Yellow Delight

Yellow is the lightest primary colour similar to gold and can replace it. Yellow was the colour of Imperial China and means spiritual power and wisdom. The sun that all life derives its energy from the yellow. It brings us hope, it brings us life and it brings us joy and happiness. But yellow means also wait. Yellow is on the opposite side of the colour circle of purple. It's an eye catching and bold colour that is not for hiding in the crowd. If you wear yellow you want to be seen. A bit like red, but I think yellow is less common to wear than red, so you will get more attention. Yellow is also colour often found in nature and many insects are attracted to yellow. Sometimes yellow also means danger, or poison. We humans use yellow in our language, usually as a signal, such as in traffic lights. This means the color "hold" or "get ready".

When I was a child and I was drawing, I always had to have something yellow in my pictures. most often it was the sun, but it could be houses, clothing, cars and so on. I have always liked yellow, but not worn it much. Until now! I have become absolutely obsessed with yellow. Here is a one outfit where I'm wearing my new favourite colour.

Top from George at Asda (Old)
Skirt from Asos (HERE)
Belt Asos(Old)
Shoes from Marisota*(HERE)
Handbag from Just Fab (HERE)
Tights from Tesco
Scarf from New Look(Old)

I love this outfit. I wore it for work. It amazed me how well I could wear leather skirt in the office. It's a bit to the casual side, but I got away with it. I love this skirt! It's so versatile and the colour is stunning. It has become a skirt favourite of mine. I think the yellow and blue works so well together and it automatically screams spring/summer despite wearing the more heavy leather skirt.

Do you like yellow?


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