Late night shopping.

It's weekend and that means that it is the only time of the week that I can get in touch with my nocturnal side. It's a night time I feel best, it's at night time my brain is working the best and in general I'm a better worker at night. The rest of the week I try to conform to the norm since I have a 9-5 job, but I do feel like a zombie most days.

So what have I done this night? I have been shopping in the sales! It's end of the month and payday so I thought I could afford to get a few bits even if I'm going to Cyprus in 10 days time.
To be honest, I used the holiday as an excuse to myself to pick up some nice bits cause it is always fun to have something new when you go away.

I couldn't go on holiday without buying a new swimsuit! I looked at different shops, but in the end I ended up with this amazing swimdress in Mint green (which is a colour I adore) from Evans. It was a total bargain of £10!! Can't wait till it comes so I can see if my huge boobies fit in it.

I also bought some shoes at the sale from Evans. Some nice shoe boots that are great for work as they look a bit more dressed up than other ankle boots.

These boots are also in the sales for only £15 so grab yourself a bargain!!

I also went over to New Look to see what I could find and I found lots. Lots of pretty dresses and tops for my holiday and work. Who can resist cute dresses when the prices are so cheap as they are at New Look.

Here is what I bought!

I chose size 26 in two of the dresses as I'm not sure if the smaller sizes will fit over my boobs. When I buy dresses from New Look in size 24 they tend to be snug over my boobs, so I size up instead. They playsuit I chose size 28 as I've tried it on and even if 24 fit me, I need lots of comfort so I chose to size up in that too.

I'm not ready for bed yet, even if it's close to 3am and after a hectic week at work I have lots to catch up to on my blog.

Are you a morning or a night person?


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