Five Fashion/Beauty Items That I Can't Live Without

We all have things in our lives that we can't live without. Some are more precious than others. My most precious belongings are a photo of my dad as a 7 year old, a photo of my mum as a teenager in the 60s on the back of a motorcycle and a photo also of my dad from the time he spent serving in the Independent Norwegian Brigade Group in Germany. I also treasure my diamond ring that my dad gave me for my 30th birthday highly. Since my parents both are dead these items are the first ones I would have rescued in case of fire.

Less precious, but still very important to me are these five fashion/beauty things that I can't live without.

1. My Norwegian traditional knitted jacket, in Norwegian called Lusekofte.

I inherited this one when my mum passed away. I had one when I was younger that had belonged to my uncle, but it has got lost somewhere due to my nomad lifestyle. My mum used this jacket a lot and I remember I always said to her, I want one too. She had knitted it herself, but she never got around to knitting me one before she passed away.
In England these jackets are looked upon as Christmas jumpers, while in Norway there are used as warm winter layering, like a casual jumper. These jackets are very expensive and cost around £300.
I wear it in the winter months and it means so much to me since it belonged to my mum. I love the fact that it is red as well.

2. My blue crossover body handbag with zips and studs.

I bought this handbag when I went to Naples in 2013. Street market best quality and cost me the huge sum of 10! I love this handbag as it is so versatile and can contain so much. It's unbelievable how much a little bag like that can hold. I always use this handbag when I go on holiday as I get to have my hands free at airports and out sightseeing. It's blue colour also goes with most things, but the zips and the studs makes it a bit different.

3. My Ruby Woo Mac lipstick.

Everyone that has seen me know that I really like my lipsticks. My favourite is red and the best one I have ever tried is Ruby Woo from Mac . I remember being a kid and my mum always used to have red lipstick in her handbag. She wore it quite often so I guess I got some inspiration from her. Lipsticks are my favourite beauty product and I have at least 60 different ones.

4. My Tangle Teezer

What did I do before Mike bought me one of these? It's just distant memories with painful combing of wet hair. It's pure pleasure washing my hair and most of all brushing through it. This brush is so ingenious that I can't praise it highly enough. If you haven't tried  it yet, try it! You won't get disappointed.

5. My Black Open Knit Cardigan

Left to right, 2013, me with my mum in 2007 and Mike and I in 2009

I have had this cardigan since 2007 and I have used it for and with everything. It's still in very good condition and even the black is still black. Not redish black or greenish black like it often tend to get after some washes. I have worn it for work, for date nights, for travels, for layering in colder periods, funerals and for even for a wedding. It's so versatile and very flattering. I bought it in a Norwegian shop and it cost me around £40. Best £40 spent ever.

Do you have some things that you simply can't live without? What are they?


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