Umberto Gianinni - Mend My Hair

When I went to the Bloggers Love Event in March I got some hair freebies. It was a range from Umberto Giannini *called Mend my hair. I was given the Rebuild strengthening damage hair shampoo, Recover nourishing damage repair Conditioner and Therapy Intensive damage repair  5 in 1 hair oil to try. As I bleach my hair needless to say that my hair is really damaged so I’m always looking for a good product to make it softer and shinier.

I tried it a couple of weeks after the event. I did what I normally do, wet my hair properly. The shampoo smelled really nice which is a bonus. The first thing I noticed with the shampoo was that I found it really difficult to apply it evenly in my hair. My hair is extremely thick so I tried using more product, but it did not seem to lather enough for me to feel that I had product in my entire hair. I thought that maybe this shampoo wasn’t supposed to lather a lot, so I just concentrated on getting the product well distributed to my entire body of hair. I rinsed it thoroughly and it felt rather heavy, so I rinsed it again to make sure all the product was out. After second rinse it still felt heavy and not clean, but I thought that it was probably me being paranoid.

So I continued with the conditioner in the same range and again the lovely smell was there. I took some conditioner and applied it to my hair apart from the roots. I let it work for about 5 minutes while I had my shower. When I rinsed it my hair seemed so strange. Almost like I couldn’t move my hands around to spread the product evenly. Just like the shampoo. I thought to myself that it was strange. And it even crossed my mind that I had been given products from a faulty batch.

I rinsed my hair some more and went out of the shower drying my hair like I normally do by patting it carefully with a towel. I always brush my hair after the shower  with the tangle teezer. And my hair just felt strange. Really coarse and unmanageable,but I decided to see what happened when it was dry. I always let my hair air dry so it took a while before I saw the result. But I had rarely seen my hair more dead and dry. It looked and felt like straw. I had to wash my hair again with my normal shampoo and conditioner.

I was very disappointed over this and it has just been a couple of times before I have seen my in worse condition when newly washed.

I have tried the shampoo again after this, with the same result. I did try the conditioner again too and it was ok. Not great, but ok in case you haven’t got any other conditioner.

I don’t know why this shampoo was like this. It might have been my hair that didn’t like it, but I will continue to stick to my normal shampoo.

I’ll do a review on the 5in 1 hair oil as soon as I have tried it.

Have you tried this brand before? What are your opinion on the brand?

*These products were gifted to me, but all views are mine.

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