Playful Cuteness From Hell Bunny.

I had never tried a dress from Hell Bunny before Yours Clothing asked me to try one of their Hell Bunny dresses on my blog. I've always been a fan of Hell Bunny as plus size vintage dress designers as they have a lot of dresses with a bit of an edgy touch to it, but still,  I chose to go for something more classic when I saw this beauty. It's the Hell Bunny Black and White Mono Spotted Dress* I'm wearing. I love polka dots and black and white ones are so classic and elegant so I didn't have to think twice about another style as this was so up my street as you can get it. 

It's such a cute style with wide collar and double breasted buttons. Very different than any other vintage style dress I've got. I haven't worn vintage style for ages as I had fallen out of love with it for a while, but when I put this dress on I remembered how much I love wearing this feminine and girly dresses. I think they suit my personality and my body shape so well.

I love the fullness of the skirt. It's made to twirl around in!! 

What a great spring and summer dress this is. Made in a very comfortable and breathable cotton fabric. Perfect for warmer days. Lightweight and easy to iron.

Sizing on this dress is on the smaller side of the scale as I had to size up to a size 30/32 to have room for my boobs. This made it VERY big around my waist, but thankfully there is a self-tie belt that comes with the dress so I can make the waist look more fitted. However, the belt is not the best quality as it folds over so I would swap it for a more sturdy one myself when I'm wearing it later. But it's not a big flaw at all as the dress is well made.

As you can see, the belt is not the best quality as it is made of very thin material and doesn't hold its shape under my boobs. 

I teamed this dress with red heels and red lips as it's made for red accessories. You can't go wrong with black, white and red. It's a classic combination. These shoes are old ones from Evans that I've had for ages. I can't walk very much in heels, but these are very comfortable despite being quite tall for my liking. I think they are the perfect addition to this dress.

*this post was sponsored, but all opinions are mine.


  1. I love the neckline on this! Those shoes are gorgeous and really compliment the outfit. Red is such a fab colour on you.

  2. You look gorgeous! I'm tempted to order this one as it seems to be on sale at Yours... xx

  3. Mookie you look absolutely gorgeous!


  4. Mookie you utterly delightful being! This dress is simply stunning on you, so chic! Hope you're having an amazing holiday!

    C x