Market Day Outfit.

If you are reading my blog you know I have just been to Spain on Christmas Holiday. I had a great time, but did not shop much as I'm trying to save money for another holiday coming up next month.
But I went to the street market in Playa Flamenca and picked up a few things. I love going to markets and this market is quite big. The stalls are an eclectic mix of clothes, handbags, jewellery,food, fresh fruits and lots of cheap rubbish.
It's great fun to walk around there to have a look and you might come across some bargains. And I always find great fun in getting something that maybe not everyone else has got.

Here is what I wore to the market.

Dress from New Look via Asos (can't find it online anymore)
Leggings from Taking Shape (HERE)
Cardigan (Old from Kapp Ahl)
Sandals (Birkenstock)
Sunglasses from Asos 

Excuse my choice of sandals, had to wear them due to bad blisters..

This dress is lovely and stretchy and gives me a really good shape. I wore it with my trusted old cardigan since it was a tiny bit nippy, but nomally I would wear it with a belt for shape. Love the print and the colour. It's kind of a tomato red, not a traditional red.

The leggings are from Taking Shape and they are amazing. I bought them in size 20, but could easily have chosen one size down as these are big sized. They are really comfortable and I can pull them above my fat tummy. They also have a wide elasticated band that tucks your tummy in a bit. They are thicker than normal leggings, so brilliant for winter. The cute cut out detail on the bottom of the leg makes them different and stand out.

I loved this outfit and felt really comfortable and stylish all day. 

Here is what I bought.

 I love this sparkly cardigan and the colour is stunning. Bargain at €10!

These three scarfs cost me only €2 for all three. Maybe not the best quality, but great bargain! 

 This cute little elephant came home with me too at the price of €2.

I do look forward wearing the colourful scarves with something monochrome or mix animal print with animal print. That is something I want to try out.

Do you guys like markets?


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