First Plus Size Blog I Read

I felt very alone in fashion land when I came across plus size blogs. I never knew that something like that excisted so I started reading and I couldn't stop. That first night I sat up till 4am in the morning despite work the next day and read.

I had always been very much into fashion and even as a big girl I had always tried to embrace my body and dress for my shape.

 I have never been the one that dressed in baggy clothes because I was unhappy with myself. I've always tried to find nice looking clothes for my body, but I have never had anyone to share it with. I had been working in the modelling business as well so this had made me very confident in my own skin, but all my friends are slimmer than me so pointless in discussing style with them. The other thing is that not many, if any, are interested in fashion either.

So that night I was browsing the internet and came across Wendy at 52-46-54's blog I was hooked.
I read all the blogs I could come across and it made me realise that there was a community of big beautiful girls out there that loved clothes and was fighting for more lovely plus size clothing. It felt amazing! I never really commented much on posts, I was the reader that was in the background, but as time went on I realised that I wanted to become part of this community and make some new friends with similar interests. But it took me at least one and a half years before I started blogging myself.

It's a shame that Wendy doesn't blog much anymore, but her blog was my ticket to this amazing plus size blogger community and all the fun I have experienced so far.

Who was the first blog you read?

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