Follow Up Post- Yellow Delight

I just quickly wanted to share with you what my obsession with yellow has lead me to buy lately. It's almost as bad as my obsession with mint green, although not as bad.

1. Vintage Earrings from Ebay (HERE)
2. Skater dress from Ebay (HERE)
3. 50s Style Dress from Ebay (HERE)
4. Ballerina Shoes from New Look (HERE)

The earrings and skater dress I have received already, but I can't wait till I get the polka dot dress. I have two other dresses from the same seller in similar shapes and they are great quality and fits so well. Mike bought me the polka dot one as I told him I didn't have enough dresses as it is. I'm a lucky girl! :)

Enough of my yellow obsession until I start reviewing everything. :)

Do you own anything yellow or do you want to try it?


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