Are You Struggling To Find Nice Plus Size Sexy Lingerie?

Sexy lingerie is perhaps nothing that is that I flaunt to much on the blog as it becomes a bit too personal to talk about in great depth on my blog. I do need to make sure that my mother in law can see this without me feeling like I can’t look her in the eyes.But then again, sexy lingerie is also part of what me as a plus size girl would like to be able to find in my size, so when I was approached to do a review from Nine X Lingerie I didn't hesitate to say yes. 

Nine X Lingerie has got such a huge collection of sexy and flattering sexy underwear. They have especially large selection of really lovely baby dolls. Lots of different colours too so there is something for everyone. They have also great selection of chemises, hosiery and sexy lingerie sets that you can surprise your loved one in these colder months and keep warm ;) 

When I was asked which one I wanted I chose this I was kindly sent this lovely Maidie babydoll. The colour is stunning. A lovely deep pink colour which I love. It’s a bit different than the normal black as well. Even if it might look like I have an aversion to black clothes, I don’t, I just love bright colours.

This beautiful baby doll is made in a lovely silky satin with lace around the bust. It's really comfortable with elasticated straps so it doesn't end up "on top" of my boobs. 

Lovely stretchy lace details around the bust. I chose size 6XL which is a 26/28, but due to my bust measurements I knew that 5XL would be too snug. I'm glad I did as even in size 6XL it's a little bit snug over my boobs. But not more than I feel comfortable. Since it's 6XL it becomes very baggy around my waist, but it doesn't bother me much. It looks nice.

The back of the babydoll fits perfectly as you can see under. 

The bottom of the babydoll has got a lovely contrast hem and also a sexy split with a little cute bow. This gives it the little extra so you can show a bit of thigh as well.

I'm sorry that it is a bit creased, but it had been in my suitcase and since I was on a travel it wasn't the easiest to get it ironed (no iron in room), but it still looks lovely. My husband liked the silky feel to it and loved this colour on me. So if you want some lovely sexy lingerie for that special night, or to surprise your partner then I would highly recommend Nine X Lingerie.


*This item was gifted to me, but the views are all mine.


  1. Really Pretty!!! I never understood sexy lingerie though. It's just going to come off. Do men even care about it? lol

    1. Thank you my lovely. Hehe, I do see your point Beverly. ;) It's different from person to person I guess. I think a lot of men find it exciting to be able to leave a bit for the imagination and also the pleasure of slowly removing the skimpy little things. :) They are fun creatures!! :) :)

  2. Ahhh this is fab! Thank you for sharing this site! I'm so fed up searching and searching for flattering and sexy lingerie and never finding anything! Am defo gonna take a peek at the site and order a few things! :D (p.s you look amazing!!) X x

    1. Thank you very much Kerry-Ann. I'm glad I could be at help. They have lots of gorgeous stuff in at the moment so I'm sure you will find something you like. :) xxx

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