I Feel Good!

This months I Feel Good I wanted to share something that makes me feel VERY good.

I love animals! It’s few things that can get me to jump up from my seat if I see an animal either outside or if I come into someone's house and they have an animal.

Animals always makes me smile and most animals seems to like me. I'm careful with them, I never rush over to see them, but rather move towards them slowly as I don’t want to scare them. I let them come to me

I have struggled with my anxiety/depression for so many years that I can't really remember how it is too not have the horrible feeling so often as I do. And animals have a remarkable soothing effect on me. It's the best treatment I could ever ask for.

The sad reality is that me, who loves animals so much that I can't explain it, I'm allergic to cats and dogs!!! I never knew until my dog was 14 years old. I got tested at the doctor and she said I was allergic to dogs. I got so sad and scared and thought I would have to put my dog down. But thankfully she said that since he was so old I could use anti histamines for the rest of the time he had left.

A year and a half later I had to take the hard decision to put him down after he had his third stroke:(

Since then I haven't had any animals myself. Mike and I live in a studio flat so we don't really have room for having any animals, but there is also that I have found out that I'm allergic to cats as well:( It's feels like a death penalty to me to not be able to have animals. I might see if I can get an animal I don't react on cause I don't react on all breeds.

Last week my sister in law was on a little break in Spain and Mike and I was cat sitting her cute cat Ginger. And that made me feel so good and I was in a super mood all week and my ability at work seemed to improve too. I think it had to do with Ginger. That I could cuddle him and play with him and just take care of him. Cause I find so much fulfilment in looking after animals and care for them.

Do you like animals? Do they make you happy? 

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