Getting To Know- Leah.

This month I have interviewed my lovely friend Leah from Just Me Leah and her answers are funny and interesting. So take a look cause here we go. 

 OMG Leah and I are so fit!!! ;) 


East Sussex, by the sea

Leah please describe your writing style for us.
I write as if there are a bunch of ladies in my living room having a chat over a biscuit and a cuppa. I don't preach or pretend to be an expert on anything but I love sharing my life with my readers, many of whom I now class as friends.

How long have you been blogging?
I've been blogging on and off since about 2005, I think.

 How did you get into blogging?
 I had a Blogger account first, then used MySpace to blog for a few years, before coming back to blogger. Initially I talked about life stuff and then beauty, but turned the focus around to plus size fashion a couple of years ago.

Why did you decide to start a blog?
I had something to say and an internet connection! I found talking into the ether cathartic.

How much time do you spend on blogging?
A couple of hours a day every day.

We always have a great time together!! :) 

Where would you like to take your blog?
I'd like to gently grow the blog at a rate where I can get to know everyone as they come along, so I feel I know all my readers. Success is hard to quantify, but I'm all about the slow burn rather than a meteoric rise then crash and burn.

How would you describe your style?
Eclectic! Sometimes I want to be a girlie girl and other days I like to bring out the rock chick in me. I enjoy being able to play different characters through fashion.

Who or what is your fashion inspiration? 
I'm inspired by very brash characters, like Peg Bundy (from Married With Children), Pat Evans (ex-Eastenders), Penelope Garcia (from Criminal Minds), Bet Lynch (ex-Coronation Street), Betsey Johnson, Beth Ditto, Tess Munster etc. Women who aren't afraid to be themselves totally.
 How is your wardrobe?
Full of dresses and cardigans!

What takes up most space?
The dresses!

What are you like? The bargain hunter or are you quality over quantity?
I'm a total bargain hunter. 

Do you blog about anything else than fashion?
Yes, my health (I have Fibromyalgia and CFS/ME), small DIY projects and a little about beauty too.

What do you like doing apart from blogging?
I love photography, history and architecture so my favourite things to do is visit castles, churches and graveyards taking photos, especially in spring and summer when everything is in bloom. Other than that I love cinema, tv and rock music.

What is a must have item for the summer?
A kaftan or kimono. They're a fabulous way to feel covered up without overheating.

Favourite online and high street shop?
My favourite online shop is Simply Be. There's hardly a week goes by when I don't place a small order. On the high street? Probably Primark. Although hardly any of the clothes fit me, I love a bargain and buy a lot of jewellery and accessories from there.

Do you have music or TV on in the background when you blog? What do you listen to/watch?
If I'm doing an opinion piece I'll have total silence, but if I'm doing an outfit post I'll likely have one of my favourite crime shows on, like Criminal Minds or SVU. 

Tell us about your best bargain
I LOVE charity shops so anything I can score for less than a fiver in a charity shop makes me smile!

Leah, her lovely hubby, James, Mike and me. :) 

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