Gold Metallic Leather Boots

This winter I have been totally obsessed with metallics! I have had metallic nails, metallic eye shadow, metallic handbag, but never bought anything metallic to wear until now.
I have been a very strict not buying anything budget since before Christmas since I'm going on holiday twice over the next couple of months so I need to save.
But when I saw these lovely golden coloured leather Cowboy style boots from Evans I couldn't resist it, I had to buy them.

I have worn them almost every day for the last couple of weeks now and they are so lovely. I got them in a size 6 which was the correct size for me. They come in a lovely gold/ pewter colour and are a pull on style.

Dress from New Look (Sold out)
Cardigan from Primark
Tights from Big Bloomers Company
Handbag from New Look
Necklace from Primark

I have to admit that to begin with I almost killed Mike with exhaustion trying to help me getting them on, but after a couple of days wear this was greatly improved. They fit so well on my foot and after a lot of wear I can say that they don't give me blisters which a lot of boots and ankle boots give me. They are super comfortable to walk in. The big test for them was on Saturday when I went to London wearing them. I walked up and down underground stations and walked a lot that day and they didn't make my feet hurt. They have a practical low heel which isn't at all difficult to wear. Even for me with my dizzy spells they always makes me feel safely on the ground. Another thing I was worried about was if the coating would come off easily, but even after all the times I have worn them, they haven't scraped at all. They look just as good as first time I wore them.

They are on sale at the moment and can be found for a bargain price at £20 HERE.

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