Love EVERY Body #2

It is the second part of this challenge that lovely Leah had the idea for, and this time we are focusing on our everything above our necks.

There is a lot to write about and it would be too much to write about everything, so I have chosen the ones I like the best.
If people asks me what I like best about myself I always say my brain. Cause the brain is a powerful machine that I think you should pay just as much attention to as you body. Of course both goes hand in hand so you got to take care of one of them to take care of the other.

I’ve always been one that loves learning. I could study my entire life and be happy with it. I read a lot of non- fictional literature, biographies and I am a total addict for maps. I couldn’t live without looking at maps. My first ever book was a political atlas I got from my dad as a 4 year old when I had learned how to read. I have always been so fascinated with the ability we humans have to learn new things and learn new skills. Myself I love to challenge my brain, that might be with learning a new language or taking on a course in something that you have never done before. I love the daily dose of playing Wordfeud in three different languages or playing Scrabble with Mike. This year I have promised myself to learn Spanish. I really want to learn a new language and my choice has fallen on Spanish since I already know German quite well( Just need to freshen it up a bit, so if anyone in Germany reads my blog and wants to leave comments in German please do and I will respond in German too.. good way of me practicing it as I love the German language). So I have bought a Spanish course and will start doing it very soon. 

I also love my eyes. My narrow blue gently slanted eyes.

 They are a reminder of my roots. My grandma was a Sami. Sami’s are the indigenous people of Norway and they tend to have slanted narrow eyes(not everyone, in case some Sami’s read this and say, no she is wrong). My grandma and my dad had both the narrow eyes and so have I remember back in primary school they sometimes used to call me Chinese. I think my eyes are beautiful and unique with it’s blue colour and white specks. Mike say that it looks like ice specks. I’m short sighted and have been since I was 10. I remember thinking that it was like a bad dream for me that year as I got my period, got asthma and had to start wearing glasses in the same year! A bit of a shock for a child. So much happening. I wear glasses and contacts and without either I’m quite blind.

The last thing I’m going to mention is my skin.

I love my skin, but I have to admit that I’m pretty laidback and lazy with my skin care. I tend to was my face with a facial soap when I shower, exfoliate a couple of times a week, use a face mask when I remember and I use a moisturizer whenever I remember. I probably should have done more to my skin and taken more care of it, but so far I think I have been very lucky with my skin. I have few wrinkles and I have very rarely spots or outbreaks. The only thing I don’t like about my skin is my large pores on my nose, but it is hereditary so can’t really much about it. I have tried, but it doesn’t bother me that much. All in all I don’t think that I look bad for 38 and a half.

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