Vlogging to do or not to do?

I was out for a little walk the other day and I started thinking about starting doing some videos for my blog. I have been thinking about it for a while as I used to do a lot of videos a while back. I thought I would start with a little review of my newest dress. It's not the longest video, here is the video. Please be kind to me!!! :) 

I did take some photos on the day as well as they are good to have as an addition to the video. 

This dress is like I said in my video from Koko via Simply Be and is lovely. It has a nice lace/animal print design at the top half and is very flattering over my boobs while the skirt is flowy and lovely. 

I like these style dresses as I think they are very flattering. I like the little cap sleeves as well although the dress is a bit low cut under the arms so the bra is on show. I wish in general that more dresses had a higher cut under arms so your underwear is not on display. 

I don't know what you guys think of the video blogging? Are many of you already doing it? If so please leave me the link so I can take a look. 


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