Fatchat in London.

I have had a very busy weekend this weekend as I have been to London and there is illness in the family so we have stopped by them as well to check that everything is ok. That and a lot of other things means that now is the first chance I have had to sit down doing my blog all weekend.

I went to London yesterday to meet up with other bloggers to #fatchatuk which was really nice. It was Betty that had taken initiative to it after another blogger had the idea to it before, but had become busy and couldn't do it anymore. Her post about it you can find HERE.

We met at the Resource Cafe which was great as it was quiet and relaxed venue. I was  delayed to the meet due to delays on the tube, so most of the girls had come already. But it didn't matter as some arrived even later too and we all just joined in the discussions and talks. It was lovely to meet everyone, both people I had met before and new faces. What I find so refreshing with this is that although all of us comes from different backgrounds and we are at different stages of our lives we can get together and talk and discuss things that are concerning us and get advice and share experiences with each other. People are so nice and friendly and everyone is filled with passion about both fashion and more political things like body confidence and acceptance so it is a playground for us to meet and join forces as well.

The next one is on the 8th of February at the Resource Cafe at 11.00 and if you want to join us either meet up at 365 Holloway Road, London, N7 6PA or check out the Facebook page for it.

I didn't take any photos as I totally forgot as we were too busy talking, but if anyone has photos from it, please share them with me I would love to see them.


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