Mike's Style Choices #2

Yay!!! It is 6th of June and that means that it is time for Mike to choose what HE want to see me in. Of course if he could dress me in ANYTHING he want to I would probably have an adult warning sign here.. :) But don't worry. Not too much flashing of skin. :)

I really like this challenge and Mike is impressing me in his choices of clothes. It's modern and edgy and he get me to see a different side to myself.

 And in his own words

"This month I chose a short skater skirt in faux leather. It looked good and was unusual with the perforated design. The top he chose because it was an exciting and vibrant colour.
Combining the two together made it very edgy and stylish. The necklace topped the whole outfit off"

And I have to say I'm very happy with the outfit. I would definitely have chosen it myself. My only wish is that the skirt was a tiny bit longer as I will have to wear leggings under this on a normal day to not feel self conscious.

I love the necklace Mike chose. It's really cool and I know I will wear it lots in the time to come.

This challenge is so exciting and it kind of feels like the excitement you have got when you as a child are waiting for Christmas. I look so much forward every month to see what he choses. This time I think he did so well. I love the colour of the top and I like the pattern in the skirt. It's different that what I would wear, but that is what I love.

Do you guys like seeing what Mike choses for me?

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