Favourite Plus Size Stores

Favourite Plus Size Stores

Everyone has their favourite stores to shop from and so have I so I thought I would list them and tell why I like this retailers more than others. 

1 Pink Clove- Really affordable prices and great clothes. Love their dresses and skirts. Find the sizes to be very accurate.  Quality has been very good on everything I have purchased so far too so full score from me. 

This item is a must have from Pink Clove for me. 

2. Asos- I love Asos. They would have got my 1st place if they had been cheaper. They can be a bit pricy sometimes, but the clothes they have are gorgeous. Always spot on trend and always great variation in prints and colours. I’m an Asos addict and have to be controlled when there is a sale on.

My favourite Asos find right now. 

3. Simply Be- Amazing selection and great stylish clothes for any occasion. Clothes designed with curves in mind and an amazing customer service as well. My only complaint is that it can be a bit pricy. 

I love the new Grunge Range and this is my favourite piece. 

4. New Look- The shop I buy most from because they are cheap! Lots of nice clothes, but some of the dresses doesn’t have very good quality. I have on several occasions found the lining of dresses to be very static and this is a downer for me. Great on price and I think the Inspire range is good as you have a lot of choice. 

I love this playsuit from Inspire 

5. Fashionworld- This shop is one that I haven't heard much about before I started blogging. But it has become a favourite of mine. They have great innovative styles like the smart two in one boots and Magisculpt. They have a large selection of lovely plus size clothing. 

My favourite dress from Fashionworld is this beauty

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