OMCZ-#34- Show Some Skin

I'm very late with this post, but I wanted to do it, so here we go.

This time it was Katt over at lovely that had chosen theme and she wrote

As summer approaches and the days get warmer, I'm struck with the fear of getting my pasty white legs and the tops of my arms out. Apart from the obvious rudey parts, what areas of your body do you prefer to keep covered? Ladies, show me those white bits!

I've had issues with my body as everyone else. I have never worn a bikini before this year, I had not worn a shorts until last year and I never cover up my arms in thick cardigans unless it's cold. And have I received any more fatshame? No! And why should I? I mean I do think my legs are quite well toned, but I have some stretch marks and cellulite on them and my overarms are quite big, but so what? I don't hurt anyone. So why should I suffer if it is very hot? And my pale skin? Well I happen to love it. I don't tan easily at all and I always use factor 50 since I'm so fair to avoid getting burned.

Here are some photos of me daring my pasty skin to public!!

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