)

    2. So glad to see a review of this bra as it a brand I have never tried and really want to. I love the option of a racer back as so many dresses and vests show my bra straps xx

    3. It's an amazing bra Nikky. You should go over to one of the retailers that sells Elomi and try it, it is so great. :)

  2. absolutely gorgeous