The Irony Of My Plus Size Fashion Style

Isn't it ironic when I hate wearing jeans that I love denim? I love denim in dresses, jackets and skirts, but jeans? No, they are my hate/love item of all fashion. I have always wanted to wear jeans and God knows I have tried. I have bought jeans throughout my entire grown up life, but never have I managed to like them. The closest I have come is the super soft stretchy jeans from New Look like this one HERE. These jeans are softer than a normal pair of jeans and that is probably why I like them. I think jeans are very nice and looks good on most people if they are a right fit.

While I still look for my dream pair of jeans I enjoy wearing denim in other ways. My newest denim buy is this lovely cropped denim jacket.

It's from So Fabulous from Very and can be bought HERE.

Visiting beautiful Portchester Castle

Jacket from Very (HERE)
Dress from C&A (Old)
Shoes from F&F (Old)
Handbag from street market in Italy
Sunglasses from H&M (Old)
Banglefrom Evans (Old)
Earrings from Ebay

I haven't had a denim jacket for at least ten years and I really wanted one. I wanted a cropped one as I think it looks nicer on someone with a short torso like me. It looks great with a maxi dress and with dresses in general. I bought this jacket in size 24 and that is a good fit for me. I can button it over my boobies which always is an advantage. Quality seems very good and the jacket doesn't feel bulky like some denim jackets can do. All in all a really good all round jacket.

I'm only little!! :) 

I have already worn it several times and I know I will get lots of wear from it.

Do you like denim?


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