OMCZ #25- Accessories

This times OMCZ was chosen by Nikki who wrote

" my idea was to go with accessories unless that has already been done.
I thought we can use scarves,bags or statement jewellery to show how you can change the look of an outfit and the bolder the better.

Nikki xx"

I wanted to do a bit of a different post as I wanted to show more than one look. I wanted to share with you how I use accessories.

I haven't always been good at using accessories, but have started to be more daring and more exciting in my choices, so this post is so fun for me to write too as it makes me go through photos and see for myself what I have done and how I might can do it differently.

Hair accessories

I wear something in my hair almost every day. It can be a flower, a scarf or an Alice band. It's such a nice way of changing your look really quickly whatever you wear.


I love sunglasses!! No doubt! I have lots of sunglasses and in the summer and when on holiday I wear them all the time. I love the way they look, I love how they can change your look, I love how they makes a face look more defined and most of all they protect my eyes from the sun. I try to find sunglasses that suits my face shape, and lately I have started wearing more statement sunglasses.


I used to wear lots of scarves in my teenage years, but since then until now I haven't worn them much. The last year or so I have bought more and more scarf and use them maybe a couple of times of week. A scarf can quickly freshen up an outfit that is quite bland and boring. And also keep your neck from suffering in the cold air.


I have always hated necklaces. I mean really hated them. I couldn't stand them and up until the last year I haven't used them. Reason for this is that I thought my double chin would look even bigger if I wore necklaces and I didn't want to draw attention to that area as I hate my double chin. But the last year I have started wearing them and I really like it. I love statement pieces that can create the whole look depending on what you are going for. I love little cute necklaces like my lovely silver heart that Mike gave me for my birthday.


I wear belts almost every day. It's such a great way to show off your figure and show that you actually have a waist and that you're not just shapeless. They can also add that little extra to an outfit to give it more edge and you can show off more of your personality. I love my big corset belts and my animal print belt, they just makes me feel fierce straight away.

All other accessories

With the rest I mean handbags, glasses, glowes, rings, bracelets, earrings and hats.
I wear handbags every day. Small or big. I love them equally. I probably wear smaller handbags more, but I love a nice big one too.
 Glasses I wear every day to work as without them I'm blind. I'm very short sighted and I wear my glasses with pride. In the summer when I'm out and about I wear more contacts, but glasses is always my favourites. I have actually never been so adventurous in choosing glasses as I am now. I am planning on buying myself some new pairs, just need to get around to do it.
Glowes are a great item in winter. Shield you from the cold, but also to add a pop of colour to a dark coloured outfit or a more neutral colour if wearing something colourful. I love leather gloves and especially my new red ones.
Rings is something I have a love/hate relation to. I sometimes likes them and I sometimes hate them. I wear my wedding ring every day, but apart from that I have to be in a special mood to want to put on a ring as I find them uncomfortable when I work.
Bracelets are not of my favourite accessories. I prefer my plastic bangles or my simple silver bracelet I made when I was in school. I own quite a lot of them and try to get on with them, but it won't happen. I hate the feeling of having something around my wrist that is moving around. The worst bracelets for me is the Pandora kind with lots of charms. For the very same reason I never wear a watch.
Earrings is something I mostly wear when I wear contacts. I like them, but I don't like them with glasses. I can wear small earrings with glasses, but my big statement earrings I only choose when I'm wearing contacts. I think that glasses and earrings are kind of conflicting with each other and I think both of them should shine on their own.
Hats is something I used to wear a lot in my teens and 20s. I remember that people always said it was so strange that I was wearing hats as it wasn't very common and I think people thought I was a bit of an eccentric. :) I own a couple of hats which I really like, but I never wear them out in public. Maybe I should start wearing them more as they are so cute and can transform an outfit.


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