Why do I blog?

I have thought a great deal over this question the last few weeks.
I blog because I have an outlet for all my creative thoughts and needs. I love writing and improving my English, I also love taking pictures, and here on my blog, I can share my photos. I haven't shared too many of my photos so far, but in the time to come I've been planning on sharing more of my photos.

And my desire to create something is being satisfied through blogging. I have always been creative, I've painted, made jewellery, writing long long letters and made them look so pretty with drawings and decorations, I've enjoyed being in a band and writing songs, I have been making clothes and so much more. Haven't done it much since moving to England because of lack of time. Blogging is something I've been enjoying so much that I've been doing it for almost a year now, which is a new record for me as I tend to quit doing stuff after a while when I get fed up. I've been fed up with blogging too, but it has been different. I've always come back. I think that has to do with more than just my creativity, but also my social needs. Through my blog I have made ​​contact with many wonderful people around the world who share the same passion as me. Plus Size Fashion and lifestyle. Thoughts and opinions on how it is to be a fatty in this day and age. How we can get stronger from posting gorgeous photos and posts about ourselves and being there for each other when things are tough. To show other plus size girls that it is not all about dieting, it's about being happy and healthy in your own skin. Cause self confidence shines through no matter how many rolls of fat you have on your tummy or how many double chins you have.

I have met many of you, but there is lots more I hope to meet. I have met some people through the blog that I can say have become friends.  I feel honored everytime someone new reads my blog and even happier when people return.

In the month to come I will be really busy as my best friend in the whole world apart from Mike, Marianne, is coming over to England for ten days. It's the second year in a row she is coming over to visit Mike and me. We will be taking her lots of different places and do a lot of fun things, so blogging will become second priority. I will try and make some photo posts and maybe some fun videos and post, so I can share the fun times with you all.

It's a pure joy to be around Marianne and I love her to bits. She has been in my life for almost 25 years and we have been through a lot of fun times. With me moving around and both of us having our family lives on each our part of the country we didn't have much contact for many years, but with a really good friend that doesn't matter, we just pick up where we left it... I love you Marianne!! :)

My biggest love in life, my lovely daughter Liv Annie is coming over just a couple of days after Marianne has gone back to Norway and she will be here for a short week. I can't wait to give her a hug again and have great talks and just know that she is with me and feel safe. She is a wonderful girl.. almost a grown up. So beautiful and strong, but deep down still a little girl that needs her mummy.

Isn't she gorgeous? 

Between all this it is my birthday, so trust me it will be some busy and expensive weeks ahead. But when July is over I will be left with so many good memories and photo memories that I can share with you all.

What made ​​you start blogging?
What makes you continue?

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